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Makai Senki Disgaea 3



Nippon Ichi Software



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08/26/08 NIS America
01/31/08 Nippon Ichi Software
02/20/09 Square Enix

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Easy experience
If you have not defeated all of the Diez Gentlemen in the side story and obtained the Puppy Paw Stick, there is another way to level up. You must have already completed CH. 4 Almaz the Hero Eternal Teardrop to use this method. Talk to Geoffrey (or Prinny if you are in the side story) and select CH. 4 Almaz the Hero Eternal Teardrop. Summon the character you wish to use and put it in defense. The area is this level has the enemy level up 10% effect. Allow the Warslugs to level up a few times. If you are using a low level character, for example level 1-10, start killing the enemy as soon as they are at level 10s or 20s or they will kill your character. Make sure that you put your character in defense in every turn so that it does not counter attack, and that you have a supporting character to heal you. Once the Warslugs are a few levels above you, start killing them. Begin on the left and make your way to the right. Because of the Geo effect in this area, the enemies will keep leveling up every turn, allowing your character to level up with each kill. Always save the Warslug on the far right for last. Keep far enough so that it cannot attack and just let it level up, but not up to the point where you cannot kill it with the character that you are trying to level. This Warslug can be used to give you a little extra experience and HL boost. Once you are finished, heal yourself at the first aid shop and repeat the process. This is not as fast as other methods, but it does work. As your character gets stronger, let the Warslugs level up more and more each time you enter the stage. You can also vote to make the enemies stronger in homeroom so that you do not have to let the Warslugs level up as much.
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1 58,013 n/a n/a 58,013
2 11,606 n/a n/a 11,606
3 7,620 n/a n/a 7,620
4 4,940 n/a n/a 4,940
5 3,579 n/a n/a 3,579
6 2,742 n/a n/a 2,742
7 2,400 n/a n/a 2,400
8 2,257 n/a n/a 2,257
9 2,036 n/a n/a 2,036
10 1,740 n/a n/a 1,740

Opinion (68)

pablogers posted 08/09/2011, 07:34
why not europe numbers??
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sasukeuchiha25 posted 17/02/2011, 02:15
The best selling game of nis america!
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yusuke93_ita posted 17/04/2010, 02:11
wtf 16k this week
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palitococo posted 14/04/2010, 01:21
16K this week!!
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LordXing posted 08/04/2010, 08:16
6k this week, wow, I guess gamestop special helped out a bit more than I thought it would.
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Dark Odin posted 08/04/2010, 03:02
6k this week in NA... why?
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