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Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) > Opinions (823)

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Smeags posted 04/01/2009, 05:39
992,000 in Japan as of now...

Come on Supa Mario Gyarakushī!
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TheConduit posted 02/01/2009, 03:03
This is a Nintendo game in its purest form.
And Nintendo,s purity as a game developer will ensure that it will always continue to be a part of video games.
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TheConduit posted 01/01/2009, 07:34
When sales of Wii consoles go up sales of great old games go up. People who already own a Wii have passed on previously released games while new owners are gonna look at the back catalog of Wii games to start their colection and pick up great games like Mario Galaxy being the third Highest rated game of all time.
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bigjon posted 30/12/2008, 07:21
mario should get a good boost in Japan in the next 2 weeks, older games come back with a vengeance there for some reason... look at Wario Ware last year... Hopefully it will get the 5k it needs (with rounding : ) to get 1 mil there.
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TheConduit posted 30/12/2008, 09:07
Truly Mario remains a timeless franchise ever evolving with the gaming market.
Mario Galaxy is my personal best game of all time.
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Roy03 posted 27/12/2008, 07:20
Is is only some thousands away hitting 1 Million in Japan, Mission complete tho :)
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Arius Dion posted 27/12/2008, 03:45
I don't think it will reach 8 before the years end, but will go beyond 8 soon after that.
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SmokedHostage posted 26/12/2008, 08:46
I doubt it will get there but I was hoping it would reach 8 million before the year's end. We still have 1 week and 4 days worth of numbers to come so who knows.
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GianCarmen posted 26/12/2008, 08:46
Its getting close to 8 million in sales worldwide.
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~flame posted 22/12/2008, 05:40
just played it today great game, im surprised.
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Arius Dion posted 22/12/2008, 01:30
Awesome game. Shows the Wii is very capable under the hood. I agree with Smoked, I still feel the 64 classic is the best 3-d iteration of Mario, but this game is definitely a close 2nd.
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brk00 posted 21/12/2008, 06:03
10 million or more in the end of 2009....
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OmegaRugalv3 posted 19/12/2008, 10:09
No ... Mario Galaxy has been selling 1-2k a week in Japan.

It is up to 990k. Should pass 1 million within 10 weeks.
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DanielD posted 18/12/2008, 04:16
This game is awesome in every detail.
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MarioGalaxy posted 17/12/2008, 05:12
Like Zelda TP, Mario Galaxy seems to be stoped in Japan. Sales for the game are still fixed at 0.99!!
I think is not. Maybe a 1,...M is more adjusted.
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SmokedHostage posted 14/12/2008, 06:36
This is my favorite game this gen. Though I don't think it's better than Mario 64, it's worthy of Legendary status.
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Xponent posted 14/12/2008, 07:40
One of my favourite games this generation. :)
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alexf10 posted 08/12/2008, 10:35
best game i have played this gen....i hope it will hit 10million and more :)
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Arfen posted 07/12/2008, 03:17
This game is amazing, absolutly sensational. Certainly is very easy to finish the adventure, but not so easy to COMLETE the game. Thosopurple coins!!!! The game I've most enjoyed in years, I love it!!
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Declan posted 04/12/2008, 10:57
Too easy? Some of those purple coin and daredevil challenges were rock solid - I was quite proud o myself when I finally got all the stars.
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OmegaRugalv3 posted 04/12/2008, 04:34
That's strange ... has zero problems aiming the fireballs.

The game's controls are tight as is expected out of an internally developed Nintendo title.
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kopstudent89 posted 04/12/2008, 11:06
63k sold this week in NA =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not dead yet!! 10 million here we come =D

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ClaudeLv250 posted 04/12/2008, 05:37
There's nothing wrong with underwater controls, the fireballs only miss if you have bad aim, and even though jumping on enemies is a breeze, you can do a homing stomp as an alternative.
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metalgearmatt posted 02/12/2008, 01:47
i find it simple myself, but for people that are used to simpler controls (i.e. lock on for fire balls) may find it hard. also, when your in the water levels youcant swim towards the screen. but that would be fixed if there was another anolog stick on the wii remote for the camera
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SmokedHostage posted 02/12/2008, 03:15
@metalgearmatt WUT?!?! In my experience, the water levels are best in any 3D Mario game, Koopa Shells aside. Also jumping on enemies is a breeze and on par with 64. As for the fireball, they bounce.. time them better.
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metalgearmatt posted 02/12/2008, 02:23
anyone else having trouble with the controls. its unplayable in the water levels. jumping on an enemy is way too difficult and shooting fire balls always misses. those issues aside, the game's awesome!
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supermario128 posted 01/12/2008, 07:24
I'm thinking around 14 million in sales when it's all said and done.
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NintendoMan posted 29/11/2008, 08:54
I really don't get where people are finding this easy. It was quite challenging for me.
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Majin-Tenshinhan posted 28/11/2008, 08:56
The only problem I had with this game was that I thought it was a bit too easy. Despite that, lots and lots of hours of pure fun - And it looks great too :)

Probably won't match up to Super Mario 64 sales, but it's already up to really respectable sales, and they just keep growing.
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CONMAN15 posted 28/11/2008, 02:47
I could see it making 10 million. It still sells consistently, and there are alot of new wii owners that are going to pick this one up.
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novasonic posted 27/11/2008, 05:58
The best Wii graphics I've seen yet! Very well made and awesome fun to play!
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Gnosis posted 27/11/2008, 12:36
I've completed this game with both Mario and Luigi and got all 121 stars with both. A wonderful, charming and overall brilliant game.
The game deserves over 10million in sales! Hopefully christmas will give it a big boost, and everyone who buys it can get the word out about how awesome it truely is and then more people will buy it :D.
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supermariouniverse posted 22/11/2008, 07:41
I pretty sure it can make it. It is Mario after all, and they always have long legs. Selling 7.3 million in just a year is pretty impressive and with some price cuts and legs, it could even pass Super Mario 64 eventually.
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Chrizum posted 22/11/2008, 12:06
10 million, really? I'm thinking 9 million, 9,5 million max.
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supermariouniverse posted 21/11/2008, 10:20
Don't worry 16-bit gamer, this game will definately reach 10 million without any problem :)
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16-bit gamer posted 19/11/2008, 07:52
it would be awesome if this game evantually got 10 million
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kopstudent89 posted 13/11/2008, 11:46
80 stars as Luigi:) And enjoying my second Go as much as the first:D
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Smeags posted 12/11/2008, 11:27
Here's the Super Mario Galaxy 1 Year Anniversary thread. Give it a look see!
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16-bit gamer posted 12/11/2008, 09:58
Happy Birthday Super Mario Galaxy!!! i have 121 stars with both mario and luigi and enjoyed every second of it
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SmokedHostage posted 12/11/2008, 01:00
Currently have 60 stars as Luigi. God, I love this game.
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ECC posted 10/11/2008, 07:41
game of the generation!!!
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kopstudent89 posted 05/11/2008, 06:46
took a long time to reach 7 million, its now steaming towards the 8 million mark!=D
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smac posted 30/10/2008, 03:04
I really want this to break a mil in Japan, but sales are going sloooow...
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Thechalkblock posted 29/10/2008, 05:46
Mario ftw.
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SleepWaking posted 29/10/2008, 03:48
What's the magic number??
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silverlunar777 posted 26/10/2008, 07:00
Just few more thousands until it reach the magic number!
*drum roll* :O
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Cheebee posted 24/10/2008, 02:57
Wow it's tied with Brawl now.. both at 7.15 million. :)
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SaviorX posted 23/10/2008, 03:20
Japan is just teasing that 1 million mark. It is at 985k right now.

