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04/24/09 Rising Star

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Little King's Story (Wii) > Opinions (266)

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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 21/05/2009, 06:16
ok, i didn't care when Deadly Creatures, or Tenchu or other great games flopped on Wii, but watching this game to flop makes you think that Wii owners have no taste, or they do not buy games they don't know what they are, only sequels and this kind of stuff

at least they would need to advertise
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Hephaestos posted 18/05/2009, 06:53
arr thought i'd wait a bit to buy this but with these sales i might have to get it before it's gone!

too many games, too little time :x
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MarioGalaxy posted 15/05/2009, 06:24
In Spain this game have a price fixed at 35 €.
I think LKS 'll get a boost in sales when is launched in America.
Who knows...
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fairyliar posted 15/05/2009, 11:51
very poor sales but this game is hard to find in stores in France, moreover it's 60€ there which is quite expensive even though 60€ for a game like this is nothing compared to 30€ for Sports Island!
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naruto3336 posted 14/05/2009, 09:39
This is terrible.... TERRIBLE SALES!
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naruto3336 posted 13/05/2009, 09:28
WTF???? MadWorld and this...
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Buzzi posted 13/05/2009, 03:16
Also there errors, like for Madworld and GTA CTW!!
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bmmb1 posted 13/05/2009, 02:14
What happened to the numbers?
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naruto3336 posted 13/05/2009, 12:01
This game needs advertising AND distrubution. I am hoping for atleast 600-700k copies WW. Marvelous Entertainment is an amazing publisher. With games like this and Muramasa and not to mention No More Heroes in Japan.
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Sommernacht posted 11/05/2009, 08:05
@Milistrius: I am also from Germany but I didn't have any problems finding it. I saw it in different GameStops, Saturn, MediMax and Müller around here... the last time I checked they haven't had it on stock on Amazon.de though...
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Araknie87 posted 11/05/2009, 03:46
i want recent sales.
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joora posted 11/05/2009, 11:28
Amazing game

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angelkitty86 posted 11/05/2009, 10:36
this is an amazing game - tell your friends! spread the word!
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rudyrsr8 posted 09/05/2009, 05:04
,36% of ppl own this game on this site as of week 2 in PAL regions.
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Melistrius posted 08/05/2009, 09:51
No matter which shop I went to in germany, none had it, most even didn't know about it... Well have to order it online and I guess that's why it has such a high spot on amazon... because noone else has it ^^ But I really think it's undertracked... At least the different Club Nintendos in Europe were sold out really fast and I doubt they only had around 10 copies each... We will see...
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I_Heart_Nintendo posted 07/05/2009, 01:53
i see it everywhere in australia. im sure its sold more. i bought it!
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intro94 posted 07/05/2009, 08:00
ermm..now it simply needs to be released in the huge US market.Which is gonna be soon.
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sparkit34 posted 07/05/2009, 06:32
Forget advertising this game, what this game needs is distribution!!
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bmmb1 posted 07/05/2009, 05:46
"This is Deadly Creatures bad." - it's unfortunately not doing well, but it's not doing THAT bad. It took Deadly Creatures 4 weeks to get to 0.01 in Others.
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naruto3336 posted 07/05/2009, 03:34
I hope that they advertise this game more.
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marcianito posted 07/05/2009, 12:49
did better than last week....I hope we have another professor layton, starting bad and growing some legs
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Daileon posted 06/05/2009, 11:42
I hope it is severelly undertracked.
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drakesfortune posted 06/05/2009, 10:06
Holy bomb in Euroland. This is Deadly Creatures bad.
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Phoenix_Wiight posted 06/05/2009, 09:01
wow, doing terrible =/
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 06/05/2009, 05:02
second week increase! : )
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BoneArk posted 06/05/2009, 04:30
The Nintendo Channel said the game will release on 7/7/09 in NA.
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FrankMstone posted 05/05/2009, 09:36
Fantastic game, just finished in just under 30 hours (but did not complete everything). Hope sales pickup coz I want a sequel.
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mai posted 05/05/2009, 07:24
If this would have been some kind of shooter, ppl would say - "hardcore" games don't sell on Wii. So what now? Games marketed toward kids won't sell on Wii, too? BS. Anyways... I wasn't expecting big sales, but first week figures in EU are depressing.
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XiaoMay posted 05/05/2009, 12:27
Great game

Will take hours to complete
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Yanlukmac posted 04/05/2009, 07:45
it is! and I'm discovering also that is really though!! it's not so easy to complete!!!
By the way one of the best game on WII
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DOLBYdigital posted 04/05/2009, 06:51
From what I have heard this game is very very good. It is very deceiving because of the storybook style but it is quite mature and has you dealing with issues like world domination and polygamy. Its like a pikmin, rts, city building hybrid, or atl east I have heard ;)
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sparkit34 posted 03/05/2009, 07:32
This game is impossible to find!
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kuraobi posted 02/05/2009, 10:24
Yeah apparently there are a few problems with the distribution of the game in Europe. Got mine from internet but shops don't have it or don't have much of it. Let's wait for next week numbers.
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hiska-kun posted 01/05/2009, 10:39
I live in spain and it's very difficult to find this game. I searched all the shops but I couldn't find it. The next week I'll try again.

