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NO MORE HEROES ノーモア★ヒーローズ


Grasshopper Manufacture



Release Dates

01/22/08 Ubisoft
12/06/07 Marvelous Interactive
03/14/08 Rising Star

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Owners: 873
Favorite: 41
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fgkiller posted 18/02/2008, 01:41
This game needs better sales if you are really rich go buy 100copies and give them to people with Wiis that will never buy it...if you're not rich get one copy for you self.
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11ht11 posted 17/02/2008, 03:23
for some reason i feel this game will be at 200,000, next time the site gets updated
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DarkNight_DS posted 16/02/2008, 09:56
There are more then 73 people on this site with a Wii... So why haven't the rest of you guys bought this awesome game?!?!?
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L.C.E.C. posted 15/02/2008, 03:08
Ugh... Why hasn't it sold a million yet? I want a sequel!!!
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rudyrsr8 posted 15/02/2008, 12:54
This game is so different and weridly entertaining.
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Explosivo posted 13/02/2008, 06:48
Wow, why does Japan hate this game so much... it sold ruffly 500 copies this last week. five frecking hundered copies with over 5 million people having a Wii.
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Explosivo posted 13/02/2008, 06:45
I hope it will sell at least 500k, it hasn't been released here in Europe yet so I get my copy in about 2 weeks.
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Riot Of The Blood posted 13/02/2008, 09:47
This game will sell 1m units.
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Radziel posted 13/02/2008, 09:39
Quite impressive. If it reaches 500k everybody should be happy.
Hope Europe will boost it even more
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famousringo posted 13/02/2008, 07:12
Love that perfectly straight NA line. I hope it can keep that up.

*Still doesn't have his copy yet*
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tastyshovelware posted 13/02/2008, 05:54
HOLY S$!T, a wii third party game has some legs. quick, keep going until brawl!
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11ht11 posted 13/02/2008, 05:09
100,000 in 3 weeks not bad, lets hope it gets close to 1 million this year, it possible, uncharted for the ps3 had lower sales but still made a million, lets hope no more heroes does the same
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Man posted 13/02/2008, 04:56
do you think this will do well in europe like a lot of other wii games have?

a lot of wii games that do better in europe are more casual or "kiddie" type games, while more violent games like re:uc havent done as well.

im hoping this can sell over 100,000 in europe.

also, yeah how much have other Suda games sold??
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DarkNight_DS posted 13/02/2008, 03:59
Let's hope it is the best selling Suda game to date. I want to see a sequel on the Wii!
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tk1797 posted 13/02/2008, 03:32
Is this the best selling suda game?
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naznatips posted 13/02/2008, 03:20
Great legs! Sold more 3rd week than 2nd week!
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kopstudent89 posted 11/02/2008, 05:47
i dont think the graphics are a weak point in the game. not the best, but i like the art style. I hope it does sell 500 thousand!
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ZenfoldorVGI posted 11/02/2008, 03:50
I'm gonna guess a solid 500,000 units before all is said and done in EU and NA.

Pretty fantastic sales, considering.
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frank242 posted 11/02/2008, 03:20
fantastic action real fun to play and olso the most violent game i ever seen manhunt looks like disney if you compare to this game,dont expect good grafics this game its all about inovation and real fun with hardcore action you can upgrade your sword and make money to workout and gain combos sorry for the english,the bosses fights are the best to date,its outstanding to block bullets with the sword please people buy the game so we will get a sequel.its already a classic.
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masschamber posted 11/02/2008, 02:11
tried to pick it up yesterday, sold out, weak, not going to have another chance to pick it up until mid-march, well at least it's a good sign that the game is sold out
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avigeant83 posted 10/02/2008, 07:26
This game is great, I got the last copy at my local gamespot, the other ones were sold out with it. Must buy!
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DarkNight_DS posted 10/02/2008, 06:03
I'm at the second boss fight now... great game... A must own for anyone on the site!

I bought the game on Saturday at Futureshop in Whitby, they had 2 sections for the game on their Wii display case, it looks like they got a decent supply on the 7th as the game made it to the 6th best seller spot on the Wii's display. I grabbed the last copy on the shelf. I'm glad I found it!
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Me posted 10/02/2008, 07:06
thing is 68K already is US and a few weeks yet until SSBB comes out in US, here's hoping supply can be stable and this can sell similar figures at least for next few weeks before people give up and get their SSBB fix.