Anybody think Christmas can just finally throw it over the hill? .99 is like the same as .01, heartbreaking.
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Zucas posted 23/10/2008, 01:05
bigjon- possibly more. I mean Mario is a huge holiday title and as you said already showing increased legs. I've heard some say its even getting new advertising campaigns. Possibly over 8 million by the end of the year haha but don't hold me to it.
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bigjon posted 22/10/2008, 11:55
looks like the holiday boost is starting to seep in on this one.

Was selling 25k a week for a little while there, now nearing 40k, should be over 75k a week starting mid nov, and sell over 100k 2-3 weeks. Should gain 600-750k from now until holiday rush subsides.

Maybe if it really rebounds we may reach be looking at Galaxy over 8 mil, by mid Jan... But for now I am hopeful we see it at least 7.65-7.75m
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SSSBOLIMAR posted 22/10/2008, 11:16
the 2nd best game on the wii
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kopstudent89 posted 21/10/2008, 04:31
Its at 985k in japan! let the drum rolls begin:D
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Kenology posted 19/10/2008, 03:21
7.11 million! And more sales to come! All I want is for this game to be a million seller in Japan. It's not complete until it sells a million in Japan! This holiday season it will happen.
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SmokedHostage posted 14/10/2008, 12:51
This has outsold every gamecube game. Impressive.
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OmegaRugalv3 posted 13/10/2008, 04:22
Reached 40k ... wow.

Mario Galaxy has some sexy legs.
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kopstudent89 posted 12/10/2008, 11:29
Sellin really well in EU... has the new super mario bros fever on the DS just shifted towards galaxy? I think it could be a factor

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Zucas posted 12/10/2008, 01:56
Wonder how much sales of this will increase with holidays considering how big of a holiday title Mario is. I'd say a decent bit... probably more so than other properties on Wii.
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supermariouniverse posted 11/10/2008, 11:28
Wow, it got a pretty good boost this week (40k). It almost beat SSBB. Looks like the holiday season is kicking in...
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bigjon posted 09/10/2008, 11:25
It will sell 10 million lifetime. It will sell 20k a week forever. It is that good.
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Bobbuffalo posted 08/10/2008, 04:34
awesome game! I don't regret trading Alone in the dark fo rthis one ^^
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 07/10/2008, 05:13
I'm gonna wild here, its gonna hit 10 million =) Let the legs start!!
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 07/10/2008, 05:33
It should end up at about 8.5 million.
Not amazing compared to MK and Wii series sales, but still awesome by any standard :)
Message | Report
OmegaRugalv3 posted 06/10/2008, 04:18
It still selling around 30k consistantly each week. I would think it will be somewhere around 7.25 before it gets that holiday push.

8 million by the start of 2009 is very possibly.
Message | Report
AkiraGr posted 05/10/2008, 11:29
Nintendo i think it's time for a wii/galaxy bundle!!!
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 04/10/2008, 11:35
7 million!!! took forever huh?!
onto 8:)
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 04/10/2008, 12:14
W00t! 7 million! Keep on going!
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 03/10/2008, 08:46
7 million! Now impress me and get 8 million before 2009.
Message | Report
trestres posted 03/10/2008, 06:43
Adjusted up and 7 million!!!

Message | Report
Zucas posted 02/10/2008, 11:22
7 million... wonder how much higher it can get though seeing it's legs are not as beastly as once thought to be... getting overshadowed by MK Wii and Wii Fit right now
Message | Report
lancea34 posted 02/10/2008, 11:22
7 Million!!!:)
Message | Report
Valkyria00 posted 30/09/2008, 01:46
Wow...not even 1m in Japan.=/
Message | Report
Thechalkblock posted 29/09/2008, 07:39
This game deserves more sales.
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Smeags posted 29/09/2008, 07:18
7 Million copies sold next week. Well done Galaxy. Now, on to the holidays!
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Probotector posted 29/09/2008, 05:58
7 million!
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 29/09/2008, 12:33
@ Soriku
I think that was the week leading up to Christmas :P
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kopstudent89 posted 28/09/2008, 11:18
Can the holidays boost this to 1 mil in japan:S... i rly hope so
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kopstudent89 posted 27/09/2008, 11:48
this game has gotten alot of hits the past couple of weeks!

Message | Report
quinsean posted 26/09/2008, 02:22
i am almost finished with it i got it 2 days ago
Message | Report
Gnosis posted 25/09/2008, 11:58
Yay! Getting close to 7mil! It's doing really well.
Message | Report
SuperSteveyLes posted 23/09/2008, 03:24
Nearly 7 million. Get in!!
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 22/09/2008, 02:13
Good. I was starting to get worried :3
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 21/09/2008, 11:18
adjusted up in where:D
Yeah baby 7 million!!
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 21/09/2008, 10:18
YES! It was adjusted up! In 2 weeks it will hit 7 million!
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SleepWaking posted 21/09/2008, 08:31
It's over 30k again!!!
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SmokedHostage posted 21/09/2008, 03:03
My hope is that this sells 8 million before January.
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supermariouniverse posted 16/09/2008, 09:03
I am also confused. SMG went from selling ~30k to ~20k in 2 weeks and I don't see why it decreased all of a sudden...

Hopefully the holiday boost will kick in soon.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 16/09/2008, 10:28
i dont know brute... i dont know..
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brute posted 16/09/2008, 05:35
How can this only sell 8.5k in America this week.
Message | Report
peetee posted 13/09/2008, 12:17
This game really is a must have for every Wii owner! I hope a lot of new Wii owners discover the game this Christmas.
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11ht11 posted 12/09/2008, 10:03

i know its the best wii game,but its too much for a game that was released almost a year ago
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 11/09/2008, 11:28
7 million! i've dreamt of this moment for soo long :')
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 11/09/2008, 10:55
@11ht11: that makes absolutely no sense, this game is still the best game on the Wii, and much better than any game released this year.
Message | Report
11ht11 posted 10/09/2008, 07:54
i really want this, but 50 bucks is way too much for a 07 game
Message | Report
crombly posted 10/09/2008, 03:24
Japanese are keen on 2D mario,not the 3D version.what a pity!
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 09/09/2008, 05:23
just bought this 2day, very good game
Message | Report
Phoenix_Wiight posted 09/09/2008, 01:23
hmm, i do wonder why it hasnt sold more in japan

anyways, this and MGS4 are the best games this gen has to offer
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 09/09/2008, 12:29
Boy, I hope this game can maintain its legs. It still has 5 million to go to pass SM64 and the only way it can do that is with USA and Europe keeping the game alive. If only more Japanese people bought the game...

Hopefully it will get a price cut (along with Twilight Princess) sometime in 2009. If it does, SMG should be fine.
Message | Report
oliist posted 08/09/2008, 08:45
Four more weeks to reach its 7th million sold copy.
I was hoping for more at this point of time(7.5-7.75).
I am no longer sure if it will ever reach SM64.
I now place my hopes on a big holiday boost in the USA & Europe.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 05/09/2008, 02:26
Why does it not sell well right now. I thought america and japan would show more love. And italy, dont get me started!

Message | Report
brawl4life posted 31/08/2008, 06:55
I need to get my lazy ass to beating this game keep getting distracted . Best mario so far ice mario !
Message | Report
Zucas posted 30/08/2008, 07:38
Yep and selling about 30k a week so will be at about 7.2 million before we hit Novemeber. Then my guess is it will sell about 800k in the rest of that time considering its a huge holiday title so 8 million probably by the end of the year.

