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11/09/04 Microsoft Game Studios
11/11/04 Microsoft Game Studios
11/11/04 Microsoft Game Studios

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Out Of Burial Mounds

the only way to do this cheat is with more then to people and a wraith. first you go to the part where you usually get a wharthog and face yourself toward the person i the wraith. stand there and he or she will boost you up and u will go very high stay straight and then move to the left. go to the rocks and go down to the bottom but dont go off the ledge. next the other person comes and sword cancels you thats x and the right trigger together then you let him do it to. finally u go to the top rock 1 2 3 and then the big one jump straight ahead and run almost go off the cliff but jump up the straight rock slant and turn then just have fan but u either die, suicide, end game or go to a crack and go down. have a great time on top of burrial mounds ps you suck at this game. written by a halo 2 favorable player code name B23 SILENT BLADE.

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Dadrik posted 30/08/2014, 09:40
Still the best console FPS of all time, and one of my favourite games.
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fluky-nintendy posted 23/07/2014, 08:31
XB was basically the Halo box
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Chris Hu posted 19/03/2014, 08:39
Since I know for a fact that GT3 was heavily bundled in North America this is still the best selling first party exclusive game of the 6th generation in that region and could have sold a bit better without a PC version.
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ice posted 01/07/2013, 01:01
Please MS do a remake for Xbox one, I never got to play this online as I only did lan :(
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teamsilent13 posted 01/06/2013, 05:57
I prefer Halo 3, but would very much like an HD remake. I've been a halo and cod player since the beginning and this was a huge step for gaming. Deserves a remake very much (with multiplayer).
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Sanzee posted 21/04/2010, 11:28
So many good memories. Easily beats Halo 3.
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