I think it will sell decent in Europe, have hopes for this one also - think it may just have decent legs.
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11ht11 posted 09/02/2008, 07:15
i know, they need to make more copies, i went to 5 stores and it wasnt there, i went to gamestop and they only had one copy, and it was opened cause they had the box in display, but still great sales, even with japan sales
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coonana posted 09/02/2008, 01:59
This game would sell better if the sotres and ubi made more copies. It is sold out every where many epople who wanted to get it cant because there are so few copies. You cant win at losing....
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takkxyz posted 09/02/2008, 03:34
Finally get the game.
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Arkert posted 08/02/2008, 04:42
I just waiting for this game, it seems wonderful. Why the most games coming to EU so late...
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kopstudent89 posted 08/02/2008, 09:45
Yeah good second week to be honest. Hits 100 k next week! And I'm just wondering about EU sales... Can EU like this game?? I mean they kind of saved Zack and Wiki, how about this?
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I like Bacon posted 08/02/2008, 03:42
Almost made it into the Top 20 for Americas.
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11ht11 posted 08/02/2008, 01:52
Riot Of The Blood says:
I should give this game a one just to piss people off.
Posted on: 01/28/08, 22:41

and you say nintendo fans are the ones giving other games low ratings
wow what a hypocrite
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coonana posted 08/02/2008, 01:23
What the hell all I hear that is holding back the sales is Ubisfot's dumbass's not making enough copies.
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sizynski posted 08/02/2008, 12:49
100k worldwide.

I'm still sticking with my million-seller expectation. It may take a long time and a price drop, but it will get there.
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Hoffmole posted 07/02/2008, 03:07
Can't wait for this to come out in England at the end of this month. I'm hoping I can get hold of a copy on release. Please everyone, support this game and buy a copy new if it looks like your cup of tea! Help support more interesting games, it's healthy for the industry! ^_^
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4D Gamer III posted 07/02/2008, 02:21
Game is outsold in the US
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Chrizum posted 06/02/2008, 11:34
LOL, this really isn't an AAA title. It's a niche, low budget, bizarre game. A good game probably, but not AAA.
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daactualfact posted 05/02/2008, 11:52
The first AAA title of 2008! (though not as AAA as DMC4.)
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Kasz216 posted 04/02/2008, 12:33
I doubt both counts of that Sizynski.
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sizynski posted 03/02/2008, 12:24
I think it's going to hit 30,000 to 40,000 again next week in the States.

I'm predicting a million worldwide.
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ZenfoldorVGI posted 31/01/2008, 09:18
I hope people didn't give up on finding this.

Also, sales might have been Brawl quality for all we know. It was supply constrained and sold out too quickly to know for sure.
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bluster posted 31/01/2008, 08:15
Hang on a sec!
This game came out on january 26th?
So the almost 40 k are all froma single day????WTF???¿
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coonana posted 31/01/2008, 11:03
I hope you guys are supporting this game. Its actually doing good considering no one can find it this week. Next week will be the real test.
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naznatips posted 31/01/2008, 07:04
Guys, nearly EVERY game releases on a Wednesday. Sales aren't great, but it's a Suda game. They never sell great. Lots of fun though.
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Arkk posted 31/01/2008, 05:51
Also, don't forget, this game doesn't come out in Canada until Feb.1 2008. So no canadian data included for the first week of sales in NA.
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jpelles posted 31/01/2008, 04:07
Love the game. It hit stores on wednesday the 23 remember. So it didnt have a full week of sales.

I'm curious about the sales next week since it's getting so much positive buzz and press. Overall a much better game then Killer7. Controls great and has a great story. My favorite game of 2008 so far.
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Shissy posted 31/01/2008, 03:49
40k sales.. not bad, not bad .. good start
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bigjon posted 31/01/2008, 03:41
lol- look at this graph...
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Kasz216 posted 29/01/2008, 11:34
After having beaten it...