It's questionable if it'll ever make 10 million considering I thought this would have better legs.
Message | Report
trestres posted 30/08/2008, 08:05
In about 5 weeks this will be the 6th 7 million seller on the Wii :)
Message | Report
thekitchensink posted 30/08/2008, 02:23
My favourite single-player experience of the generation, and possibly of all time! And yes, it WILL outsell SM64
Message | Report
GLoRySoGLoRy posted 25/08/2008, 12:30
i love those purple coin stages
Message | Report
Pretendo posted 24/08/2008, 04:41
SMG 2 needs:
Harder levels
More Powerups
Online CO-op between Mario and Luigi
SMG is game of the gen so far!
Message | Report
Kenology posted 23/08/2008, 01:19
I can't wait for this game to get to a million in Japan. It's sure as hell takin' long enough!
Message | Report
ElRhodeo posted 21/08/2008, 12:00
I'd love a SMG 2. They don't even need to innovate gameplay too much - just give me new levels, some new power-up's maybe, and I'll be more than happy!
Message | Report
NintendoMan posted 16/08/2008, 10:56
Here's hoping for SMG2.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 13/08/2008, 10:14
That ship has sailed way long ago! on course for 7 million now!!
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 12/08/2008, 09:41
Uhmmm, it already outsold Mario Sunshine a long time ago...
Message | Report
OLDSKOOL posted 12/08/2008, 05:44
This will game will outsell Sunshine! Sunshine was the still the second best selling game on Wii the year Resident Evil 4 came out meaning it had huge legs. Galaxy will get a huge boost once Nintendo gets around to bringing Players Choice range.
10 Million+ is my prediction for this generation!
Message | Report
Roy03 posted 11/08/2008, 12:49
Cristmas will help to reach 1 Million in Japan.
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 10/08/2008, 07:21
No way in hell that this game will outsell Super Mario 64. I think when all is said and done, this game will have sold around 9 million.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 10/08/2008, 09:21
this is killing me, the japan thing that is! its selling now 1 k a week, so abt 25 weeks left for it to be officially 1 million
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 09/08/2008, 05:13
Remember, this game managed to outsell Sunshine in less than a year. It WILL reach one million in Japan eventually.
Message | Report
Str8knox posted 09/08/2008, 04:48
One of the best games of all time. THE best game of this gen, imo. The only other game this gen that comes close is Mgs4.

Nintendo needs to hurry up in Japan and get it over the damn 1 mil mark. I mean 20k is not hard to overcome. Bring out the Wii's Platinum Hits Line!
Message | Report
MasterZack posted 04/08/2008, 08:28
This game will outsell M64, with the time... im not telling its better...
Message | Report
squibbfire posted 04/08/2008, 03:27
Omg....they finally did it...they totally brough mario back...there hasnt been a mario this good since snes SMB.
Message | Report
c03n3nj0 posted 04/08/2008, 01:57
i wonder if this game will ever outsell mario 64
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 31/07/2008, 07:42

I am sure it will get a significant boost this Christmas, and a price cut would really help boost sales (Nintendo should bring out Player's Choice titles soon). But it seems like now it is being overshadowed by the big 3 monsters: Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Wii Fit.

I really hope this game will have long is Mario after all....
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 31/07/2008, 04:15
Anybody think Christmas can bring it back up again? It should get a $10 price drop in November.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 31/07/2008, 11:21
Aww, it keeps dropping :(
It's barely outdoing mario party weekly now.
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 29/07/2008, 07:35
It will eventually..
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 28/07/2008, 07:04
its takin forever to get to 7 million!:(
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 23/07/2008, 05:15
lol, Onimusha12.
Is that why Halo 3, COD4, Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 on 360 all outsold it this week in America despite being out longer?
Message | Report
silverlunar777 posted 23/07/2008, 02:57
I just bought a Wii, and this is one of my first 5 games i bought with the system !!
Message | Report
MANUELF posted 22/07/2008, 11:30
Im sure you make a typo.
Message | Report
Joeykanga posted 22/07/2008, 11:09
My favorite Wii and Mario game.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 22/07/2008, 08:46
Well, Cheat is correct. It's very unlikely this will beat Halo 3. Although I must say that this game has been outselling Halo 3 for a while now, it's very likely that Halo 3 will still be selling in 2011 whereas I don't know if I could say the same about Galaxy.
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 22/07/2008, 05:15
Cheat: actuually, SMG is outselling Halo 3 by more than 10k a week for ages now.
Message | Report
Cheat1011 posted 22/07/2008, 12:10
Yeah, because Halo 3 outselling it for months doesn't equal having legs.
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 20/07/2008, 10:50
Why did it go downward?
Message | Report
silverlunar777 posted 20/07/2008, 10:25
Wow 1000 people own this game in the site!
I will buy a wii soon so add a +1 by that time!
oh and it should sell more than this...
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 20/07/2008, 03:42
Looks like it was adjusted downward again....
Message | Report
Onimusha12 posted 19/07/2008, 05:29
Don't worry Cheat, it will, Nintendo games have a thing HD games don't, legs.
Message | Report
Cheat1011 posted 19/07/2008, 05:05
LOL when everyone said it would sell more than Halo 3.
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 19/07/2008, 12:44
wait.. my logic is flawed :\ disregard my last 2 posts.
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 19/07/2008, 12:41
oh and 3 weeks til it's 1 million in Japan.
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 19/07/2008, 12:38
4 more weeks til it's 7 million. Also Only a matter of time still 1000 users own this game.
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 17/07/2008, 06:03
@ Pretendo

I agree, SM64 is the best game ever. But although I enjoyed SM64 more, SMG had more "wow" moments for me.
Message | Report
ctk495 posted 16/07/2008, 09:23
Great game I beat it 100 percent.
Message | Report
Snake612 posted 16/07/2008, 08:13
this game will soon hit 7 million.
Message | Report
RockSmith372 posted 09/07/2008, 10:08
SSBB is the best game on the Wii but this is one of the most fun games this gen.
Message | Report
Pretendo posted 07/07/2008, 06:06
Best game on Wii!!!
It will definitely sell better than Super Mario 64. I think Super Mario 64 was the best game ever though.
Message | Report
Captian_Twig posted 06/07/2008, 06:27
this game is awesomeness on a stick
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 06/07/2008, 04:11
I think that this game will have huge legs and easily pass Super Mario 64. It is one of those games that sells throughout a system's lifetime. 6.72 million copies in less than one year seems impressive if you ask me.
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 06/07/2008, 12:59

Mario is 31.
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 04/07/2008, 11:12
A truly magical game. I hope it sells just as well if not better than SM64.
Message | Report
bigjon posted 04/07/2008, 04:34
I am gonna say... 9 million by Dec 31st 08. Will cross 10 million sometime in 09. 11-12 million lifetime.
Message | Report
trancos posted 03/07/2008, 02:26
Of course it will.Close to 8 millions by the end of December 08, 9-10 millions by the end of 09.
Message | Report
joajohnsenskjervoy94 posted 02/07/2008, 11:33
This game will not sell 9 mill.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 30/06/2008, 05:29
come on mario.... where are NSMB legs?:(
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 26/06/2008, 08:47
Everyone's got at least one Italian that they love, so why not Mario?
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 24/06/2008, 04:07
I'm surprised. A Japanese company gets rich off of a 40 year old Italian, that all KIDS love... Kinda makes you think
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 21/06/2008, 11:44
There is a Wii bundle with this and Wii play, so that means this game will sell A LOT
Message | Report
brute posted 20/06/2008, 02:55
its selling more in europe then in the U.S
Message | Report
MANUELF posted 18/06/2008, 09:24
European and American sales added this week and only up 10k from last week?
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 18/06/2008, 12:58
I can't want for the 7 million mark.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 17/06/2008, 05:34
With New Super Mario Bros. out there, lets hope it catches with the legs train haha. But this should have great legs and really last til holidays, where Mario titles explode.
Message | Report
trancos posted 17/06/2008, 02:37
what are you talking about? it sell 47k last week, and 25k this week on Europe alone. It's selling 45-50 a week. At current pace it may sale over a million more before christmas and maybe reach 8 millions by the end of december.
Message | Report
Sapphire90 posted 16/06/2008, 08:04
*snif* The game has officialy gone under 20 k :(
Message | Report
Finnbar posted 14/06/2008, 08:48
This game os so fun to play, I love going to the library, the storys are crazy.
Message | Report
oliist posted 14/06/2008, 12:26
Right on spot with seven million owners in total an fourhundred posts on this wall. ;)
Message | Report
MANUELF posted 13/06/2008, 05:59
I wonder when SMG hit the 1000 game owners.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 12/06/2008, 03:00
Ahh, dang, now it's at 6.68 million...
Message | Report
oliist posted 10/06/2008, 02:45
Mr. Gay goes Antichrist. ;)
Message | Report
OmegaRugalv3 posted 10/06/2008, 01:54
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 10/06/2008, 05:56
As of posting this, the numbers are at 6.66 million...
Message | Report
Kenology posted 10/06/2008, 12:49
I'm really pushin' for this game to top 1 million in Japan.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 08/06/2008, 01:18
finally sales look like its going up!:D
and its gonna get 1 mil in japan!
Message | Report
Voltaire posted 06/06/2008, 05:47
Galaxy is going to be one of the wiis top sellers, its not going to bet Brawl, but its selling great.
Message | Report
trestres posted 06/06/2008, 04:02
@OkeyDokey, stop spreading hate here, this game is selling as AMAZING as you can get.

