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Fragile: Sayonara Tsuki no Haikyo

フラジール ~さよなら月の廃墟





Release Dates

03/16/10 Xseed Games
01/22/09 Namco Bandai
03/19/10 Rising Star

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Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (Wii) > Opinions (118)

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Soriku posted 08/02/2009, 07:52
Hey, week 2 it did good.
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xcot posted 08/02/2009, 07:01
i beg that it somehow reaches 100k in japan alone
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VivaLaWiida posted 07/02/2009, 08:58
Selling good. Not great but also not that bad.

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Kihniƶ posted 07/02/2009, 08:56
Welcome to Europe..(cross my fingers)
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 07/02/2009, 06:08
it's good actually, compared to other 3rd party Japanese games except the "very popular"
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Myviewing posted 04/02/2009, 11:51
Thank you Valkyria. It could have done a whole lot worse, it could have only sold on the levels of Mist of Chaos.
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Valkyria00 posted 03/02/2009, 05:35
Fucks some of you guys are so ignorant. This didnt bomb. It only shipped 30k and its a new IP. How the hell is this gonna outsell ES in 1 week?
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Voltaire posted 03/02/2009, 01:13
Well Japanese numbers usually arent super high, i think it did decently for an opening week, new IP in Japan. What im hopeing for is that it is somehow localized to the States.
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Soriku posted 02/02/2009, 09:11
It's not a traditional RPG either. If it was it would have sold better...
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Hoffmole posted 02/02/2009, 11:01
I think they're pretty respectable sales for a new IP in Japan in an genre that's losing popularity.

Next week will decide it's fate though, it might drop really hard as have lots of other decent looking Wii games in Japan.
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Araknie87 posted 02/02/2009, 08:54
I wanted it for NTSC and Pal!!!!

Why don't come? Why?
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sc94597 posted 02/02/2009, 07:37
@darthdevidem01 I already explained this many times. The main reason though why Eternal Sonata sold more is that it was THE first good Jrpg of this generation. This and Fragile having a small first week shipment(smaller than eternal sonata sold its first week) called for worse sales. I wouldn't call the game a COMPLETE bomb.
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Valkyria00 posted 01/02/2009, 11:13
Guys they barely shipped a little over what they sold.
Im sure its gonna do fine.

Plus new IP + Japan = hard sales.
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damkira posted 31/01/2009, 06:04
Wow... I was really hoping for much better first week sales than this. Hopefully word of mouth will be good and this title will start selling better.

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sc94597 posted 30/01/2009, 06:47
I thik it has a chance of 80-100k lifetime in Japan.
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xcot posted 30/01/2009, 06:34
I really hope it passes a million somehow, it deserves it.
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CONMAN15 posted 30/01/2009, 02:21
Yeah 5th in Japan doesn;t seem too bad. I've heard great things,, and I hope they bring it worldwide.
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Myviewing posted 30/01/2009, 01:28
Not too bad of a start. Premiered better than Star Ocean: Second Evolution and Sim Animals.
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2 7,567 n/a n/a 7,567
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6 1,805 n/a n/a 1,805
7 1,688 n/a n/a 1,688
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9 1,125 n/a n/a 1,125
10 992 n/a n/a 992

Opinion (118)

NoirSon posted 05/11/2016, 01:20
This game could get an increased profile if released on the Virtual Console, but given its controls unless they reworked them, it could only exist on the Wii U VC, which of course is problematic.
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johnsobas posted 23/12/2013, 03:32
liked the story, the gameplay wasn't as good though. Still worth playing if you're into playing games for the story. The atmosphere and japanese voice acting was very good and created a nice experience.
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thewastedyouth posted 07/01/2013, 08:06
find it amazing that it sold more in America than in Japan, just combine the west and it sold way more

wtf are people in Japan playing them because this game is as Japanese as it gets!!
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Kihniƶ posted 09/10/2012, 09:58
Finally bought it. This is why i love Rising star games, thanks for bringing this in EU
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Fededx posted 23/08/2011, 05:08
I bought it today, opened the game, and it was a surprise, reversible art cover, beautiful instructions booklet, japanese voices, awesome localization. Xseed's got my heart, first game I buy from them, and I'm so glad I did :)
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ishiki posted 10/07/2011, 05:21
great story, great atmosphere, poor gameplay. Imo.
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