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09/29/08 Hudson Entertainment
09/25/08 Hudson Entertainment
09/12/08 Hudson Entertainment

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A brand new addition to the Bomberman series is available on WiiWare! Up to eight players can battle online simultaneously via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection! Simple controls make this a great game for family and friends to enjoy at anytime! New items can be triggered by shaking the Wii Remote controller for excitement never before experienced in a Bomberman title! You can even take the intensity up another notch by adding your own Mii caricatures to the mix! Battle results can be recorded on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Ranking, so see how you stack up against others around the globe! This title will prove to be a blast for everyone--from those who've never touched a Bomberman game, to the Bomberman masters!

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TWRoO posted 02/07/2009, 10:02
I also seem to suck at this game.... admitedly I haven't played even an hour yet, but I went against the easy AI opponents (3 minutes per round, 3 rounds) and somehow fluked 2nd overall, followed by 5th, 6th, 4th, 6th again.

There is just too much to have to concentrate on screen... It would help if there was perhaps some indication of when the bombs go off (flashing like in Zelda) and perhaps some indication of it's strength too.
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ClaudeLv250 posted 24/03/2009, 10:57
Does everybody suck at this game?
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brawl4life posted 13/11/2008, 03:31
fucking hackers ruin the online . their unkillable .just stand there and taunts your ass while time runs out .Oh well least the multiplayer and friend battle still worth the purchase .
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Voltaire posted 09/11/2008, 05:10
Ah! I suck so badly at this game. I can only stand a chance in Air Raid :P
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TopCat8 posted 17/10/2008, 07:07
I suck so bad at this game. It was a waste of my 10 dollars because I'm too horrible to ever play.
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Frinaldo posted 15/10/2008, 09:50
one of the better WW games
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