I'm pretty much overwhelmed by its sales, can't believe it still selling this much.
Message | Report
OmegaRugalv3 posted 04/06/2008, 06:30
Sales are doing fantastic.
Just because it won't be the number 1 seller, doesn't mean it's selling bad at all. Mario Kart and Smash Bros will not just outsell Mario Galaxy but games like Halo aswell.

There is no shame in that.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 02/06/2008, 03:43
Was never gonna sell as well as MK or brawl... Its still selling faster than NSMB and any other mario game for that matter, so i guess no, its not underwhelming
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 01/06/2008, 06:42
Nah, sales aren't underwhelming. It sells 60k+ worldwide every week. Pretty strong sales to me.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 31/05/2008, 01:49
Is anyone else a little bit underwhelmed by this games sales?

Espescially compared to Mario Kart, Wii Fit and Brawl.
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 30/05/2008, 04:12

I guess I overestimated this game's sales over there, good call.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 28/05/2008, 06:41
@ ismael
I noticed that SMG in spain was selling well lately! Well continuing to hold up strongly... will it have NSMB legs?
Message | Report
trestres posted 24/05/2008, 11:12
@SaviorX: I doubt it could sell 40k copies in 2 weeks, more probably in 10 weeks, as its selling 4k or so/week.
Message | Report
ismael posted 24/05/2008, 04:13
SMG is being advertised again in Spain, good move from Nintendo, since Wii fit and MK made the wii sales go up, now the people who bought the wii is starting to buy SMG too
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 23/05/2008, 11:26
Galaxy hits 1 million in Japan alone in two weeks. It will be at 3.5 million in the US in a few days, and will hit 2.15 million in Others in about a month.
Message | Report
OmegaRugalv3 posted 16/05/2008, 06:57
It doesn't need a bundle considering its still selling around 80-100k a week months 6 months after launch.

It has outsold Mario Sunshine and has a shot .... at Mario 64, though I think it will come up a short by 1 or 2 million when all is said and done.

Either way, Nintendo has to be THRILLED with Mario Galaxy's performance so far ...

And its sells will be very strong during the holidays 08 aswell.

As for bundles, Wii Sports seems to be doing a pretty good job selling the Wii, so that is not going to happen.
Message | Report
Onimusha12 posted 16/05/2008, 04:32
This game would have to be bundled eventually to surpass some of the previous mario games.
Message | Report
peetee posted 13/05/2008, 11:53
Collecting the 242 stars was just a wonderful experience!
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 11/05/2008, 01:56
Hey, fair enough.

I really hope this game ends up with some really high sales. It's a fantastic and addictive adventure.

Although I thought I would go insane doing the Green Star Galaxy. At least I had gotten 99 lives from doing the Blooper challenge so many times.
Message | Report
trestres posted 11/05/2008, 02:56
10 million seller most probably :')
Message | Report
oliist posted 09/05/2008, 07:53
It was just an example.So lets say 30000 and 3 years or whatever.And in the end it doesn't count if it reaches SM64 sales.I was happy to see that it outsold SMS and that at least one game(still hoping for BK & Sonic Unleashed)is keeping the 3D platforming genre alive.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 09/05/2008, 07:14
Oliist: So you really expect it to still be selling 60k a week a year and a half from now?
Message | Report
Luthor posted 09/05/2008, 06:06
+1 a brillant game
Message | Report
oliist posted 09/05/2008, 05:35
Let us say this game has at least a weekly average of 60.000 copies.
That would mean it would equal the sales of Super Mario 64 in 91weeks from now.That is definitively a reachable goal imo. The gap between them is at 5.45 million at 05/09/ be continued.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 08/05/2008, 11:45
It is the fastest sellin mario home console game... believe it! should crack 10 mil
Message | Report
SleepWaking posted 08/05/2008, 07:25
It's on sale for only a half-year it is still selling about 100k a week, I don't see a reason for it not to outsell Mario 64 (it will easily get passed 9 million, I believe it will pas it be the end of the year.)
Message | Report
Majin-Tenshinhan posted 07/05/2008, 02:58
No way this is selling more than Mario 64. That'd mean it'd have to almost double the sales it has now. I'd say 9 million tops.

Really great game though, happy to see it passed Sunshine in sales.
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 06/05/2008, 09:38
I see this game selling more than Super Mario 64, meaning that it will sell more than 12 million copies
Message | Report
fgkiller posted 04/05/2008, 06:35
I'm saying 10million by the end of Wii Life.
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 03/05/2008, 11:35
And it's adjusted downwards with another 100k...

200k down in one week, what's happening?
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 01/05/2008, 11:31
readjusted in europe abt 100 thous less...
Message | Report
JSR21278 posted 26/04/2008, 11:40
Amazig game could hit 20 million!!!!
Message | Report
perculator posted 26/04/2008, 01:07
Just a great game

Message | Report
Wii-60 posted 24/04/2008, 01:53
Message | Report
EdEN posted 22/04/2008, 07:46
Well, 11ht11 it depends on which genre is more your thing. If platforming and Mario games have always been a must for you, by all means get SMG first. If previous MP games have made you a convert into the First Person Adventure (FPA) sub-genre, MP3 is your option. But as Kihnio said, if you can you should definetly get both (and then Super Paper Mario, Batallion Wars II and Fire Emblem).
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 22/04/2008, 05:35
well if golden week helps it in japan, should definately break 1 million there. I guess thats ur answer:p
Message | Report
Oyvoyvoyv posted 16/04/2008, 11:06
Yeah, it should pass 1M in japan easily.
Message | Report
outlawauron posted 16/04/2008, 03:36
Hmm. Will this pass one million in Japan???
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 14/04/2008, 12:39
It'll be hard to guess sales this week, hasn't been updated in weeks.......
Message | Report
Kihniö posted 13/04/2008, 06:28
You should get both
Message | Report
hunter_alien posted 11/04/2008, 02:41
@kopstudent : yeah , IMO the game can easily break 10 million :)
Message | Report
11ht11 posted 11/04/2008, 04:00
should i get this or MP3
Message | Report
rudyrsr8 posted 10/04/2008, 09:23
I has sold more than Halo 3 in others and Japan obviously
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 09/04/2008, 07:50
If it sells an average of 50 k for another 25 weeks which is about till october, it will break 7.5 million before the holidays... it ahs a good chance to hit 10mil actually!
Message | Report
stof posted 08/04/2008, 09:47
@ DSLover - You're asking if the game can sell another 1.7 million over the course of a couple years of sales, christmas seasons, players choice rereleases and an ever expanding userbase.

