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Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) > Opinions (823)

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maneeshpan posted 07/11/2007, 03:16
Well I don't exactly own this game yet although I opted to add it to the list of games (in my profile) that I own because I have pre-ordered it and will own it soon. I'm buying the game from Amazon and will get my copy about a week after its release since I chose free super saver shipping or otherwise known as free standard shipping.

I can't wait till I get it to start playing this game!
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omgwtfbbq posted 06/11/2007, 12:57
many people have played it. Remember the game got leaked not to mention it has also been released in Japan.
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Lost tears of Kain posted 06/11/2007, 12:30
Wow not even out and rated the highest

this and the fact that halo 3 has a 7 shows the fans on this site, unbelievable, just remove the ranking system its embarrasing for this site and gives it less credability
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Bass.exe posted 05/11/2007, 05:44
I have played. Feels like an improved version of Mario 64 (which is my 4th favorite game of all time). It gets a 9.8 out of ten for me so i will round it up
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MontanaHatchet posted 03/11/2007, 03:18
Hmm, nah. It's actually deserving of the ratings, released or not. At least it will see some kind of release in America.
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ElRhodeo posted 03/11/2007, 01:46
What I meant is this: On 1up (and many other sites) you are encouraged to vote for unreleased games. What's more, on VGChartz is says "most popular games" - no hint that you shouldn't vote for a game you haven't played.

So, did you rate SMG 1/10, like you did with Dragon Quest Swords?
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MontanaHatchet posted 03/11/2007, 11:09
Yes, because all of our 62 Japanese members voted this highly.
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ElRhodeo posted 02/11/2007, 03:32
Man, you sound like a broken record.
Today, every gaming website has a hype-o-meter. How are people supposed to know that on VGChartz, they MUST NOT for the love of MontanaHatchet vote before they finished the game? It doesn't even say so on this page!
People are excited for the game, they rate it a 10. MURDER CRIME BIAS!!11eleven1!!1
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Alexie Di Onie posted 02/11/2007, 06:36
I have played the Game (at a Gamestop no less) and it is worth a solid 9.5 in my opinion (ill give it a 9 on this forum)
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SleepWaking posted 30/10/2007, 07:31
hey im already playing it, so i can rate it.
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Kamahl posted 29/10/2007, 10:36
best game ever according to this site and it hasnt been released?
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MontanaHatchet posted 29/10/2007, 08:52
Yes, the games would've been given ridiculously high scores, then dropped like a rock. Of course, that happened, but only upon the game's release, instead of 2 weeks before it.
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Onimusha12 posted 29/10/2007, 08:24
bias on the boards? Woudn't the same thing happened if people were allowed to vote ahead of time for Halo3 or Ratchet and Clank?
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routsounmanman posted 29/10/2007, 11:10
"WOW this games not released for over 2 weeks and its the highest ranked game on vgchartz... and not only that, but the top 10 are all wii games... shows nintendos superiority"

Shows that gballzack is back...
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lololol posted 29/10/2007, 01:26
oops.. i meant top 10 are for nintendo consoles, but now i see half-life there.. oops
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lololol posted 29/10/2007, 01:24
WOW this games not released for over 2 weeks and its the highest ranked game on vgchartz... and not only that, but the top 10 are all wii games... shows nintendos superiority
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zackblue posted 28/10/2007, 07:43
This poves some kind of bias to the rating system... Im not rating it but its already they highest rated game on vgchartz..
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Faxanadu posted 28/10/2007, 12:12
i think its all thos IGN writers secretly visiting here and showing their love for the game.....
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MontanaHatchet posted 28/10/2007, 05:18
If this doesn't prove some kind of bias in the ratings system, I don't know what does.
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masterisaac21 posted 28/10/2007, 04:50
Why we can rate it already?
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MontanaHatchet posted 13/10/2007, 09:10
There really needs to be a way to delete Comments.
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OriGin posted 11/07/2007, 07:30

Someone with the ability will need to fix the Screen shots... for some reason it decided to stuff up and i got a server error and it seems to have double posted.
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xstonexcold316x posted 11/07/2007, 06:30
this is my most anticipated game of the year for nintnedo

(killzone 2 is first)

this game

metroid prime 3 (was the first but no multiplayer and it went down)
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12,800,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2020

Opinion (823)

Oceanblue posted 01/04/2021, 06:27
Definitely my favorite game of all time, I have beaten it four times now. Bought the 3D All Stars collection just for this one game alone, wasn't disappointed. The game still holds up even today, truly a masterpiece.
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S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 01:22
Nintendo says 12.59m as of september 30.

Lower than Brawl again now, but yeah, still undertracked by at least a million.
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Clyde32 posted 07/01/2015, 09:37
Yeah, he's right, this is undertracked by 1 million.
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Lynx_7 posted 12/12/2014, 01:14
Undertracked by over a million copies. I was pretty surprised to discover this sold more than Brawl according to Nintendo. Definetely deserved.
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ljlrj posted 25/06/2014, 11:54
>:l very heavyundertrack
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S.Peelman posted 18/05/2014, 12:57
Seems pretty heavily under tracked indeed. Nintendo has it at 12.22m as of April. Should at least be nearing 12m in real life by now. If it is at 12m, that means it finally overtook Super Mario 64 as the best selling 3D Mario game!
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