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fukudalakasone posted 30/01/2010, 11:52
New Super Mario Bros Wii is presently beating Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (the greatest selling non bundled home console game of all time) in lifetime sales based on the number of weeks NSMB Wii has been available.

Please Nintendo, PLEASE don't ruin this games sales achievement by announcing an "official console bundle" with this game to make the sales invalid!
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Khuutra posted 30/01/2010, 05:33
You have failed me again, Others!
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novasonic posted 30/01/2010, 05:10
Ooo Others in week 9; the first region to go under 100k.
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marcianito posted 30/01/2010, 05:09
20 mil by the end of the year
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koyotecat posted 29/01/2010, 09:51
The beast can not be slayed!! I really don't see it sales slowing down for a LOOOOOOOONG time.
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GuyDuke posted 29/01/2010, 06:22
I don't understand VG. Why do they include Japan sales for week 1 and 2? That would made more million weeks for my pleasure!
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Siko1989 posted 29/01/2010, 05:57

well mario is a huge title now, its much more bigger then it used to be because mario has successfully captured the entire world
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andremop posted 29/01/2010, 02:10
Everybody and their mother!
And for the first time ever we can say that literally!
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SecretAsianMan posted 28/01/2010, 09:17
Who the heck is buying all these games? Jeez man, this thing is selling like mad.
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andremop posted 28/01/2010, 06:59
Lol, yeah, chicken little, lucky!
I'll use that more... Damn, Final Fantasy is SOOO lucky for japan to exist.

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Beuli2 posted 28/01/2010, 04:24
11 millions! Go NSMB Wii, Go!
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ash3336 posted 27/01/2010, 06:02
I mean the total should be 20 million at the end of this year.
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ash3336 posted 27/01/2010, 06:02
Apparently they will shit out Mario game this year. I mean, it is different (3d to 2d) but it is still Mario. But I expect this to continue to sell over 20 million units in the next year.
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chickenLittle posted 27/01/2010, 11:47
nsmbwii lucky to have japan sales.
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jefforange89 posted 27/01/2010, 04:31
There's no way it won't outsell MW2 - Nintendo doesn't shit out Mario games yearly like Activision does CoD games.
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Bamboleo posted 26/01/2010, 04:57
I dare to say that this game will have better Xmas 2010 sales than CoD Vietnam for PS3.

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oliist posted 25/01/2010, 09:23
Don't be ridiculous Montana.

Miyamoto is the messiah & Reggie his votary.
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MontanaHatchet posted 25/01/2010, 07:17
Alright, I'm going to unload my rant here.

Who really cares what Reggie said? Why do you guys cling to his vague bet so heavily? What is he, your messiah? Get over him.
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Davey1983 posted 25/01/2010, 04:34

Sorry, but it will outsell both versions of MW2. It will take several months (at its current rate it will overtake MW2 in about September or October), perhaps all year, but it will eventually overtake MW2.
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oliist posted 25/01/2010, 02:17
It will outsell both versions combined.
Right now it is 4.72m behind & sold 134k more last week than both MW2 combined.
Just a matter of time.
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BladeOfGod posted 25/01/2010, 11:36

it wont outsell MW2. Its 5 million copies behind. The reason it sold so much is because of holiday season.
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PS360fan10 posted 25/01/2010, 01:03
These sales are crazy! Crazy enough to even say this might outsell MW 2 on both Xbox 360 and PS3 combined. Dude!
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trangentspree posted 24/01/2010, 10:46
He never said Xbox! He said a single platform again and again. I'll keep hammering on about this until it registers with people. This bet was over and done with LAST YEAR.
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Buzzi posted 24/01/2010, 07:23
Once and for all: Reggie was speaking of one version (probably 360) in one region after NPD data (so probably Americas). NSMBW outsold PS3 version in every region, and WW also X360 version. But it has not yet outsold X360 version in the Americas.
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jacezo posted 24/01/2010, 04:14
reggie was wrong, it outsold mw2 on both platforms (not combined)
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ClaudeLv250 posted 24/01/2010, 09:02
Getting all the star coins...it's harder than I thought it would be.
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Aidman posted 23/01/2010, 08:30

@ Beuli2
I thnik it makes sense now HAHAHAHA.
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Wii_Master posted 23/01/2010, 01:30
yep morenoingrato you r losing...gotta let me control your avatar and sig,,i think that was the stakes not sure..
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Beuli2 posted 23/01/2010, 01:00
There were those whose said that 11 millions in its first year was nonsense.
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morenoingrato posted 22/01/2010, 03:09
90k next week.... it's safe to assume I'm losing next week
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Ratix240sx posted 22/01/2010, 01:15
And Nintendomination continues...
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SaviorX posted 21/01/2010, 08:03
11 million, after 10 weeks!
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trangentspree posted 21/01/2010, 08:02
If you want an illustration of just how insane these sales figures are...


New Super Mario Bros. Wii has now sold more than its DS counterpart did in SEVENTY-TWO WEEKS.
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morenoingrato posted 21/01/2010, 04:06
180k left..... I'm safe for 1 more week
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ps3_jrpg_gamer posted 21/01/2010, 01:48
it will become best-selling Wii game in japan
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Fab_GS posted 21/01/2010, 01:45
3M in Japan!
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TheConduit posted 21/01/2010, 10:16
by the end of the year sales of this game will be on par with Modern Warfare 2
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tetramaster posted 21/01/2010, 08:48
Just goes to show, Everyone loves 2d Mario

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Zucas posted 21/01/2010, 12:45
Great sales in America continue but no surprise. Starting to finally get bigger shipments of this game at the Gamestop I work at but selling out of those as well (although not as fast). Were getting shipments of about 10-15 but now about 20 at a time.

Also I think what we've noticed for others is even though it isn't a colossal hit in the UK (although still big) the rest of the European and Other regions it seems to be that big hit haha. Can't really judge the NSMB Wii sales totally off UK charts which is unusual for most big Wii games. But NSMB Wii will still continue to sell quite well in the UK for a long time.
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morenoingrato posted 21/01/2010, 12:40
this game must do about 170k in others so I lose the bet this week so I think I'll remain for another week
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ocarinaoftime posted 20/01/2010, 03:25
i got this game first day it was released......i purchesed the game 9am at walmart...10am i had to go to church....beat it in less than 2 week with all coins.....this game rocks......favrite level is boat level....last level is hardest..bowser chasing me spiting fire at me ..... having to dogde him bust walls with his fire .......all wii owners should own this game.....
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Cheebee posted 19/01/2010, 10:03
Still haven't got this...
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xwolf7 posted 19/01/2010, 07:48
what an amazing sales!!!!, this deserves it and more
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alvarito posted 19/01/2010, 07:27
man! i need to get this!
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PowerOn posted 19/01/2010, 05:54
I couldn't finish all star coins. That make me go insane.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 19/01/2010, 04:37
no words can describe how great this game is....
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Paul posted 19/01/2010, 12:38
I just started replaying this and I must say that it gets much better on the second playthrough.
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Neos posted 18/01/2010, 10:12
3 million this week in Japan =)
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aoixgp posted 18/01/2010, 02:38
I've heard some hardcore players say this isn't hardcore enough and then say the motion controls are too tough. Interesting.
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trangentspree posted 17/01/2010, 06:52

Ludwig had the best traps, AND THE BEST VOICE.

Dude, that koopaling kid was gnarly.
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uno posted 17/01/2010, 04:34
I had no issues with the motion controls. They added positively to the experience.
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Smeags posted 17/01/2010, 05:28
It was almost like a "rub your head, pat your belly" situation for me in 7-Tower... where you have to tilt the controller all while moving and trying to avoid Bob-ombs. It was tough, but nothing more.