Oh hell yeah!
Message | Report
DSLover posted 07/04/2008, 09:52
does anyone reckon it will break 8 million.
Message | Report
bigjon posted 01/04/2008, 02:37
looks like ioi readjusted this one, he gave it another 30k or so in sales in others.
Message | Report
Joeron posted 29/03/2008, 11:04
This game should pass Super Mario Sunshine in about 2 weeks ^_^
Message | Report
Leni posted 29/03/2008, 10:07
it's still selling 50,000 in USA, really cool!
Message | Report
oliist posted 28/03/2008, 09:32
One of the oldest Icons in the Videogameindustry has done it again.Thanks to all the hard-working & talented people at Nintendo for this stunning masterpiece.
Message | Report
DRaGMaRe posted 27/03/2008, 08:43
El juego es debuti.
Message | Report
NintendoMan posted 27/03/2008, 04:18
This game is superb, best Mario game I've played. I thinks it better than SM64.
Message | Report
SuperSteveyLes posted 24/03/2008, 11:45
Just completed it a couple of days ago. All I can say is WOW!!! A must have game for any Wii owner, shame it hasn't reached a million in Japan yet. But this time next year it should be at least 10 or 11 million, with more and more people playing the Wii and yet to pick one up I'm pretty confident of even bigger sales.
Message | Report
sep85dd posted 22/03/2008, 03:22
Great One but Mario 64 was better, sorry. It can reach around 8, 9 Million.
Message | Report
Onimusha12 posted 22/03/2008, 12:59
Its doubtful this title will ever be out of print, its one of the games people will pick up for the Wii by default just like Twilight Princess.
Message | Report
ismael posted 21/03/2008, 02:38
now i have 119 starts!
Message | Report
bigjon posted 18/03/2008, 10:38
This WILL be 8 million plus by the time the 10 week holiday 08 period starts, it will then sell at least 1 million over the holidays. Hit 10 million this time next year. SMG will be a BIG Cmas title for a few years. (The E- rating will give it an edge over SSBB over the cmas period when parents are deciding which games to get their kids.)
Message | Report
loadedstatement posted 18/03/2008, 08:55
I hope this game trumps Mario 64's 11 mil
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 15/03/2008, 10:26
I'm wondering if te SSBB will affect the sales in NA. Would be sad, still must reach abt 8 mllion by december, the holidays will give it one final boost, and it might go on then to reach 10 million
Message | Report
dsoverpsp posted 15/03/2008, 09:00
6 million!!!
Let's make it 10 million!
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 14/03/2008, 02:30
Damn... needs abt a month to overtake the sunshine numbers...
Its beginning to slow down a bit, and i feel the momentum wont be enough to push it to 8 million.. Still hope it has good legs to sell much much more.

Message | Report
Explosivo posted 13/03/2008, 08:58
Will hit 6 million when Others and America data comes out.
Message | Report
OmegaRugalv3 posted 13/03/2008, 08:28
Interest ... Mario Kart DD, Smash Bros Melee, AND Mario SUNSHINE's totals have all gone up.

Mario Galaxy has not passed Sunshine yet.
Message | Report
OmegaRugalv3 posted 10/03/2008, 09:55
Mario Galaxy is a perfect game.
I am amazed just how much ahead of the game the Mario franchise is when it comes to platformers. Time and time again, it always comes up with new ways to make it feel fresh again save for Sunshine which was great but viewed badly just cuz it wasn't a 11 out of 10 type of game like this is.

That is how this franchise is viewed, anything less than perfection is no good for Mario.
Message | Report
Cheebee posted 09/03/2008, 10:44
Whoa, I'm amazed at the legs of this game! :) It's almost at 6 million already! :o
Message | Report
hihihi posted 09/03/2008, 12:12
this may aculty hit 1mil in JP
Message | Report
Onimusha12 posted 08/03/2008, 04:51
With such modest advertising for the Wii and its games, it would seem games are gaining ground via word of mouth rather than media saturation which could suggest why we're seeing their success spread out over such a long period of time instead of such a short burst like we saw with Halo 3.
Message | Report
ismael posted 08/03/2008, 12:28
i love this game 10/10
Message | Report
coonana posted 07/03/2008, 10:51
its amazing how Nintendo games usually have a normal to good initial turnout but in the long run they have amazing legs.
Message | Report
naznatips posted 06/03/2008, 08:27
6 million next week!
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 06/03/2008, 05:01
highest sellin game cube game about 6.6 million... trhis should outsell it, has much more sales in NA
Message | Report
Wii-60 posted 06/03/2008, 01:39
almost 6 million
Message | Report
ZenfoldorVGI posted 06/03/2008, 11:17
Also, 3rd best game ever made, besides OOT and LttP, and that includes Chrono Trigger.

We tend to remember games too fondly, when we think back on this one, it'll seem even better, which is hard to believe. Imagine if you were a kid and this was the first Mario game you played. When those kids get older, they are going to be fanatical Nintendo terrorist fanboys the likes of which no one knows.

Man, the Wii and DS are awesome, reviving Nintendo for a new generation.
Message | Report
ZenfoldorVGI posted 06/03/2008, 11:12
What was the highest selling gamecube game?

How long till this catches up?
Message | Report
MANUELF posted 06/03/2008, 12:58
More than 700 users own this game.
Message | Report
gamerdtr posted 05/03/2008, 08:56
I just got this game three days ago although I don't have a Wii yet. I should be getting a Wii next week. I can't wait to see what all the fuss is about with the Wii and this game.
Message | Report
sinheart posted 03/03/2008, 02:46
This game is truly imaginative and just plain fun. It has a certain charm to it that pleases everyone from kids to adults.
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 02/03/2008, 09:42
Message | Report
bigjon posted 29/02/2008, 08:51
should hit 7 million over the summer, should pass 8 million during the 10 week holiday sprint, and start 09 at about 8.5 million, and hit the 10 million mark by its second bday.
Message | Report
SSurTails posted 27/02/2008, 09:59
might outsale halo3 since it has better legs
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 27/02/2008, 09:49
yeah!!! next week to pass sunshine!!!!!
Message | Report
coonana posted 26/02/2008, 07:18
i wonder if this will surpass halo 3?
Message | Report
Wii-60 posted 25/02/2008, 04:22
almost 6 million
Message | Report
Punisher posted 18/02/2008, 02:52
Best platformer EVER. 10/10

Of course next Mario platformer will surpass it :p
Message | Report
Explosivo posted 17/02/2008, 11:20
100k hits with what about 5000 real members?
So the average visit for one member is 20 times :D
Message | Report
outlawauron posted 17/02/2008, 10:25
No, just downplaying a game that didnt live up to the hype for me. Please, there are plenty of other PS3/360 games that dissapointed me.
Message | Report
lemieux-rules66 posted 17/02/2008, 06:14
Almost at 6 million!! Best Wii game(so far)
Message | Report
Girl Gamer Elite posted 17/02/2008, 05:30
OutlawAuron downplaying a game that isn't on the PS3? who'd of thunk it eh?
Message | Report
weezy posted 16/02/2008, 09:31
Someone sound the corny victory music
Message | Report
weezy posted 16/02/2008, 09:30
For some reason I just laughed my ass off when I read all the posts on this page...