The distribuation of this game sucks.
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Yanlukmac posted 01/05/2009, 08:54
Bought it
In Italy was launched yesterday.

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Zornica posted 30/04/2009, 06:29
its hard to spot this game between loads of shovelware. thank god i did
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Folkemon posted 30/04/2009, 11:45
It's really a great game and I hope it well become a longseller. This game deserves it!
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rudyrsr8 posted 30/04/2009, 05:56
Dont get pikmin, get LKS
Dont get Pikmin 2, get LKS
Dont get FFCC: EoT, get LKS

I agree.
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Magera posted 30/04/2009, 12:07
4,773 - Unfortunatly that sounds about right. When I bought my copy the guy said it was strange because it was the only one his store got. (and this store was one of the larger Wii retailers).
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joora posted 29/04/2009, 10:21
this game is worth every (euro)cent. Too bad the sales don't reflect it. Another Okami, or even worse.
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--OkeyDokey-- posted 29/04/2009, 09:45
Didn't sell enough to even get a rounded total figure...

Ouchies D:
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Smeags posted 29/04/2009, 09:27
I'm guessing 4,774 units sold the first week for NA. That way I wont feel as bad.
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noname2200 posted 29/04/2009, 04:24

I am SOOOOOOO disappointed in the PAL regions, and look forward to being disappointed in America on June 23, Japan TBD.
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Cougarman posted 29/04/2009, 12:56
i got LKS today, only played it for about 30 minutes, very good game so far
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naruto3336 posted 28/04/2009, 09:41
Not tracked?
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WhiteX posted 27/04/2009, 03:02
Go buy it.

Dont get pikmin, get LKS
Dont get Pikmin 2, get LKS
Dont get FFCC: EoT, get LKS

It is by far the best game i played on the Wii this year, better than all the blood and gore of Madworld, it is a great game that deserves our time and money, you will not be dissapointed.

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XiaoMay posted 26/04/2009, 08:45
one of the best game EVER for the Wii !!!
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Killy_Vorkosigan posted 26/04/2009, 06:17
Very very good game. I am really hooked right now. If you liked pikmin, you'll love LKS. There's tons of side quest that take a lot of time to do.
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myki posted 25/04/2009, 05:53
i'm rececing this game by french star point in few weeks! :) for 5000, is another country do this things too?
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rudyrsr8 posted 24/04/2009, 09:05
Yeah, i think im going to get this one b4 Conduit and Overlord. Or all at the same time but finances do not look that strong for this.
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Naum posted 24/04/2009, 07:12
I so love this game.
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PeteyPeeps posted 23/04/2009, 07:57
I Got This Game On Launch, Australia Was The First Country To Get It! ( Amazingly ) and I Can Confirm, BEST WII GAME!
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Naum posted 18/04/2009, 11:14
only 6 more days
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WiiStation360 posted 16/04/2009, 04:18
It got a 9/10 from Edge magazine.

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Hyperion posted 13/04/2009, 10:03
Was this game really delayed to June 23 for America? If so, that would be the same day as The Conduit and Overlord: Dark Legend...Sorry, LKS
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Naum posted 12/04/2009, 07:20
sigh....13 days left...
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lazyrider posted 06/04/2009, 03:25
seems Edge liked the game and I must admit it is looking like a buy for me. Can't wait...
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naruto3336 posted 05/04/2009, 11:28
European people! tell me how the game is so I can make my decision.
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nordlead posted 19/02/2009, 05:53
Confirmed today by rising star. Europe to get the game on the 24th, ~1 month before America.
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Naum posted 14/02/2009, 02:09
Wow a game we Euros get before the NA
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oliist posted 16/01/2009, 11:52
Cute boxart. :)
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Wickedshyn posted 16/01/2009, 08:02
The king looks like a pimp on the box art.
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Phoenix_Wiight posted 09/01/2009, 04:24
honestly, i didnt think this looked good at first, but now i might buy it
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Baddman posted 04/01/2009, 04:12
i can't wait for this game to release
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PEICanada7 posted 15/12/2008, 12:41
Shoot! Why arn't they screen-shots working?
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SmokedHostage posted 21/08/2008, 12:12
-Takes this game's wall virginity-

Looks interesting. I hope it's better than my life as king.
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Opinion (266)

Gammalad posted 26/08/2014, 08:34
Probably in my top 5 favorite Wii games. I hope Marvelous AQL does something with this IP one day.
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ROFLMAO posted 01/07/2012, 04:41
Very reminiscent of my favourite game, Pikmin, with a mixture of other fantastic things in there too. It is one of the best original games on Wii, very sad that it didn't get more sales.
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ROFLMAO posted 01/07/2012, 04:41
Very reminiscent of my favourite game, Pikmin, with a mixture of other fantastic things in there too. It is one of the best original games on Wii, very sad that it didn't get more sales.
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RedInker posted 09/05/2012, 02:55
An amazing game. I'm replaying it for the first time since it's release and it is filling me with joy again like it did on my first play through. Shame it's sales didn't reach the numbers it deserved.
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spurgeonryan posted 02/11/2011, 02:17
Someone gave it a 0.0? I wonder what the average price was when it was bought?
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kingofbubba posted 30/06/2011, 05:46
It was pretty good. There were a few things that I wish were done differently, but over all it was fun and worth the playthrough
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