Ludwig did have the best traps.
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Nintendogamer posted 16/01/2010, 08:58
@ Okey-dokey

I don't think I've had such problems, I think it;s bets to keep your hand fairly steady :D
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--OkeyDokey-- posted 16/01/2010, 01:36
The motion controls are kind of annoying. Especially in level 7-3 (I think) where you have to move the platforms left to right.

Sometimes I move the controller slightly to the side mid-jump and the platform flies from under Mario's feet. Other times I accidentally spin attack while on a platform and it moves while I spiral downward to my death >_>
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Nintendogamer posted 16/01/2010, 12:50
@Paul, I seen that but I haven't got the heart to read such nonsense, I think those IGN guys offices has butane gas spreaded all over the place.
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Paul posted 16/01/2010, 12:42
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cliffhanger posted 15/01/2010, 08:11
yeah, looks like after adjustments it had reached 10M last week, week 7
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Cheebee posted 15/01/2010, 07:58
We just love ourselves some Mario here, guiduc.
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GuyDuke posted 15/01/2010, 05:54
Others... Others! GOSH! They are 3x more than NA! What is happening with them?
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supermariouniverse posted 15/01/2010, 05:27
yup, Mario is God! haha

I'm just still shocked at how this is getting adjusted UP instead of down considering the sales
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Fab_GS posted 15/01/2010, 01:48
So that means it sold 10m in 7 weeks!
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c0rd posted 15/01/2010, 12:24
Adjusted up a bit, cool.

Keep up the record breaking pace!
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drinkvault posted 15/01/2010, 08:03
Wow, faster to 10 Mil then Modern Warfare 2 on the 360. Excellent game btw.
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bmmb1 posted 15/01/2010, 06:46
It looks like, given NPD results, this game may need to be yet again adjusted up VGC preview for NSMBW was 2.38 million, NPD has it at 2,82 million. Looks like it reached 10 million in 7 weeks, wow.
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Nightwish224 posted 15/01/2010, 05:12
Damn these sales are amazing. It's well deserved though.
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slaviknenych posted 15/01/2010, 12:46
This will easily outsell New Super Mario Bros. for DS and many other games, this will definitly be one of the top 3 best-selling Wii games including Wii Sports
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trangentspree posted 14/01/2010, 11:56
In light of NPD results... did this game actually make the 10 million in 7 weeks????
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c0rd posted 14/01/2010, 07:57
My god those first 6 weeks' sales are beautiful. All above 1.4mil, which is just... insanity.

Others region isn't showing enough 2D Mario love!
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Cheebee posted 14/01/2010, 07:02
Whoa, over 10 million... O_O
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Aidman posted 14/01/2010, 08:41
Congractulations 10 Millions babies ^_^.
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marcianito posted 14/01/2010, 05:21
big drop? lol... those are great sales for january
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Polarimetric posted 14/01/2010, 04:47
I love how this game's astronomical debut sales are making a one-week American sales number of 193,822 look like bad news.
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Gearbox posted 14/01/2010, 03:20
@killeryoshis - there are no shortages stop saying thats what it is. christmas time is over sales drop big whoop
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Khuutra posted 14/01/2010, 02:07
It broke GTA:SA's record.

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killeryoshis posted 14/01/2010, 01:56
Darn the shortage,Its keeping the sales low
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MirrorWorld posted 14/01/2010, 12:25
10m!!! Wowza!
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Diglet posted 13/01/2010, 10:22
It should slow down in the coming weeks. I expect 25 mil ltd.
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SmokedHostage posted 13/01/2010, 10:01
I still have some coins to get but I'm on my way.
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cura posted 13/01/2010, 07:59
Best Wii game imo.

It's doing really well too
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aoixgp posted 13/01/2010, 07:47
2 Down 1 to go
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Nintendogamer posted 13/01/2010, 07:29
10 million mario hits it, and if all these supply constraints malarky is true then this game will see higher sales in the future.
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Paul posted 13/01/2010, 07:05
Is this game still supply constrained in the states? It is in Canada. Weird that they can't keep it i n stock when the sales have droped off so much since Christmas.
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Killergran posted 13/01/2010, 06:01
10 million! Finally. Took it long enough...
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salaminizer posted 13/01/2010, 05:50
160k left!
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killeryoshis posted 13/01/2010, 02:27
This game bombed no doubt. Its already at 800,000 sold this week. Bad legs. It won't be long until it sells 500,000 sales. This game is so frount loaded

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nordlead posted 12/01/2010, 09:00
well, at this point it is obvious. This will be the fastest single platform game to sell 10m units, beating the previous record of 9 weeks by GTA:San Andreas
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makingmusic476 posted 12/01/2010, 09:59
New Super Mario Bros. won platformer of the year and came in 6th overall in neogaf's game of the year vote! :D
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GuyDuke posted 12/01/2010, 05:09
What is interesting about Nintendo is that they can even improve their games further (more mini-games, online, level editor, more characters) to make the sequel better each time and still keep the original excellent!
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GuyDuke posted 11/01/2010, 10:35

I really don't know
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bimmylee posted 11/01/2010, 03:07

Has that ever been accomplished before?
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Monges79 posted 11/01/2010, 03:31
Is anyone else amazed that this game sold over 1 million copies WW six weeks in a row? WOW!
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fwap posted 10/01/2010, 11:30
There is a slim chance this could be adjusted up again like it was last week, but very slim.

Have Famitsu numbers come in for this week yet? Are they ever coming for this week?
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MasterZack posted 10/01/2010, 09:50
Its done. NSMBWii will domain the world.
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marcianito posted 10/01/2010, 07:55
reggie won!!! but nooooo it was so close to 10 mil
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Omega_Phazon_Pirate. posted 10/01/2010, 07:25
Wow, 160 000 more copies before the 10M mark.

Wonder if it will ever reach 20M or even 30M? :O
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Gearbox posted 10/01/2010, 06:58
wayyy better then call of duty. i might get a wii for this
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BigGumby posted 10/01/2010, 06:29
Yes! Reggie was right! I love both games, but this is pretty amazing how it sold so much in so little time.
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Brummipluesch posted 10/01/2010, 02:02
Yes, Reggie was right, better Sales than CoD MW 2 now. Incredible!!
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mortono posted 10/01/2010, 11:36
As we've seen, you never know when this game can get an upward adjustment.
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Majin-Tenshinhan posted 10/01/2010, 09:08
I guess 7 consecutive weeks won't be happening, but, hey... It had a good run XD
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MirrorWorld posted 10/01/2010, 08:07
Lol so close to 10m, and y u so low now AMERICA!
Message | Report
Aidman posted 10/01/2010, 05:32
Dam it shortage !! so close no matter it will break GTA's SA record. GO NSMB Wii.
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marcianito posted 10/01/2010, 04:21
it was close
Message | Report
I like Bacon posted 10/01/2010, 04:05
hmm, I suppose if you do allign launches, then it would be 7 weeks instead of 8. Is that what we are actually counting?
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ramonecaxa posted 10/01/2010, 03:54
There are 2 weeks left in Japan, so it will reach 10 million
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I like Bacon posted 10/01/2010, 03:23
wow, I wasn't expecting sales to be that low in the americas.

oh well, it'll hit 10 million next week and beat San Andreas by one week.
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SmokedHostage posted 10/01/2010, 03:15
What Khuutra said.
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llewdebkram posted 10/01/2010, 03:14
6 X 1 million+ weeks, but it won't make 7 in a row.
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 10/01/2010, 03:05
It kinda impress me that Americans consume more than Europa + Australia and all other countries other than Japan...
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Khuutra posted 10/01/2010, 02:58

So close
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bmmb1 posted 10/01/2010, 01:32
Killeregran, even if NA sales are less than that, add up week 6 and week 7 Japan sales (once they arrive...) and I am certain it will have reached 10 milion by week 7.
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Killergran posted 09/01/2010, 07:00
Needs 451 159 units in the Americas to pass 10 million this week. Doubtful, really. But quite possible.
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morenoingrato posted 09/01/2010, 05:36
How many weeks it is out?
7 or 8?
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the_lonely_gamer_123 posted 09/01/2010, 05:22
This game will go past 20 million by Q4 2010
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SmokedHostage posted 09/01/2010, 05:20
With NA numbers, 10 million.
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Aidman posted 09/01/2010, 05:10
almost 440K from the Americas and the HOLY 10 MILLIONS in only 7 WEEKS. NSMB Wii GALACTICOS SALES even Aliens are buying it.
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smj1860 posted 09/01/2010, 03:46
Just bought the game last night..wow...its so much fun!
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c03n3nj0 posted 09/01/2010, 02:32
wow.... and I still need to buy this....
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SaviorX posted 08/01/2010, 10:10
....Wait a minute.
808k? Wasn't it below the previous week (which was 690k before...I think)?