Message | Report
outlawauron posted 16/02/2008, 06:25
@ Neos

I think it's great for what it is. Definetely a 9.0 - 9.5 game from me. I just don't see it's teh best game evar!
Message | Report
Neos posted 15/02/2008, 09:20

gosh, that was really unexpected from you.
Message | Report
outlawauron posted 15/02/2008, 06:04
Hmm, I got it and came away dissapointed. I think its a bit overrated.
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 14/02/2008, 10:13
wow..that is a lot of hits...
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 14/02/2008, 10:00
I'm a marioboy
Message | Report
Vanadium2k8 posted 14/02/2008, 12:29
Hits: 100,272
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 13/02/2008, 02:07
It's about to pass 100k hits...
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 13/02/2008, 08:00
...SMG is well on its way to 1 million in Japan, why does it need "help"?
Message | Report
bigjon posted 13/02/2008, 04:08
I think we may see a bundle in Japan in the coming months. That would make sense because WiiSports is not bundled there and SMG could use some help.
Message | Report
thanny posted 11/02/2008, 06:49
@ StarcraftManiac: they dont need to
Message | Report
Sherlock99 posted 10/02/2008, 09:26
wow this game is gonna outsell mario sunshine really soon
Message | Report
StarcraftManiac posted 10/02/2008, 09:07
So, why isn't Nintendo bundling this game?...
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 08/02/2008, 10:05
hmm japan maybe with SSBB launch isnt interested in the game no more? man let it hit a million first! come on Japan!
Message | Report
MANUELF posted 07/02/2008, 08:14
This game is outselling all the other games in this generation, except SSBB, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sport, Wii play and Wii Fit.
Message | Report
Valdens posted 05/02/2008, 12:11
This and Smash Bros will both beat Halo 3.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 03/02/2008, 06:30
I'm still sticking by Halo 3, but it's doing some nice numbers!
Message | Report
Girl Gamer Elite posted 01/02/2008, 04:54
This game will easily beat anything else on every other console
Message | Report
coonana posted 01/02/2008, 11:53
This game may beat halo 3
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 01/02/2008, 02:12
sold 140k 13 weeks after launch... very nice indeed...
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 30/01/2008, 10:08
wow 2 days since the last comment!! keep it flowing guyz!
anyways i'm expecting about 100k for galaxy in NA this week due to increase of sales
Message | Report
daactualfact posted 28/01/2008, 02:11
When you add it up all the launch weeks, GALAXY SOLD OVER 1 MILLION ALL LAUNCH WEEKS COMBINED!!!!!
Message | Report
lemieux-rules66 posted 27/01/2008, 05:09
This is the best game of this gen(so far) and is the second greatest of all time. Its sales are doin gvery well. 10 million for sure, and beyond!
Message | Report
Explosivo posted 25/01/2008, 02:49
This has to be the most owned game on this website. I don't mean owned like pwned :P 529 people have clicked I have this game.
Message | Report
Skanderbeg posted 25/01/2008, 07:54
I was talking about hype toward all the Super Mario games...Here in Italy Super Mario Galaxy is the worst game ever created...If you come here you can see with your eyes that Nintendo is considered a mere product for stupid kids. I continue to think that SMG will stop its run at 8 million.

Bye All! And sorry for my bad English!
Message | Report
MANUELF posted 25/01/2008, 07:47
This game is a bomb, is very funny, this game will sell 15 mill easily.
Message | Report
sc94597 posted 25/01/2008, 04:42
This game will reach 20 million easily. This is because casuals and hardcores alike play this game. Almost everybody I know who has a wii has this game and if they dont they are soon to have it.
Message | Report
weezy posted 25/01/2008, 02:51
this game will sell 20 mil when its all said and done
Message | Report
daactualfact posted 24/01/2008, 10:26
are you freakin crazy? how can hype for the game decrease "year over year" if its only been out for 3 months? what the hell you been smokin?

this game will easily pass 10 million and it will most likely kick halo's ass!!!!! remember, wii's userbase is expanding to new and explosive heights! i expect around 11.5 million at the end of the gen. (which is about 500,000 within range of super mario 64!)
Message | Report
Explosivo posted 24/01/2008, 03:44
Wow, great adjustment for SMG :) I'd say 10 million WW at end of 2008.
Message | Report
hunter_alien posted 24/01/2008, 08:40
This game could actually end up anywhere from 10-15 million ... it all depends on its legs . Whom would have thought ? :)
Message | Report
SleepWaking posted 23/01/2008, 02:18
10 million is almost certain in my opinion, it think it will sell 100k+ for at least an other 15 weeks (average) I think SSBB and SMG will help each other, so that's already 1.5 million+. then it will take a while before it tracks 50k a week, and that will continue for a very long time and I believe it will never be under 25k this generation (NSMB like legs).

and I made a mess of this post but I am to lazy to correct it.
Message | Report
Skanderbeg posted 23/01/2008, 10:26
I think that SMG will stop its run around 8 million (but I hope I'm wrong!). Hype toward this game is decreasing year after year and it doesn't matter how much innovation or graphic you put into his structure cause it will always be the same game.

Bye all and sorry for my bad English...!
Message | Report
loadedstatement posted 23/01/2008, 04:03
Why does it need adjusting? Are the numbers off?
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 23/01/2008, 01:42
this will pass Sunshine sometime in Feb : )... I hope it passes Sunshine before Wii passes GC so people can pull that attach rate BS.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 22/01/2008, 02:13
@ AoA
its being adjusted today. probably in the area of 5.4 million, i'd say.
Message | Report
ArtofAngels posted 22/01/2008, 01:41
I hope SMG gets adjusted soon.
Message | Report
valen200 posted 22/01/2008, 11:38
Wii sports isn't necessarily a game that everyone will claim. I don't play it much, and for some it really isn't that interesting. SMG is a game that has to be bought, and if someone take the time to purchase a game they are probably more likely to claim it.
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 22/01/2008, 03:34
Wow...more than 100 people own this game than Wii Sports...
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 21/01/2008, 02:05
we need to have it seperated into pages for comments... like 50 a page would be unobtrusive
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 20/01/2008, 09:02
Didnt see it was that undertracked in america! over 5 mil now?
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 19/01/2008, 01:24

and it has the most hits, and its the most owned game on the site too.
Message | Report
fazz posted 19/01/2008, 01:00
This is like... the game with most comments on this site. Good.
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 18/01/2008, 02:49
Wowsers, it will gain 600k from Canadian and US NDP... 5.3 and counting... should be around 7 million BEFORE ssbb hits... it should get a boost then and rides its coattails.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 18/01/2008, 02:26
seeing as vg chartz undertracked it last month by 400k in america, the game should be well over 5 million sold now.

it passed gears of war in 2 months :O!!!
Message | Report
weezy posted 17/01/2008, 08:59
this game will top 15+ Million sales. you laugh now but you wait in 3 years.
Message | Report
coonana posted 17/01/2008, 05:21
this game may sell well its entire generation.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 17/01/2008, 03:42
Message | Report
MeowTheMouse posted 17/01/2008, 03:24
this game is the salvation for the victoms of sunshine..
Message | Report
daactualfact posted 17/01/2008, 03:47
Message | Report
mesoteto posted 16/01/2008, 06:27
very good game
Message | Report
Phoenix_Wiight posted 16/01/2008, 04:38
ill be happy when this game reaches 5mil.
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 16/01/2008, 01:22
looks like it will settle in at about 140-150k a week WW for early 08 : )
Message | Report
shrimpy_boy11 posted 13/01/2008, 10:33
Glad i brought this game (for myself) before XMAS i cant find it anywhere for a birthday prezzie for someone else.