It's all sorts of fun. Though way to short for my liking. Luckily there is plenty of stuff to unlock.
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coonana posted 29/01/2008, 07:16
Its one of the most stylistic games I have ever seen. Multiple sites have said it is a must have if you are a Wii onwer. SO people dont be as foolish as they were in Japan an lets support this game.
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JFeisty posted 29/01/2008, 03:36
I've had this game since the day it came out, but unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to play it so I'm only ranked #9 in the game. The thing that makes this game fun, to me, is that it's so over the top with the blood and all. It combines perfectly with the cell shading style and the corny dialog. It's a unique game...unlike most others, and that's what draws me to it.
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Kasz216 posted 29/01/2008, 10:12
You know, noticing your recent posts and comments Riot of Blood. You seem to have quite a bit of pent up anger. You should relax more and see someone about that.

Wanting to give a game a 1 just to piss people off ain't healthy.

Anyways. I after watching the original trailer in this game via TV... if that would of been travis voice for the actual game i'd of never played it. God is that voice awful.
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Riot Of The Blood posted 28/01/2008, 10:41
I should give this game a one just to piss people off.
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Kyros posted 27/01/2008, 02:45
My problem with this game is that I hate the art style.
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weezy posted 27/01/2008, 11:25
HOLY SHIT ! this game bombed so bad in japan :(

Hopefully EU, AU and US numbers are amazing compared to JP
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Myahon posted 27/01/2008, 05:25
the style makes up for the outdated graphics. The quasi-linear hack and slash nature average out the good things, and a red steel level of glitchyness and horrid collision detection drop it a little as well. Even though the main character is a gigantic douchebag (the fauxhawk should have tipped you off) The games plot is passable and it's STILL a lot of fun.

Best part is the answering machine messages he gets about the porn he rents, forgets to return, etc. The main character tries to be a pervert and hit on the ladies but the porn messages make it clear he is a virgin.

It reminds me of Dreamcast (not just cause of the graphics which are 1999 fare) but because it's still innovative, fun, and doubtful to be played by a lot of people. Don't let the glitchyness stop you from buying this short and SWEET game.
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Sherlock99 posted 26/01/2008, 06:13
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valen200 posted 25/01/2008, 03:01
My roomate, who works were I do, got so excite hearing my work friends talk about it bought it and then asked if he could use it as part of his rent /utilities for the months. I said yes- meaning that I do in fact accept videogames for payment. I am a nerd, but at least I got this game.
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DeadOnArrival06 posted 25/01/2008, 04:25
Just ordered this on Amazon. Can't wait!
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Sky Render posted 25/01/2008, 04:09
They probably didn't buy it because it's typical Suda51 faire: obscure, self-referential, and extremely violent. But it's fun, and it appears to be doing alright in the US from evidence thus far, so at least some parts of the world will appreciate it.
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Phoenix_Wiight posted 24/01/2008, 04:23
i dont know why people didnt buy this game in japan, its truley an awesome game

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amp316 posted 24/01/2008, 01:24
This game is hysterical. It is definately one of the most fun games on the Wii. Please buy it so I can play the sequel.
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thanny posted 24/01/2008, 12:21
hey breadie2, care to place a wager on that?
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Kasz216 posted 24/01/2008, 11:14
I gotta pick this game up today. It seems like it'll be short and since a lot of it's appeal is going to be the story not the kind of game i'd want to pick up full price... but I mean if i don't there is no gurantee i'm gonna find this thing anywhere.

It's not like I've ever seen Killer 7 anywhere used.
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mikey posted 24/01/2008, 04:53
This is the best third party Wii game I've played so far. Buy this game! You won't be disappointed.
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breadie2 posted 23/01/2008, 05:24
I think it will be a million seller world wide even with poor Japan sales :)
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Chrizum posted 23/01/2008, 02:02
It will be interesting to see what US sales are, because that would make for at least 40% of its sales. I think this will reach 500k lifetime though, which is good for a Suda51 game.
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tokilamockingbrd posted 22/01/2008, 07:38
1 Million HERE WE COME!!!!!
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SleepWaking posted 22/01/2008, 01:12
WTH I just got an email that it was not yet been sent and it will probable be shipped tomorrow meh.
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tokilamockingbrd posted 21/01/2008, 08:14
I want NA boxart!!! On this profile
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matte.lova posted 21/01/2008, 12:32
This game is like GTA, a genre that don't like in Japan.
In EUR and USA it will sales better ;)

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SleepWaking posted 21/01/2008, 12:08
Man mine is already shipped I hope it reaches me tomorrow, I'm so hyped about this title right now.
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Man posted 20/01/2008, 07:14
what exaclty is capcoms role with this game?