God have mercy.
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Hisiru posted 08/01/2010, 06:39

lol o_o
Message | Report
SSurTails posted 08/01/2010, 06:38
Got ripped at EB games yesterday for this game (59,99$ but i had 20$ credit by trading in metroid prime 3 + another 5$). Pretty fun so far.
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Majin-Tenshinhan posted 08/01/2010, 08:58
Razorblood, let's not forget the part that multiplayer must've played in this game's success as well. This game takes everything that makes a mega-successful game and puts it in one package. Incredible.
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Razorblood posted 08/01/2010, 08:53
When was the last time a 2D Mario came out on a home console? Super Mario World? People love Mario and have been waiting for a 2D Mario. Look at the one for the DS, 20mil. Mario + 2D + Large Wii Causal/Hardcore fans = Success.

It's looking good, I am playing with 2 players and its a lot of fun =D
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Soma posted 08/01/2010, 03:56
Lol, I was reading all the comments and a lot of people predicted this would sell 10 millions the first year.

Who would had thought it did that in less than 2 months O_O
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oliist posted 08/01/2010, 12:38
@Riot Of The Blood
Of course!
On its way to 40m it will inevitably pass 35m.
Message | Report
solracbrit posted 08/01/2010, 12:31
It went up again??? What the hell is going on???
This game is amazing

Message | Report
Riot Of The Blood posted 07/01/2010, 11:57
You guys think this game can get to 35m?
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MirrorWorld posted 07/01/2010, 11:54
What is this I don't even...
Is Mario's printing money now too?
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cliffhanger posted 07/01/2010, 10:27
Can you believe this will be at or very close to 10 million in 7 weeks? Unbelievable!
Message | Report
c0rd posted 07/01/2010, 09:11
I was hoping for a ~50k adjustment for week 2 Others, so it'd have that 6wk million streak. Funny how it was adjusted, up to 996k...

Message | Report
Arius Dion posted 07/01/2010, 08:41
The incredible thing is Nintendo's titles seem to just breeze past 10m like its nothing. Its almost as if 20m is now the benchmark lol. Galaxy won't get there (10m) but Brawl Will and WSR is past 10 already.
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 07/01/2010, 06:46
More or less topped 10 Million!
Message | Report
Buzzi posted 07/01/2010, 06:40
Now the thread about this as the fastest game ever to reach 10 millions will be pointless :P
Considering Japan (250+k and US (300+k) this must be damn near the 10 million mark! Hopefully it will be already over!
Message | Report
marcianito posted 07/01/2010, 06:35
lol adjusted up again! now over 9 millions
Message | Report
Smeags posted 07/01/2010, 05:53
A-adjusted again?!

Good heavens...
Message | Report
Khuutra posted 07/01/2010, 05:47
Looks like it's going to chew up and spit out GTA:SA's record...
Message | Report
I like Bacon posted 07/01/2010, 05:31
another awesome adjustment. :D So freaking insane!
Message | Report
Fab_GS posted 07/01/2010, 05:26
OH LAWD!!!!!!
Message | Report
Vas-y posted 07/01/2010, 05:21
Reggie was referring to America's sales. This whole bet thing is getting on my nerves.
Message | Report
FrankMstone posted 07/01/2010, 05:20
Wow it was undertracked in others, already over 9 million!
Message | Report
Snake_eat_her posted 07/01/2010, 04:58
It has already sold more than MW2 in 360.. WOW.. they won!

Message | Report
Valdens posted 07/01/2010, 02:31
Bet won, wewt.
Message | Report
Majin-Tenshinhan posted 07/01/2010, 12:02
Damn, adjusted up? This is crazy!
Message | Report
taq1109 posted 07/01/2010, 09:10
sold out everywhere!...though im going to buy this after finished FF13..
Message | Report
marcianito posted 07/01/2010, 06:03
sales were adjusted up?
Message | Report
Snake612 posted 06/01/2010, 10:48
I've never seen a game that has such strong sales. The game is selling 1 million worldwide on weekly basis
Message | Report
mortono posted 06/01/2010, 06:14
World 9 is insane. Those are some of the hardest Mario levels I've ever played.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 06/01/2010, 03:00
@ kopstudent

I'm going through world 8 trying to get all the star coins and I'm finding it much easier than most of the earlier worlds. Maybe I'm just getting better :P
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 06/01/2010, 02:43
World 9 is tough too not that it's very hard it just that they are long levels and if you die anywhere in the level you have to start all over again. but still it doens't make the game less fun.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 06/01/2010, 01:43
yeah world 8 is one tough world. Especially when i play with my friends, who have no mario background unfortunately, but hell we have fun playing it and thats what matters
Message | Report
Buzzi posted 06/01/2010, 12:54
What if it sells 2 millions in Americas next week? In that case Reggie would be damn near winning his bet in every case (just in US and against MW2 360 version)...going to be the fastest selling game ever!
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 06/01/2010, 03:32
Poor Galaxy! Got its ass handed to it thoroughly. Not a bad game to 'lose' to, though.

At World 8 and am getting pwned hard.
Message | Report
MirrorWorld posted 06/01/2010, 02:22
WT-? Wow, this game is selling so well, and it is undertracked?!?!?!
Message | Report
Salnax posted 06/01/2010, 02:04
Its already beaten Galaxy, Ocarina of Time, and Melee... not bad for a game nobodyt knew about before the E3
Message | Report
lemieux-rules66 posted 06/01/2010, 02:02
Reggie... was right... 2012 came early!
Message | Report
brute posted 06/01/2010, 01:19
I wonder if it can make 7 weeks with sales over a million.
Message | Report
Khuutra posted 06/01/2010, 12:34
@famousringo: Even if it sells 400k in the next week of data, that still only accounts for Europe instead of the whole of Others

This game is a MONSTER
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 06/01/2010, 12:13
*looks at American numbers*

Message | Report
joora posted 05/01/2010, 11:48
Since Others ain't just Europe, it's most probably still undertracked.

Monster game.
Message | Report
I like Bacon posted 05/01/2010, 11:42

YES!!!!! :D XD
Message | Report
aoixgp posted 05/01/2010, 11:40
Platforming Bliss....gaming bliss
Message | Report
famousringo posted 05/01/2010, 10:02
@ Arius Dion

Not terribly undertracked. The NoE statement includes one last week of December sales that aren't up on VGC yet.
Message | Report
Blacksaber posted 05/01/2010, 09:45
I fear this game greatly...
Message | Report
Arius Dion posted 05/01/2010, 08:53
So now this game is UNDERtracked in EU?! My goodness.
Message | Report
sorento posted 05/01/2010, 08:46
europe 2.5 million http://www.jeuxvideo.com/news/2010/00039636-nintendo-europe-en-quelques-chiffres.htm
Message | Report
Fab_GS posted 05/01/2010, 08:38
Ha! It passed MW2 (X360).
Message | Report
Kenology posted 05/01/2010, 08:21
It always impresses me how you guys are on top of adjustments. I would never notice otherwise. 4.05k adjustment is MASSIVE.
Message | Report
Khuutra posted 05/01/2010, 08:11
Adjusted up to 4.05 in the Americas. Madness. MADNESS
Message | Report
LinKing12 posted 05/01/2010, 08:00
Bah dah bop bop bah, I'm lovin' it! Congrats!
Message | Report
FreeTalkLive posted 05/01/2010, 07:53
This has been the top selling game in the world 5 out of the 6 weeks it has been on the market. It barely lost one week to Wii Sports and NSMB Wii wasn't even out in Japan at that time. How many weeks will it stay at the top?
Message | Report
alexf10 posted 05/01/2010, 07:33
absolutely crazy...congratz @the old plumber
Message | Report
trangentspree posted 05/01/2010, 07:23
In its 6th week NSMBW is above and beyond its launch week in Others, and so close to its launch week figures in US.