Ohhh and great sales.... loved Good Egg Galaxy and Melty Molten!!
Message | Report
Joeykanga posted 13/01/2008, 04:13
After finiding it.
I declare it the BEST GAME EVER.
Message | Report
damkira posted 13/01/2008, 05:48
SMG > everything else
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 10/01/2008, 04:13
HAA!! U said it aidman!:D
2 weeks till it reaches 5 million!!!! go go go!
Message | Report
RCTjunkie posted 10/01/2008, 02:05
OMG! Less then 100,000 in U.S.A in one week? Wii is DOOOOOOMMMED! *sarcasm over*
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 10/01/2008, 01:56
Wow.. this game is selling like crazy! It is already over 4.5 Million! This game will pass 10 million easy.
Message | Report
valen200 posted 09/01/2008, 08:07
Having not played a new Mario game in years (I never had a Gamecube, and never picked up Mario 64) I wasn't sure what to expect. After five minutes I realized just how much I had missed that mushroom stomping plumber.
Message | Report
st_muscat posted 09/01/2008, 05:25
Cool already 4.5 million sold.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 08/01/2008, 03:11
obviously i wasn't counting the GC version then :P
Message | Report
ArtofAngels posted 08/01/2008, 03:01
It didn't pass Twilight if you count the GCN version.
Message | Report
supermario128 posted 07/01/2008, 11:55
Now it just has to pass Wii Play, like that will ever happen.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 07/01/2008, 11:45
it passed twilight princess already!
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 07/01/2008, 09:10
8 million will be the minimum i think, but if wii remains this dominant in sales, i predict new owners would want this game for sure, so it will experience huge legs as the likes of NSMB and others on DS
Message | Report
famousringo posted 07/01/2008, 04:44

While this game would make a great pack in, I don't see why Nintendo would supplant Wii Sports with it when Wii Sports is still causing hardware sellouts and SMG is making them buckets of money without a bundle.
Message | Report
segajon posted 07/01/2008, 04:02
I honestly think this game will outsell halo3. well it is a better game and the wii userbase will be 2.5-4 times larger than the 360 at end of generation at this pace.
Message | Report
hunter_alien posted 06/01/2008, 05:21
The game has a clear shot of passing the 10 million mark ... Nintendo should bundle this with Wiis , afther they finish with Wii Sports :)
Message | Report
Aidman posted 06/01/2008, 08:16
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 06/01/2008, 12:29
That's why Aidman rocks.
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 05/01/2008, 11:44
^ ...what?
Message | Report
Aidman posted 05/01/2008, 05:20
who knows Ocarina of Time ??? it sales 7.6 M but no one can deny even with subjetivable ratin' in the world OCARINA OF TIME will win ... sales I don't care SUPER MARIO GALAXY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> halo 3.
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 04/01/2008, 11:35
I dont think this game will even drop out of the top 20 before it reaches 7 million... Some time this summer...

People will buy this game side by side with SSBB or Wii.

Everyone who buys a wii for brawl will want a single player game to play when friends aren't around. I think this phenom will affect TP, and MP3 to a degree also.. But SMG has the most hype and is the newest so I see it being the top choice. The only game that will cut into SMG's sale is Mario Kart.
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 04/01/2008, 10:10
8 million? With legs like THESE? This should easily pass 10 million.

And to think people were calling this a flop.
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 04/01/2008, 09:51
Stats87 it's still the fastest selling 3D Mario game ever.
Message | Report
fazz posted 04/01/2008, 05:40
5,000,000 here we go!
Message | Report
Stats87 posted 04/01/2008, 03:57
I'm going with 8 million as well, maybe 9 million. (although this could be bundled in down the road)

I'm actually surprised sales are only 4.29 million, for some reason I thought they'd be at 5 by now.
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 03/01/2008, 11:56
Mario Games are the king of legs. It will still be charting top 100 near the end of this gen. 10 is bare minimum, Mario 64 sold almost 12 mil and the Wii will have 2-3 times the Userbase.
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 03/01/2008, 04:02
8M is a bare minimum for this game, it's already half way there now after only a few weeks. I'm going to go all out and predict that SMG will eventually surpass SM64's lifetime sales of around 11.5M copies and become the biggest 3D Mario game ever. Shall we say 12.5M copies lifetime...
Message | Report
NintendoTogepi posted 03/01/2008, 03:48
I think it might pass 10 million.

I really hope it does. This game is completely worthy of every sale.
Message | Report
naznatips posted 03/01/2008, 02:43
Well it will at least beat Sunshine. I would love for it to pass 10 million. Not sure it will happen, but it's certainly well within reasonable possibility.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 02/01/2008, 11:26
10 million? hmmmm, it'll need NSMB legs for that. 8 million at the very least.
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 02/01/2008, 10:50
O am now convinced this game will make 10mil LTD
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 02/01/2008, 10:43
4 million... now?? now... now... when will american sales arrive?!
should be another good week for SMG!!!

Message | Report
NolSinkler posted 02/01/2008, 10:10
I don't understand why anybody is surprised by Mario's sales. I'd expect 8 million+ lifetime sales.
Message | Report
konnichiwa posted 02/01/2008, 09:27
I hate that we have to wait another 5 years for the next Mario :(.

Message | Report
porkrinds posted 02/01/2008, 07:18
i just realized the legitimacy of this game catching/beating Halo 3 in sales
that makes me smile :D
Message | Report
Explosivo posted 02/01/2008, 10:28
OkeyDokey, I don't know that one on top of the space ship was pretty sneaky :) /jk

But wow, 4 millions already. This could be the best selling game on Wii (if you don't count bundle with Wii Sports) if it can pass Wii play!
Message | Report
hunter_alien posted 02/01/2008, 10:03
I wonder when will this game catch Halo 3 ? Man this game has much batter legs than I was expecting :o
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 02/01/2008, 07:19
yep, its back at the mushroom kingdom during the star festival. its a purple coin mission and its incredibly easy.
Message | Report
Girl Gamer Elite posted 02/01/2008, 06:26
I hear if you get all 120 stars with both Mario and Luigi you unlock the final "Grand Finale Galaxy"
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 02/01/2008, 02:57
4 million baby, woooooooo!

ive finished it, but yesterday i replayed a few stars and was reminded of just how impossibly good this game is.

instant classic. this ones going in the history books :)
Message | Report
saveren posted 02/01/2008, 01:48
The best game the year of 2007.
And the best of 2008 will be some game from franchising Zelda. =)
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 02/01/2008, 12:49

this game gain went from 3.75 to 3.84 in adjustments before software sales came out.
Message | Report
supermario128 posted 02/01/2008, 12:13
Only 8.34, wtf, this is the second highest ranked game ever.
Message | Report
Aidman posted 01/01/2008, 10:16
Super Mario Galaxy is masterpiece !!! deserve by far the Game of the year 2007!!
Message | Report
NoXxiuxX posted 01/01/2008, 04:45
Hell yeah, almost over 4kk... and Halo 3 only has 6.75kk, a nice digit thought, but because my best friend is a XboX fanboy, I want to piss him off as soon as I can xD (No offense to Xbox flamers)
Message | Report
NoXxiuxX posted 01/01/2008, 04:36
Pretty good game, I finished it recently already but I think this one gets over Super Mario 64, this isnt a remix like Sunshine.
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 31/12/2007, 04:16
Another 150,000 or so in Japan this week, which should translate to 400,000 or more worldwide, easily pushing the total to above 4M.
Message | Report
segajon posted 31/12/2007, 05:47
10/10 and wow look at the number of hits over 56k
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 30/12/2007, 09:19
I've got a spare SMG club card lying around here if anyone wants to redeem the 250 star points. Just PM me and I'll give it to the first person who sends a message. Aparantly you can only register one of each software product. The system seems to have no problem recognising multiple hardware though. Weird.
Message | Report
tombi123 posted 30/12/2007, 01:21
At first I thought the amazing reviews where mainly due to hype. Then I got the game for christmas, I am only 16 stars in but I think it is my favourite game of all time.
Message | Report
daactualfact posted 29/12/2007, 08:10
who the heck put a ratings system like that knowing that there are some people that would ruin the image of this game?
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 29/12/2007, 02:17
Well said ElRhodeo
Message | Report
ElRhodeo posted 29/12/2007, 10:14
VGChartz saw lots of new members lately, unfortunately most of their posts were spam & flame. I guess they worked hard to lower the scores. But really, I couldn't care less. The game is awesome, sales are fantastic, critics love it.
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 29/12/2007, 04:25
See above, clearly it's envious fanboys from Sony or Microsoft.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 29/12/2007, 03:02
The score!!!


