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11/04/10 Microsoft Game Studios
11/20/10 Microsoft Game Studios
11/10/10 Microsoft Game Studios

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As of: February 2013

Opinion (248)

xboxonefan posted 05/12/2017, 11:01
now nintendo dosent own the top 15 anymore for now until switch numbers roll in
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Mike_L posted 23/09/2016, 01:34
Even though this came hard bundled with every Kinect those sales are still impressive.

Whether it'll end up being the best selling non-Nintendo game from 7th gen depends on what GTA V ends up selling on the PS3. That game is now at 21.48 mill. Only 330k from Kinect Adventures.
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atma998 posted 22/01/2016, 12:06
Now at 21.75M. Sold a mere 840k in the past two years. The game won't break through the top 15 best selling game. Still managed to be the best selling non-nintendo game.
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super6646 posted 30/03/2015, 09:40
Guess toastboy was right!
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Mr Puggsly posted 16/12/2014, 10:54
@ExplodingBlock - Well if it makes you feel better Minecraft probably outsold this.
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ExplodingBlock posted 22/07/2014, 12:57
I find this sad that it is the 360's best selling game, there are sooo many other great games on it that deserve that title
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