NSMBW is doing rather well, one might say.
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 05/01/2010, 07:15
Ha and one person said my prediction of 8.7 Million was hilarious, but that was when NSMBWii was on 8.2 million, but my prediction of 8.7 Million doesn't look silly now.
Message | Report
Paul posted 05/01/2010, 06:56
I just saw another news story about nintendo in Europe estimating that this has sold 2.5 million in europe at the end of December. It could be a bit undertracked there as well since others includes more than just Europe.
Message | Report
Demotruk posted 05/01/2010, 06:52
Undertracked, that's crazy...
Message | Report
c0rd posted 05/01/2010, 06:45
Wait... what.

Are those America numbers real?

Message | Report
miz1q2w3e posted 05/01/2010, 06:41
How is this possible??? i didn't know that many mario fans existed!! :O
Message | Report
Buzzi posted 05/01/2010, 06:23
Adjusted up!! This sales are the most incredible thing I've ever seen during this gen!
Message | Report
Zucas posted 05/01/2010, 06:15
You know I had a feeling we were a little low on the Americas sales but man that is just crazy. 8.61 million in 6 weeks (only 4 in Japan). It has already outsold Galaxy. Just colossal.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 05/01/2010, 05:55
its one million for 6 weeks Without Japanese numbers! CRAZY SALES I TELL YA!!
Message | Report
Smeags posted 05/01/2010, 05:52
Yep, bumped up ~400,000 units. Just insane!
Message | Report
nathlio posted 05/01/2010, 05:47
Wow!!! World wide NSMBW has now passed the Xbox360 version of Modern Warfare 2! That is insane!!! In North American sales only it just has 1.5 mil to go since they stand at 4.18 and 5.73. Crazy!
Message | Report
Paul posted 05/01/2010, 01:25
Online retailers and the stores around me are still having a hard time keeping this in stock. North American numbers should be sustained at very high levels for at least a few more weeks.
Message | Report
TheConduit posted 05/01/2010, 01:19
Week 5 will definetly be over 1 million with Japan numbers so it will have sold over 1million for 6 week's straight.

Have any other games done that before?
Message | Report
Cheebee posted 05/01/2010, 12:04
This game's sales are insane.
Message | Report
MirrorWorld posted 05/01/2010, 06:27
I just realized that it has already outsold Mario Kart Wii in Japan. Crazy good!
Message | Report
bimmylee posted 05/01/2010, 01:50
Amazing game. I had the most fun playing with friends when our initial team effort deteriorated to throwing each other into thwomps and pits of lava. Nothing says "fun" like throwing a friend off a cliff.
Message | Report
Voltaire posted 05/01/2010, 01:01
Unbelievable. This is incredible, with practically 6 weeks of 1million+ sales.
Message | Report
Fame_Mcswagg posted 04/01/2010, 11:51
Message | Report
huaxiong90 posted 04/01/2010, 11:23
Wii games and their legs!

I'm having so much fun with this game!
Message | Report
chris_wing posted 04/01/2010, 10:11
Modern Warfare 2 on 360 is 8.4 million
NSMB on Wii is 8.2 million

Only 200,000 units to gain. Next week Mario will pull ahead.
Message | Report
Stats87 posted 04/01/2010, 09:09
My brother got this for Christmas and I played a fair bit of it before he returned home back East.

Is it wrong that it was most fun when we were dying a lot? Because with four people there were many mishaps. =P When there was only 3 of us we were beating levels easily...wasn't as fun.
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 04/01/2010, 08:23
This is selling so fucking well!!

Should reach 25 million.
Message | Report
TruckOSaurus posted 04/01/2010, 06:06
The sales in Japan are out of this world! 2.4 millions in 4 weeks!
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 04/01/2010, 05:22
Well in NA its beaten CoD's first week(360 version only) in its 6th week :P
Message | Report
nathlio posted 04/01/2010, 03:51
@ Majin

I think a 7th consecutive week is a definite possibility. The shortages reported in the Japan preview show that demand is still high and will most likely be up once more shipments come in!
Message | Report
JUG posted 04/01/2010, 03:33
I knew this would happen.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 04/01/2010, 12:38
@ Majin

The Japan preview predicts only 200k this week due to shortages. I think a 7th consecutive week over a million is out of the question now.
Message | Report
Aidman posted 04/01/2010, 09:36
All I wish is it will break the 20th Million in its life-time sales.
Message | Report
TopCat8 posted 04/01/2010, 09:18
Wow. This game is a monster! Way to go Nintendo!
Message | Report
Majin-Tenshinhan posted 04/01/2010, 09:06
6 consecutive million seller weeks absolutely confirmed. Beyond incredible. I can't even put it into words.

Can it do seven?
Message | Report
Siko1989 posted 04/01/2010, 08:43
now who said it wont break 11 million by march lol, by looks of it, it will because theirs only 3 million sales left lol
Message | Report
The Ghost of RubangB posted 04/01/2010, 07:11
Hahaha, this game's lowest week was 320K, and that was its launch week in Others. It has been higher than 320K in every territory every week so far. This is just insanity. I wonder how fast it will break 15 million.
Message | Report
reallyfun posted 04/01/2010, 04:25
Wow....this game is a monster!!
Can't wait to see it break all kinds of sales records!!!! :D
Message | Report
marcianito posted 04/01/2010, 03:53
let see if it can pull 9 millions before the end of the year, it'll be intresting how it performes without the chritmas bost, it's been sold out in many places so probably many people still looking for this game
Message | Report
alexf10 posted 04/01/2010, 03:40
sales for this game are out of this world....never thought this will sell like it does.

this one could end as one of the best selling games ever
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 04/01/2010, 03:40
6 consecutives weeks over a million! New Super Mario Bros Wii just broke a record!
Message | Report
nordlead posted 04/01/2010, 03:14

considering that Wii Sports is this generations biggest home console seller in Japan (it isn't bundled there) this should easily blow by in about 4-5 weeks (or less if it doesn't let down after the holidays).
Message | Report
IxisNaugus posted 04/01/2010, 03:03
Truly intense sales. I'm impressed.
Message | Report
mortono posted 04/01/2010, 02:42
Will it get over 9m by the end of the year?
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 04/01/2010, 02:20
100k from selling more than Galaxy.

This game is selling like crack.
Message | Report
Bruno Muņoz posted 04/01/2010, 02:19
What was the previous million selling weeks record? Mario already has 6 weeks.
Message | Report
Bruno Muņoz posted 04/01/2010, 02:13
This is the biggest game ever in terms of sales, it's a brutal monster.

I have a similar feeling with Avatar but this place is not Box Office Mojo XD
Message | Report
famousringo posted 04/01/2010, 02:06
The Japanese sales are mind blowing. Could it be the biggest console game of the generation in Japan with just a couple months?
Message | Report
ash3336 posted 04/01/2010, 02:03
First and only game to have first week 6 weeks over a million.
Message | Report
Shadowfest3 posted 04/01/2010, 01:47
Wow! The sales are simply amazing!
Message | Report
trangentspree posted 04/01/2010, 01:27
This is truly amazing.

Mario numbers just keep going up and up!