Message | Report
*~Onna76~* posted 28/12/2007, 02:43
1 of the only games on the WII that deserves to sell so much
Message | Report
Gnosis posted 28/12/2007, 01:30
This game is doing excellent. 4million next week and I would not be surprise if it hits 5 million within the next couple weeks.
Message | Report
Frozen posted 27/12/2007, 11:37
next week 4 million yeah
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 27/12/2007, 11:01
Wow, over 700,000 copies sold this week worldwide, that's insane. It should hit 4M next week now
Message | Report
gamingdevil posted 27/12/2007, 07:04
Next week it will pass Super Mario Sunshine's lifetime sales in Japan. Impressive!
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 27/12/2007, 03:14
I thought as much Bruno Muñoz B, so sad when fanboys have to ruin a good thing. Oh well, at least we'll have the last laugh when it goes on to outsell every other Sony and Microsoft game in sight.

Message | Report
Bruno Muñoz posted 26/12/2007, 06:10
@ benjaminwillcock

One word, envy
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 26/12/2007, 05:08
Why has the rating for this game dropped so steeply in the last few days? It was at 8.7 the other day.
Message | Report
ElRhodeo posted 25/12/2007, 12:51
For SMG, the "I own this game!" button needs to be renamed to "This game owns me!"

Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 25/12/2007, 01:21
Wow, 335 people own this game. Anyway, I finally got 242 Stars!!! Took me a while and I am happy it did.
Message | Report
endurance posted 24/12/2007, 10:30
@st_muscat yeah the same happened to me i wanted to rate it a 10 but accidently gave it a 1
Message | Report
playnext3 posted 24/12/2007, 08:12
Message | Report
st_muscat posted 24/12/2007, 12:25
Damn the was only rated 8.72, so I fought I'd give it a 10 to help it out (my real score is 9.5) but I accidently gave it a 1, sorry guys I now it's 8.71, I HATE MYSELF. Also wonderful game, I STILL HATE MYSELF.
Message | Report
trestres posted 24/12/2007, 08:18
TheZ you probably are a big kid (around 40 years old) go with your mother, shes got a glass of warm milk to calm you down.

Anyways Enormous gigantic sales for SMG, this game will clearly surpass the expectations everyone had for it, specially those from big kids like TheZ.
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 24/12/2007, 03:50
Apparently SMG has just sold over 200,000 copies in Japan this week, so we could see sales of close to or over 600,000 this week. At this rate Sunshine's 5.9M will be eclipsed (sorry about the pun) by Jan-Feb '08. Then the sky's the limit. We may well see Galaxy top Mario 64's near 12M haul in a year or less.
Message | Report
TheZ posted 22/12/2007, 03:45
Fucking damn Fanoboys!
Message | Report
KeptoKnight posted 22/12/2007, 12:36
every wii that sells this is gonna sell.....
Message | Report
fazz posted 20/12/2007, 07:40
Congrats stof! :P
Message | Report
stof posted 20/12/2007, 06:24
I just got a very, very special Birthday Gift! YAY
Message | Report
Gnosis posted 20/12/2007, 03:43
3million in sales. Very nice, now on it's way to 4million. I wonder how long before it surpasses Super Mario Sunshine? Sunshine had better sales in it's first weeks, but I think Galaxy will probably catch up, especially with sale numbers like this.
Message | Report
Arkk posted 20/12/2007, 03:30
Actually, make that 433 622 exactly for WW sales on the week ending Dec 15 07. Seriously, that's crazy that it still doing that much more than a month after its release.
Message | Report
Arkk posted 20/12/2007, 03:27
To all the Naysayers: Mario just keeps on truckin'. Now with over 3 mill. I mean, Galaxy did another 350k this week. That's just sick.
Message | Report
ilovetogame posted 20/12/2007, 03:00
3 million already! galaxy sales are straight sick despite the underwhelming start in japan. and this game is gonna have HUGE legs because the wii userbase is gonna grow several times over during the course of this gen. galaxy will easily sell 10 million. i honestly wouldn't be surprised at 15 million when all is said and done in like 5 years.
Message | Report
OmegaRugal posted 20/12/2007, 01:58
edit: ............... but Mario's start hasn't been that bad either..........
Message | Report
OmegaRugal posted 20/12/2007, 01:56
I made a bet that Galaxy would outsell Halo 3 when all is said and done.
Nothing could come close to Halo 3s fast start but Mario's hasn't start hasn't been that bad either. 3.01 million with a little more than a months sales.

Halo 3 is currently up to 6.10 million. Can Mario Galaxy catch Halo 3?
Message | Report
fazz posted 20/12/2007, 01:42
10,000,000 lifetime sales anyone?
Message | Report
Parokki posted 20/12/2007, 01:33
Galaxy just made it to the top 5 of every region this week. So much for weak sales...
Message | Report
trestres posted 19/12/2007, 11:26
A masterpiece
Message | Report
benjaminwillcock posted 19/12/2007, 09:25
Superb game, and its sales have been stunning all over the world. If it has sold 3M so quickly, and its legs prove to be as long as most Nintendo and in particular Mario games are, then this game will easily become one of the biggest sellers of all time. The Zelda franchise, though extremely popular, always finishes a distant second to Mario, and so far Twilight Princess has sold over 5.5M copies between the Wii and the 'Cube. I really do think this game has the potential to sell 10M or more. If Mario 64 can do it, I am sure Galaxy can.
Message | Report
OmegaRugal posted 18/12/2007, 11:19
3 million seller already. Very nice. This game will blow Sunshine's 5.91million away sales wise.
Message | Report
robond posted 18/12/2007, 04:37
This game is gonna continue to sell for a long time like other games from Big N on this generation. :)
Message | Report
hongkongfuey^2 posted 18/12/2007, 04:12
I don't like this game but i'll give credit where credit is due. 2.75 million is a lot of sales, nice job nintendo.
Message | Report
TWRoO posted 18/12/2007, 03:00
Oh man i forgot to say i own this game.
Message | Report
tokilamockingbrd posted 17/12/2007, 11:07
^could be, US will need to do about the same as Europe for that to happen... It will be within 30K either way...
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 17/12/2007, 10:43
once japan an NA sales for the 15th dec are up, it should be past 3 mill.
Message | Report
dawve24 posted 15/12/2007, 11:51
Superb game I haven't enjoyed a game this much in ages.
Message | Report
Valdens posted 14/12/2007, 03:13
Another strong week in America for SMG.
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Shipping Total

12,800,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2020

Opinion (823)

Oceanblue posted 01/04/2021, 06:27
Definitely my favorite game of all time, I have beaten it four times now. Bought the 3D All Stars collection just for this one game alone, wasn't disappointed. The game still holds up even today, truly a masterpiece.
Message | Report
S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 01:22
Nintendo says 12.59m as of september 30.

Lower than Brawl again now, but yeah, still undertracked by at least a million.
Message | Report
Clyde32 posted 07/01/2015, 09:37
Yeah, he's right, this is undertracked by 1 million.
Message | Report
Lynx_7 posted 12/12/2014, 01:14
Undertracked by over a million copies. I was pretty surprised to discover this sold more than Brawl according to Nintendo. Definetely deserved.
Message | Report
ljlrj posted 25/06/2014, 11:54
>:l very heavyundertrack
Message | Report
S.Peelman posted 18/05/2014, 12:57
Seems pretty heavily under tracked indeed. Nintendo has it at 12.22m as of April. Should at least be nearing 12m in real life by now. If it is at 12m, that means it finally overtook Super Mario 64 as the best selling 3D Mario game!
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