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09/22/09 Microsoft Game Studios
09/24/09 Microsoft Game Studios
09/22/09 Microsoft Game Studios

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Halo 3: ODST (X360) > Opinions (168)

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IxisNaugus posted 15/10/2009, 02:05
5 million lifetime minimum definitely. Gotta get this one.
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FaRmLaNd posted 13/10/2009, 12:48
Going to buy this today!!!11
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nathantay posted 12/10/2009, 07:35
Not as good as the Halo trilogy but still a solid game. 8/10
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Barozi posted 11/10/2009, 06:23
It had the same drop as Halo 3.
Relax people.
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ElectronicRocker posted 10/10/2009, 04:51
lifetime sales will be 5-6 million
because nobody wants odst anymore when mw2 is released
halo reach will do 7-8 million
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Aion posted 10/10/2009, 05:17
Yeah 2nd week seems small but Holiday sales will be amazing for this.
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FootballFan posted 10/10/2009, 12:50
5.5 million lifetime.
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Fenristh posted 09/10/2009, 11:59
Doesn't really matter with a launch like that, lol.
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coolbeans posted 09/10/2009, 11:46
Wow, 2nd week sales a little flatter then I expected.
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Bagaren85 posted 09/10/2009, 11:42
Soon 3M, and it will keep on to move from stores. 5-7M, No problem.
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Seece posted 09/10/2009, 08:24
After 2 weeks, the 14th best selling game on 360.

Will be in the top ten by 2010!
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Seece posted 09/10/2009, 08:21
The drop off is to be expected, just like Halo 3's was ....
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sonicshuffle posted 09/10/2009, 08:18
Game is great except for one thing. No matchmaking for Firefight? Seriously WTF?
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Boneitis posted 09/10/2009, 05:32
@ snyperdud
That's because people bought it when it came out. Not a lot of games hit 2 million first week.
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snyperdud posted 09/10/2009, 05:06
Thats an enormous drop-off in NA.

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Boneitis posted 08/10/2009, 01:03
@ Blackmoor
Well its a Halo game. What would you expect to be on it?

A lot of games sell because they're apart of a successful IP.
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donsterydo2 posted 07/10/2009, 11:48
This game is very good. Great work Bungie.

And it's not an Expansion !
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CaptainDJ posted 06/10/2009, 11:29
This games Amazing!
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account2099 posted 05/10/2009, 02:41
2.2 million with weaker marketing, being an expansion, and being criticized for being overpriced.

very nice
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Haste262 posted 03/10/2009, 11:52
I much prefer this to halo 3 original.
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huaxiong90 posted 03/10/2009, 07:11
One hell of a beast.
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Notorius.A.i.G posted 03/10/2009, 02:51
This game is beast
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Boneitis posted 03/10/2009, 04:06
I wonder what next weeks sales will be. I'm guessing 500K.
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coolbeans posted 03/10/2009, 02:48
Ahh okay, thx madskillz
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point x posted 03/10/2009, 12:04
halo rules ha ha ha ha
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Theo posted 02/10/2009, 10:54
Hot Damn America! You like your Halo games!
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madskillz posted 02/10/2009, 08:35
@ Coolbeans - you need to keep your ODST disc. There'll be more info on the site about that beta.
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coolbeans posted 01/10/2009, 06:25
Anyone know what's up with the Halo: Reach beta? I know it's an invitation but what's the news on that?
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IxisNaugus posted 01/10/2009, 05:00
Great openings! Need to get my copy soon.
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Bagaren85 posted 01/10/2009, 02:59
Nice first week!
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specialops787 posted 30/09/2009, 04:59
Well, I guess in that respect ODST does come new new multiplayer (Reach Beta)?

Firefight is pretty cool though, should help the fun factor last till Reach Beta.
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Boneitis posted 29/09/2009, 10:42
@ specialops787
Agreed, considering I already own Halo 3 and purchased the map packs I feel mislead.