Dare I say it... they're even getting closer and closer to the launch week numbers...
Message | Report
GranTurismoHelperMax posted 04/01/2010, 01:23
fastest game to 10 million? not sure what the record is but if it didnt include multiple consoles (mw2), this games wins 4 sure.
Message | Report
cliffhanger posted 04/01/2010, 01:19
Week 6 already over a million without Japan. lol
Message | Report
Carl posted 04/01/2010, 01:18
Message | Report
supermario128 posted 04/01/2010, 01:17
Great legs!
Message | Report
Zucas posted 04/01/2010, 01:14
Well currently selling at a faster rate than MW2. MW2 after 6 weeks was 7.83 million, this one at 8.2 million. And will be higher once Japanese sales fill all the way in.

Easily the biggest holiday game of the year and just incredible feats it's pulling off. There has been no other game like this in history of the market.
Message | Report
Khuutra posted 04/01/2010, 01:10
Holy smokes

Could this game manage SEVEN weeks at a million?
Message | Report
vglover08 posted 04/01/2010, 12:57
Insanity to the max! It's so exciting to see sales for this game skyrocket! =D
Message | Report
killeryoshis posted 04/01/2010, 12:51
It has a chance to get 7 weeks over a million........
Message | Report
I like Bacon posted 04/01/2010, 12:36
8.2 million! Exactly my prediction! =3
Message | Report
MirrorWorld posted 04/01/2010, 12:33
Wow week 6 is already at 1mil w/o Japan. Craaaazy!
And at least Other sales are very consistent lol.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 04/01/2010, 12:27
Wait, 6 or (potentially) more consecutive weeks selling over a million?

Has any game ever done that ever? That's crazy.
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 04/01/2010, 12:25
8.2 Million, soon to top 10 Million, go my favourite plumber.
Message | Report
Majin-Tenshinhan posted 03/01/2010, 02:17
Yeah, I think this game was pretty hard in general. Overall, the level design and multiplayer add superb replay value too so you get a lot of bang for your buck.
Message | Report
I like Bacon posted 03/01/2010, 06:57
I agree nordlead.

I find the game's difficulty to be perfect.
Message | Report
nordlead posted 03/01/2010, 04:52

honestly how hard do you want this game to be? Unless you are super good at Mario, first time playing this you are likely to die on almost every stage 1 time. For it to be any tougher, you'd have to go Lost Levels type of toughness which wouldn't be tolerated by the masses.
Message | Report
Riot Of The Blood posted 02/01/2010, 07:01
Starting to get pissed off. It's like stores don't carry this game or something.
Message | Report
Nightwish224 posted 02/01/2010, 03:35
AAA for sure.
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 02/01/2010, 01:50

and is seemed to have worked wonders, sales seems to have just risen much faster than a lot of people's predictions, sell overr a million for about 6 weeks in a row is not somethign to complain about, let's hope it will keep wii sales at a high pace for a while to come.
Message | Report
killeryoshis posted 02/01/2010, 01:31
Dtewi this is not a decent game. Its AAA. You better run
Message | Report
dtewi posted 01/01/2010, 07:26
Decent game, but it only got somewhat difficult towards the last world (I'm talking about World 8). I was hoping it would be harder. At least the final boss was actually the hardest main game level.
Message | Report
marcianito posted 01/01/2010, 06:25
i hope 8 mil with new numbers
Message | Report
Zucas posted 01/01/2010, 03:10
Yea for the week ending Dec 26th, we are looking at 500k Japan, probably another 500k in America, and another sold 300k in E/O. 1300k on the week to put it just right at 8 million, thereabouts.

On this page we'll see it as 4 weeks of over a million in sales, with the 5th going to happen, and even a shot at 6 weeks for it. Truly nothing else like it.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 31/12/2009, 08:45
i didnt expect this to be so big in japan! this is friggen insane! lol

if it was as big as i thought it was going ot be the ps3 would have beaten the wii in japan by 50 000 units... now it lost :(
Message | Report
trangentspree posted 31/12/2009, 12:32
Media Centre has released numbers of 506,000 for NSMBW in Japan this week.

That would bring the weekly total for W4 to 1, 324, 497 - beating W3 sales worldwide and coming close to beating W2.

If it performs similarly in Japan next week W5 could be the 2nd best selling week worldwide for NSMBW!
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 31/12/2009, 06:42

It's what I'm having with this game. I'm in world 6, can't wait to beat the game so I can go play the levels I skipped, and then play the levels I've alreay done to get all the star coins.
Message | Report
Siko1989 posted 31/12/2009, 03:44

indeed mate... its a perfect strategy nintendo pulled off to try and get the DS owners on the wii
Message | Report
cromeros posted 31/12/2009, 03:44
Amazing Sells...
Message | Report
dampowell posted 30/12/2009, 04:34
I think 10 million + by the new year. and a further 3- 4 million in January. (roughly averaging 800,000 or so per week
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 30/12/2009, 12:18
It's hilarious that this game is selling godly, deserved it too, it seemed like it introduced some DS owners to the Wii.
Message | Report
Polarimetric posted 30/12/2009, 08:06
Beating MW2 on the 360 and PS3 combined will be a challenge, but it's definitely doable. Even for the holiday season, these are breathtaking sales results. Mario Kart Wii has flown to 19.7 million in a year and five months when this game's sales look even stronger.

If sales of this game stay strong and the nostalgia that comes from this game is as effective as I think it's going to be, this game could sell 21-23 million in the time it took MKWii to sell 19. Since this game has probably about 2 years to sell (second-generation Wii is likely late 2011) it definitely has the time to do it.
Message | Report
midaks posted 30/12/2009, 07:13
well the way I see COD MW2 (both ps3 and 360) has sold over 14 m.... this game has only sold around 7 now yeah this game will easily beat the systems separately but combined would be a tough thing atleast for the next month considering the fact that people are also still buying COD MW2
Message | Report
scottie posted 30/12/2009, 01:30
Week 6 it should manage it because it covers up to the 26th in Americas/Others, and the Japanese holiday season will still be in effect I think. Week 7 is less likely.
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 29/12/2009, 11:07
With Japan sales, it will crush 1 million Worldwide on Week 4 and 5. May just pass 1m Week 6.
Message | Report
FreeTalkLive posted 29/12/2009, 09:14
What a fantastic game. Nintendo took the DS game and improved on it in every way.
Message | Report
brunei11 posted 29/12/2009, 06:36
xD i remember when reggie said: "NSMBWii will outsell CoD MW 2" and everyone including nintendo fans laugh now it seems real
Message | Report
laxdman4 posted 29/12/2009, 01:49

Have you played in the latter worlds? You go through lives pretty quickly. Also, if you are playing with four people its easy to burn through lives.

This game is amazing. I'm almost glad there is no online because it is so fun to work with the other people in the room.
Message | Report
SuperSteveyLes posted 29/12/2009, 11:35
A load of fun, my only criticism so far is that it's too easy to get extra lives on it, I've got 96 so far and I've only had it for a few days.
Message | Report
noname2200 posted 29/12/2009, 04:47

Use the warp pipes to beat the game quickly, and thus unlock the Save Anytime feature.

When going for Star Coins, keep track of your deaths: beat the level immediately after your fifth death.
Message | Report
mortono posted 29/12/2009, 03:38
I'm playing again to get a perfect "no-superguide" game. Any tips?

This is the best game ever.
Message | Report
DaAndy posted 29/12/2009, 01:52
In comparison to "normal" games MKWii had incredible awesome sales. But what NSMBWii is doing is simply ... impossible. Unbelieveable.
It sells so awesome compared to MKWii, as i first stated MKWii sales compared to "normal" games.