are they just publishing it for US and PAL? or is grasshopper a part of capcom?

i didnt even know they had anything to do with it until i saw that boxart

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coonana posted 18/01/2008, 07:25
Evryone should support this game if they like action games.
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SleepWaking posted 18/01/2008, 10:50
Nice boxart, If I didn't know the game (and killer 7) and saw that boxart I would be immediatly be intrested .
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kopstudent89 posted 17/01/2008, 04:45
OH man!!! Zack and wiki and now this?! its even got a cool name... come on NA~!!!! sell damn it!
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Cobretti posted 17/01/2008, 10:16
well if everyone is concerned about how well it will sell in America. Get the word out there to people. Tell them about it. Tell them its something unique, different and amazing.

I am a little dissapointed about it not coming to PAL regions with blood. I blame Britian and its over sensative BS that went down with Man Hunt 2.
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Mummelmann posted 09/01/2008, 04:19
It's not out yet. Actually seems a bit cool now that I've read up on it and seen some media, but I still don't rate it before it's out...
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Onimusha12 posted 05/01/2008, 01:25
It depends on how well it is marketed.
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sunday_goes posted 05/01/2008, 01:01
i hope it sells better in america
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Hyperion posted 04/01/2008, 05:31
Ok, I've decided. I usualy don't get M rated games unless they are really good (i.e. Eternal Darkness, RE4, GTA), but after watching various videos of the japanese game on youtube, I just fell in love with the game. The humor, the combat, the awesomeness--they make this game so intriguing. Not to mention the fact that NMH is in love with being a video game.

As long as the game gets an average of 8+, I'm sold!
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robond posted 04/01/2008, 12:15
I´ll get this game for sure.
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Ishy posted 30/12/2007, 08:59
if it gets 250K worldwide i'll die happy...
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Ishy posted 30/12/2007, 08:58
if it gets 250K worldwide i'll die happy...
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Girl Gamer Elite posted 29/12/2007, 03:47
Definitly not a Japanese franchise.
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Soriku posted 29/12/2007, 02:12
"MeowTheMouse says:
suda 51 is planning to make it a trilogy
Posted on: 12/29/07, 11:59" He said he'd like to make a trilogy with Travis Touchdown (NMH being the first game), but it doesn't necessarily have to be a new NMH game. It could be a new game.
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MeowTheMouse posted 29/12/2007, 11:59
suda 51 is planning to make it a trilogy
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rudyrsr8 posted 29/12/2007, 03:56
This is not a mainstream title only a few people in Japan even heard of Suda 51. No offense, this is a cult classic game. Which i actually like a lot lol. These sales are the best release for a Suda 51 original release.
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Leni posted 22/12/2007, 04:34
getting this for sure.... :)
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Heyasuki posted 20/12/2007, 02:36
I personally have played through the first 4 hours of this game and all I can say so far that this game is amazing! IMO best Wii game out there and uses the Wii so well do, you'll have more Zack & Wiki moments :)
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--OkeyDokey-- posted 13/12/2007, 02:10
looks like the game just got three 1's :P.
also, wow, i posted on a gamepage before montanahatchet.
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stof posted 13/12/2007, 06:41
Hm... Despite no one having played the game (no I don't think we have 23 Japanese gamers voting on games her), this is now the top ranked Wii game. Would either of you two fella's be partly responsible for that?
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I like Bacon posted 13/12/2007, 03:24
I agree! This game looks great! Japan should have had better sales!
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coonana posted 13/12/2007, 02:39
what the hell is wrong with everyone only 12000 come on japan!!!!
Message | Report
coonana posted 08/12/2007, 10:53
this game looks awsome
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Metroid33slayer posted 11/01/2012, 06:35
The pal version was ruined when for some bizarre reason the blood was replaced by black mist which really ruined atmosphere and enjoyment.
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Smeags posted 07/01/2012, 12:04
I'm very happy that this game got to half a million copies sold. ^_^
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Arfen posted 12/08/2011, 09:03
3k more please
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Fededx posted 28/04/2011, 01:18
5 k to go!
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TRAVIS!!! posted 22/04/2011, 11:44
come on, only 10k more!!!
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Spidey-RJ posted 08/04/2011, 02:05
It's a great niche game. I only hope that people that buy this one, buys the sequel. Because Suda 51 is still on the fence about NMH3. [2]
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