Yeah I know MKWii was released in April not right before christmas, but NSMBWii's sales are not of/from this world ... insane
This is so huge ... so huge ... so huge ...
Message | Report
Toddifer posted 29/12/2009, 12:37
I picked this up at Best Buy for $39.99 today....I'm enjoying these stores with their aggressive price cutting to get sales...they had Madworld for $9.99 as well. Sweet deal.
Message | Report
shokenchi posted 28/12/2009, 09:26
@uruler, lbp is overrated. the user rating is a lot lower than the critic reviews while mario is vice versa.
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 28/12/2009, 08:04

If you think NSMBWii didn't get great reviews aka 87% then your barmy, plus it got a few 7's and a uncalled for 58%. In my opition the 58% should have been 88% and the 7's should have been 9's or 10's, this game should have got above 90%.

Millions of people will disagree with you, Mario sdie-scrolling is magical.
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 28/12/2009, 07:54
You don't even know Mario's magic. LBP will never be able to do that.
90% of people disagree with you, so you might be reported for this post.

It is a little hard but buy it to play with your niece. She will adore that game.
Message | Report
killeryoshis posted 28/12/2009, 07:08
This game is awsome
Though in conclusion of these sales. Nintendo were idoits for not releaseing a 2-D mario before n a home console. Have they learned their lesson
Message | Report
Boggern posted 28/12/2009, 06:19
@ uruler
Itīs OK if you like LBP more than NSMB Wii, but you will also have to accept that most people donīt agree with you. Calling us idiots wonīt alter that fact.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 28/12/2009, 11:50
Is Nintendo planning to bundle this with a red Wii or was that whole thing just my imagination? Well, they should anyway :P
Message | Report
ChrisIsNotSexy posted 28/12/2009, 10:16
Its actually doing better in Japan than NA
Message | Report
alexf10 posted 28/12/2009, 09:33
so 2d mario is still the strongest franchise in the industry?? well done old plumber well done....

btw. i dont have bought the game yet. is it any good? i would like to play it with my 6 year old niece...is it to hard or can a six year old have fun with the game?
Message | Report
MirrorWorld posted 28/12/2009, 08:56
Y so beast Mario? :P If it sells a million this week then that's like 4 1m+ selling weeks in a row. Pretty sure that its like the only game to ever do that.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 28/12/2009, 07:03
Another 500k in Japan. I've never seen sales like this before.
Message | Report
fwap posted 28/12/2009, 05:31
With Week 4 sales for Japan over 500k total sales are in fact INCREASING.
Message | Report
Khuutra posted 28/12/2009, 05:30
This game is more than just a monster. It may end up with SIX weeks of 1,000,000+ after aligning launches. Insane.

Message | Report
marcianito posted 27/12/2009, 08:34
doing better than MK wii
Message | Report
ash3336 posted 27/12/2009, 07:41
Officially the first and only game to have the first 3 weeks with over a million in sales. Most likely, this will continue on until week 5.
Message | Report
primogen18 posted 27/12/2009, 03:12
Sold out everywhere around here, has become a hard to find game now. Not sure about anywhere else though.
Message | Report
Red4ADevil posted 27/12/2009, 01:15
Just bought it today along with another wii remote, so that my brother and his girlfriend can play (black wii remote).
Message | Report
Paul posted 26/12/2009, 09:12
This game is still sold out everywhere in my area. The legs will be solid as supply catches up with demand.
Message | Report
daactualfact posted 26/12/2009, 03:40
Expect Sales beyond mkwii men.
Message | Report
daactualfact posted 26/12/2009, 03:39
A GAME FROM THE HEAVENS! That's all you can say. Once picked up, the earliest you will put it down will be 5hrs later at least. (that's if you like to savor the moment and not try to beat the damn game in a day because you are “hard to the core”)
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 26/12/2009, 12:54
This game is too fun, and i'm still in World 1!! :P My brother initially didnt want the game, now he's hogging it all the time. Damn you Nintendo!
Message | Report
Khuutra posted 26/12/2009, 11:37
This is going to be fun to watch for the next few weeks/months.
Message | Report
headshot91 posted 26/12/2009, 11:32
woah this is going to guaranteed have 5+ million selling weeks!
I can't think of another game that has done that???!
Message | Report
MasterZack posted 26/12/2009, 06:36
Megaman79, anyways Reggies wins to the PS3 version.
Message | Report
megaman79 posted 26/12/2009, 01:39
@Intendo21, Reggie gambled on one of the platforms MW2 numbers, i don't think he actually meant the 360 version.
Message | Report
Intendo21 posted 25/12/2009, 08:45
Looks like Reggie will win his bet.
Message | Report
trestres posted 25/12/2009, 08:27
Holy shit this thing is a beast. Just take your time and look at this, think about it for a minute. It's selling 500k more in Japan on its third week, and it has the 2 biggest weeks ahead there.

Message | Report
Kihniö posted 25/12/2009, 07:17
Got it for christmas...Yeah
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 25/12/2009, 07:13
Do you know why Nintendo have such amazing selling games on their console? It's because they know how to appeal people. You don't need to be Modern Warfare 2 to please long time fans like me.
Message | Report
RPG posted 25/12/2009, 07:12
6 weeks at 1+ million is a lock so the question is if it will do 7 weeks. A game like this clearly has the chance because it is popular WW.

I have to say it deserves every single sale. It's literally the 3rd game I have purchased in the last 2 years so it has to be special. :P
Message | Report
megaman79 posted 25/12/2009, 04:22
Halo better keep quite next time its talking about brand recognition.

These sales really are PHENOMENAL
Message | Report
Killergran posted 25/12/2009, 12:26
Looks like it's going to sell more than 1 million in the 5 first weeks! That's out of this world!
Message | Report
donsterydo2 posted 25/12/2009, 10:09
Insane legs O_o
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 25/12/2009, 09:51
look at Japan, just frickin insane!
Message | Report
sep85dd posted 25/12/2009, 08:55
Best mario since Super Mario 64. And look: It was going UP in Japanese sales and itīs name is NOT Tomodachi Collection or Seaman
Message | Report
axumblade posted 25/12/2009, 08:23
10 million in 10 weeks! I predict it now
Message | Report
MonstaMack posted 25/12/2009, 04:42
Wow sick sales but I can believe it.
We have been sold out of it at work and several retailers have sold out of it B&M wise unlike Modern Warfare 2 which has been readily available over the holidays. If things keep selling like this then I think it can surpass Modern Warfare 2 360 sometime in Feb.
Message | Report
blue7x7 posted 25/12/2009, 04:39
I doubt it will catch up to the xbox 360 version of Modern warfare 2 by the end of the year but in early 2010 it definitely will.
Message | Report
Arandur posted 25/12/2009, 02:19
CoD:MW2 for Xbox360, there we go! ;).
Message | Report
Snake612 posted 25/12/2009, 01:41
The sales of this game are just amazing. The developers were right when they said this game will have strong legs.
Message | Report
adam84 posted 25/12/2009, 12:40
good god! this game is even bigger than i thought. dont get me wrong i knew it would be big but....just wow
Message | Report
supermariouniverse posted 24/12/2009, 11:37

hahaha. Crazy sales!
Message | Report
c0rd posted 24/12/2009, 10:18
Haha, damn. Just realized that when launches are lined up, this game will have 5, maybe 6 weeks of sales before it goes under 1 million.

That's going to be fucking beautiful. 3 weeks from now, I'm looking forward to seeing the chart!
Message | Report
chris_wing posted 24/12/2009, 09:13
MW2 on 360 is at 7.83 million
NSMBW is at 6.68 million

Five weeks to go to gain 1.15 million.
No problem! Reggie wins!
Message | Report
Khuutra posted 24/12/2009, 09:03
Good Christ, the game is a monster!
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 24/12/2009, 07:44
It's sold out everywhere in Montreal!
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 24/12/2009, 07:43
Reggie wins... wow. With the big opening of Modern Warfare 2, I thought it was over.
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 24/12/2009, 07:06
Woah, unbelievable sales. Especially in Japan.

And it looks like it could pass 20 million.
Message | Report
MasterZack posted 24/12/2009, 07:05
Reggie wins!!
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 24/12/2009, 06:37
Oh more numbers added I thought the chart chnaged a bit.
Message | Report
Majin-Tenshinhan posted 24/12/2009, 05:50
This is pretty much guaranteed to have 5 consecutive million seller weeks worldwide.

Message | Report
haxxiy posted 24/12/2009, 05:33
Doing far better in Japan then I expected. Sales in Others are quite... stable.
Message | Report
Smeags posted 24/12/2009, 05:03
Simply incredible Japanese sales.
Message | Report
Hisiru posted 24/12/2009, 04:48
Reggie was right.
Message | Report
killeryoshis posted 24/12/2009, 04:44
It has 3 weeks over a millionj. Go Mario!
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 24/12/2009, 04:36
6 million!
Message | Report
Buzzi posted 24/12/2009, 09:23
Media Create says 568k in Japan this week, that would be crazy! It would reach 2m in less than a month, while there was (and is) some people who thought NSMBW would have never reached 2m...looking for 3millions by 1-2 months.
Message | Report
noname2200 posted 24/12/2009, 06:42
Oh, it won't be that long. Iwata's learned his lesson. Although I'm not sure just how much of a threat directed at his developers that promise was meant to be...
Message | Report
vonboysp posted 23/12/2009, 04:25
would you ike to be unfrozen when the next real 2-d mario game comes out in 20 years or so :b
Message | Report
chris_wing posted 23/12/2009, 12:22
Hopefully when I'm done playing through Yoshi's Island on my SNES this game will be back in stock where I live. I plan to play the two best Mario games back to back, then have myself frozen as a lasting example of joy in it's purest form for future generations to appreciate.
Message | Report
IxisNaugus posted 22/12/2009, 10:07
Finally grabbed myself a fresh copy of this. That's another sale for the Others sections :)
Message | Report
oliist posted 22/12/2009, 08:37
Only if you combine the different system sales.
PlayStation 2 version has 'only' two consecutive weeks over 1million.
Or did I miss something?
Message | Report
Gilgamesh posted 22/12/2009, 07:53
@Oliist, San Andreas
Message | Report
megaman79 posted 22/12/2009, 03:44
Im sorry, i didn't think this was all that, and a bag of chips.

It was too easy and it was WAY TOO NOSTALGIC.

SMG2 here we come.
Message | Report
oliist posted 22/12/2009, 03:05
No other game was even able to sell one million+ units in more than TWO consecutive weeks.
So Nintendo has set another record that can only be broken by Nintendo sometime in the future.
Message | Report
Majin-Tenshinhan posted 22/12/2009, 11:34
So, okay ... It's all but confirmed that the first four weeks will all be over a million.

Given that we're in Christmas time, weeks five and six could well hit a million too... Has anything like this ever happened before?
Message | Report
Khuutra posted 22/12/2009, 11:11
Looks like we're about to get another week over a million.

The game is on FIRE
Message | Report
bmmb1 posted 22/12/2009, 10:31
Week 3 in Japan according to Media Create - ~530K !!!!!
Message | Report
le4nder posted 21/12/2009, 10:39
Seems like Reggie is winning his bet. NSMBWii easily passed the PS3 version of MW2. By end of January, it may have passed the 360 version too.
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 21/12/2009, 08:44
underrated game. What is really happening with reviewers? Are they blind or just volontary against Nintendo?
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--OkeyDokey-- posted 21/12/2009, 05:24
I underestimated Japan O_o
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SaviorX posted 21/12/2009, 04:36
Sales have actually.....increased in Japan over Week 2...More than 454k!!!
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oliist posted 21/12/2009, 01:51
You are all to low with your overall predictions for the coming update.
It will be something between 1.7 - 2.2 million WW.
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 21/12/2009, 12:22
Let me take a guess for next week...


Japan - 480k
Americas - 520k
Others - 400 k

1,4 million
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Buzzi posted 20/12/2009, 05:22
Oh, and the same in the Americas, while in Others it will just come in top 150 next week :(

Easily will reach 7 millions before the year ends, and 10 millions hopefully at the beginning of February.
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Buzzi posted 20/12/2009, 03:46
Next week NSMBW will enter in the Japanes top 100 of all time, hopefully with WSR!
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nordlead posted 20/12/2009, 12:43

why should I find it sad that one of the best games of the decade is about to outsell one of the other best games of the decade. This game deserves to match Super Mario Bros World in sales (20m)
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Khuutra posted 20/12/2009, 05:27

In the sense that Galaxy deserves more sales than it has? Sure.

In that NSMBWii doesn't deserve the sales it's going to get? No, I don't find it sad at all. I find it exhilarating, even joyous.
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IllegalPaladin posted 20/12/2009, 05:19
I found it at ToysRUs a few weeks ago with a buy one get another game half off deal no less.

Outside of Super Mario Brothers 1 and 3, I hadn't really played a lot of the side scrolling Mario games so New Super Mario Brothers is certainly taking some time to get used to as I rack up the deaths.

It's quite frustrating to grab a power up only to lose it a fraction of a second later.
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st_muscat0 posted 20/12/2009, 05:03
Is it just me or does anyone else also find it said that this will outsell Galaxy in like 3-4 weeks?
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supermariouniverse posted 19/12/2009, 08:22
Getting the sales it deserves
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noname2200 posted 19/12/2009, 06:37
If you're in the US, and looking for this game, try Fry's or Target: they seem to be the only places with plenty of copies.
Message | Report
cliffhanger posted 19/12/2009, 09:36
yeah, this is sold out everywhere in my area.
Message | Report
Ghazi4 posted 19/12/2009, 09:10
meh i wanted to get this before i came back to my home country from USA and it was sold out :P
Message | Report
Madanial posted 19/12/2009, 05:14
Shit, i wish i have time to get this soon. T_T
Message | Report
marcianito posted 19/12/2009, 01:19
I went to waltmart and gamestop today and this game was sold out
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 19/12/2009, 12:33
JP - 260k
US- 510k
Others- 380k
1.15 million next week.

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mortono posted 18/12/2009, 09:19
next week:

500k America
400k Others
200k Japan
~1.1 million WW

It will easily reach 7m by the end of the year.
Message | Report
Paul posted 18/12/2009, 08:25
I went to 3 stores today and it was sold out in all three.
Message | Report
Ostro posted 18/12/2009, 01:50
Others still growing ^^
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GuyDuke posted 18/12/2009, 01:49
Another million FTW!
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chris_wing posted 18/12/2009, 06:45
Reggie said it would sell more by the end of the holiday spending season, which he named as the end of January. He made a specific point of the end of Jan. MW2 on 360 is ahead by 2million with almost 6 weeks to go. It's doable!!
Message | Report
MasterZack posted 18/12/2009, 06:15
CoD:MW2 PS3 version= 4.88m

Reggie wins!
Message | Report
marcianito posted 18/12/2009, 03:48
i said it 5 million this week
Message | Report
elmerion posted 18/12/2009, 02:00
Iwata: (laughs)
Reggie: Did you see that?
All: (laughter)
Message | Report
IxisNaugus posted 18/12/2009, 01:57
Collosal sales. Above Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3 right now, i don't think it can reach the X360 version before the new year though...
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 18/12/2009, 01:33
My predictions for next week.

JPN - 210k
US - 400k
Others - 350k
Message | Report
oliist posted 18/12/2009, 12:59
My estimations for next week

JP 420k
US 630k
Others 500k
Message | Report
morenoingrato posted 18/12/2009, 12:56
I don't think reggie was that insane
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 18/12/2009, 12:45
The sales are unreal...how a game could possibly increase in sales from a previous week of 370k boggles the mind.

Japan may be 275k for week three. May beat my expectations again. Could it actually catch Modern Warfare?
Message | Report
Omega_Phazon_Pirate. posted 18/12/2009, 12:05
Wow, the sales are massive.
Message | Report
scottie posted 17/12/2009, 11:41
@ okey - Reggie stated that he included sales up to Jan 31st as 'holiday sales' (because most jan sales are people spending money and gift cards they got for christmas anyway) so there are about 7 weeks left for NSMB catches up. I still don't think it will do it, but it'll be close.
Message | Report
atma998 posted 17/12/2009, 11:39
and another 5 million seller for the Wii!
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 17/12/2009, 11:20
@ Anthony

IIRC, the Reggie thing was for America only. Still 2 million away, but closing the gap only 200k a week.
Message | Report
PhalanxCO posted 17/12/2009, 11:15
Holy Carp!
Message | Report
AnthonyW86 posted 17/12/2009, 11:11
Haha can't believe this, Reggie might actually be proven right. Only 2 million behind MW2 360. It's gonna be close. :P
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 17/12/2009, 10:46
Goddamn, this is the biggest Wii game yet O_o
Message | Report
Cheebee posted 17/12/2009, 10:32
Whoa what? Over 5 million already? Insane. O_O
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 17/12/2009, 08:38
You beat the PS3 version, yeah! Seems like Reggie is filled with wisdom! He's so incredible to win this bet.
Message | Report
GuyDuke posted 17/12/2009, 08:38
just 90 000 units and you beat the PS3 version of Modern Warfare in America. Go Go Go Mario!
Message | Report
oliist posted 17/12/2009, 08:27
So only one question remains.
Do we have enough crow for the end of January?
Message | Report
Hobowan posted 17/12/2009, 07:25
looking at the 3rd and 4th weeks in europe/americas, it will likely sell over a million for 4 consecutive weeks once japans had their figures for those weeks, not just 2!
Message | Report
Hobowan posted 17/12/2009, 07:23
looks like reggie was filled with more wisdom than a lot of people gave him!
Message | Report
Red4ADevil posted 17/12/2009, 07:11
Holy crap!!!! Never before in my life saw a nintendo title sell a million units in 2 consecutive weeks. This title will definitely have legs.
Message | Report
lestatdark posted 17/12/2009, 07:03
Wow, this game is a powerhouse!

I really appreaciate Nintendo for giving us the true successor to SMW :) This game is amongst the hall of fame of all-time Classics :)
Message | Report
nathlio posted 17/12/2009, 06:56
Looks like my prediction that NSMBW would pass Call of Duty MW2 PS3 the week ending Dem 12 was correct. NSMBW is setting itself up to pass the x360 version before the end of January. Shoot! It only has 2 million to go now.
Message | Report
Bamboleo posted 17/12/2009, 06:37
this game is a granted 15 million seller.

If not more.
Message | Report
mortono posted 17/12/2009, 06:27
NSMB Wii > Call of Duty on PS3
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 17/12/2009, 06:25
Other says just keeps going up.

Also Japan and US sales this week are about the same.
Message | Report
Buzzi posted 17/12/2009, 06:09
YAY!! Over 5 million right now, next week will hopefully add one more million, on its way to 7 millions before Jenuary.
Message | Report
nordlead posted 17/12/2009, 06:03

I almost think the numbers don't update until the complete World Wide weekly numbers are in.
Message | Report
Derixs posted 17/12/2009, 05:57
12/17 9:56 am. From what the numbers show this game should have a total of 4.75 million not the 3.90 that it shows there now...
Message | Report
stimpi13 posted 17/12/2009, 05:11
this game is a monster!!!

Message | Report
rapsuperstar31 posted 17/12/2009, 04:00
@mortono I believe you have to not only unlock every warp cannon but you have to actually use them! Also what nordlead mentioned as well.
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 16/12/2009, 10:16
Japan Week 2 is ~450k
Message | Report
Rawnchie14 posted 16/12/2009, 08:29
Pretty fun game with lots of people - especially your older family members. Oh the struggles... lol
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 16/12/2009, 04:14
Very close to 5 Million already.
Message | Report
nordlead posted 15/12/2009, 06:14
@mortono - you probably need to find all the secret paths. Check out the cheats page as there is a list on how to unlock all the stars.
Message | Report
mortono posted 15/12/2009, 04:52
So I got all the star coins 1-9. But I still haven't unlocked all the movies and I only have 4 stars on the character selection screen. What am I missing?
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 15/12/2009, 01:40
So the Japan Preview corroborated what I said before, and that was 420k in Japan. All we need is for Americas and Others come in with that minimum of 640k. Others might increase again over last week, but maybe 350k tops.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 15/12/2009, 01:00
Hmm wonder what the parameters were for that over 2 million number Ninty was talking about. Either ioi is wrong about Ninty internal tracking not being absolutely correct, we are under tracking, or they weren't just talking about the first week of December but up until that actual Thursday timeframe (which would be kinda silly).

Oh well game is still selling amazing and will probably be close to if not over 5 million once sales come in this week. That is just simply incredible.
Message | Report
abcdario posted 15/12/2009, 12:19
Weīll see if Reggie Rocks or Reggie Ices :P
Message | Report
supermario128 posted 15/12/2009, 12:09
And it will only keep on selling.
Message | Report
Buzzi posted 14/12/2009, 06:33
There are so many versions of Reggie's bet XD

He was speaking of the Americas territory, not WW. And he directly spoke of just one version. The game is selling great but will not pass the sales of MW2 ps3's version next week. Probably before the end of Jenuary like Reggie said though.
Message | Report
nathlio posted 14/12/2009, 04:04
After seeing the latest Japan Preview it is very obvious that this game will pass MW2 for PS3 for the week ending Dec 12th. NSMB Wii should have over 5mil and PS3 version will still be under 5 mil. It makes me think that NSMB Wii still has a chance of passing the 360 version before the end of January. It will be close.
Message | Report
Wyku posted 14/12/2009, 03:56
This game is sold out everywhere in my area, pretty wild.
Message | Report
specialops787 posted 14/12/2009, 10:30
The fate is sealed. Reggie said single platform, I predict that next week NSMBW overtakes MW2 on PS3.
Message | Report
fwap posted 14/12/2009, 09:40
Reggie may be laughing. Time will tell.
Message | Report
Arius Dion posted 14/12/2009, 06:26
It's pretty close to the PS3 version Sonic. Single Platform.
Message | Report
sonicshuffle posted 14/12/2009, 01:31
Still 3 million away from MW2.Any day Reggie. Change your mind.
Message | Report
ash3336 posted 13/12/2009, 10:01
Same!!! I saw this and a PS3 ad!! Ninty and Sony are going all out.
Message | Report
killeryoshis posted 13/12/2009, 09:43
I remember seeing a commercial for this game before watching 2012 Guess they'll market anywhere
Message | Report
Cheebee posted 13/12/2009, 08:47
Wow, almost 4 million already?

Haha, there's a NSMBW commercial on tv here just now. Such a coincidence.
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Shipping Total

30,260,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2019

Opinion (1002)

fedfed posted 29/08/2017, 01:15
very under tracked!
Message | Report
Shadow1980 posted 09/02/2017, 03:57
Undertracked. Nintendo has it at 29.9 million.
Message | Report
goldmario79 posted 10/12/2016, 01:38
They talked to Super Mario creator who said back when this was created they "rolled back" the complexity of Mario Games to allow more people to understand and pick them up instantly/play them. Instead they created a side-scrolling masterpiece that sold so far 28 million copies. Of course that was going to happen.
Message | Report
fedfed posted 19/09/2016, 11:00
this has sold almost as the NEWSMBU this year!
Message | Report
fedfed posted 19/09/2016, 11:00
this has sold almost as the NEWSMBU this year!
Message | Report
S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 01:08
Nintendo says 29.51m as of september 30.

Where one game's overtracked, this one quite heavily undertracked. Remember, can't have digital sales.
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