I did enjoy the campaign but I guess we're going to have to wait for Halo Reach in regards to a new multiplayer experience.
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specialops787 posted 29/09/2009, 03:35
Does anyone else feel misinformed about the multiplayer? I was expecting ODST multiplayer, not regular Halo 3 with a few extra maps...
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coolbeans posted 29/09/2009, 12:25
Although I enjoy the game, I find Horde mode quite a bit better than Firefight although the secondary skulls made it so much fun (confetti headshots to grunts lol). Maybe it's just how well balanced Horde Mode is although it can be long.
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Rawnchie14 posted 28/09/2009, 11:58
This game is a blast to play with others, especially with the Vidmaster challenges and the Firefight goals (becomes pure havoc on Legendary)
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Shadowfest3 posted 28/09/2009, 07:30
I played a round of Firefight at my friend's place who has it and it was freakin' AWESOME! I didn't do well, but I had a lot of fun! I wanted to see the campaign but didn't get a chance. When I get the money I will be picking this up!
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Green Penguin posted 27/09/2009, 02:19
Lifetime sales-5.2 Million
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I LOVE GIGGS posted 25/09/2009, 10:58
I love the campaign in this game. A lot better than Halo 3 campaign.
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piggychan posted 25/09/2009, 09:35
got it today the collectors edition with ltd ed controller. pretty good and I already feel its much better than halo 3. love the atmosphere in this. although some of those corridors are rediculously dark
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Bagaren85 posted 24/09/2009, 08:55
Got my two ex, one giving away to brother. Only finished first part and some 30 min firegiht. I like it, graphics smoother and gameplay motivates me. Not an expansion like some sad. Fullgame worhtly! \o/
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Rawnchie14 posted 22/09/2009, 03:53
Got it, and I thought the Johnson deal was limited to GameStop - but got it with BestBuy - interesting...
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dsister44 posted 18/09/2009, 03:59
I can't wait for this game. I'm just sad that I won't be able to pick it up first day.
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Seece posted 17/09/2009, 02:51
2.5 mill first week.
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vashkey posted 17/09/2009, 06:02
I'm calling at least 2 mill in the first couple of weeks. At least 4 mill by year's end.
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haxxiy posted 14/09/2009, 07:40
I predict massive sales >:)
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Bravo315 posted 13/09/2009, 01:11
I predict 1.8m first week.
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DirtyP2002 posted 08/09/2009, 09:31
I think 2 million first week might be actually low end, judging by the pre-orders.
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krimoz911 posted 02/09/2009, 03:44
Too bad, leaked to the internet today
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coolbeans posted 18/08/2009, 09:33
Hmmm seems odd that there's no announcement from MS yet saying how many pre-orders ODST has. Hopefully Games-con will give some insight on how it's projected to sell the first few weeks.
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Sardauk posted 18/08/2009, 11:00
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deathgod33 posted 13/08/2009, 10:19
pre-ordered it, cant wait!
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Al-kin posted 09/08/2009, 05:13
1st week sales between gears 2 and halo 3
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kiefer23 posted 01/08/2009, 03:25
Don't be silly. Nobody is going to spend $60 for 3 mythic mapack maps.
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CaptainDJ posted 23/07/2009, 05:13
I think this will sell 2.5 million on the first week because you get the Mythic maps for Halo 3, and I'm pretty sure thats the main reason most people will buy it for.
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sabby_e17 posted 22/07/2009, 04:16
Pro-order this for cheap while you can at

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vashkey posted 30/06/2009, 06:45
I'm betting this will sell about 1.5 mill on first week.
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kiefer23 posted 18/06/2009, 12:45
Also for the UK users you can order this for a cheap £26.99 at Argos here. Best order fast before they raise the price or something!
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kiefer23 posted 18/06/2009, 12:44
I bet that this will outsell Killzone 2 in its first week.
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matt247 posted 08/06/2009, 10:34
It will include every map and it will play off that disc so you won't need Halo 3
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Strategyking92 posted 27/05/2009, 06:25
this is still going to include the legendary and mythic maps packs, isn't it?
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Whirlz posted 12/05/2009, 06:01
Hope it sells good, and i hope the forging will be better like adding a auto lock feature, im going to get it cause i would like to try to play as a ODST Marine sounds fun

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CaptainDJ posted 12/05/2009, 11:19
They should make Halo 3 and ODST in a bundle, to boost up the sales even more.
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Halo_John posted 11/05/2009, 04:52
This game is gonna sell.......

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Shadowfest3 posted 05/03/2009, 12:37
I love Halo 3 and I look forward to getting this game also.
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halogamer1989 posted 04/02/2009, 08:56
1st day buy for me.
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toastboy44562 posted 20/01/2009, 04:04
This game is gonna kick ass!
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revovichfan12 posted 05/01/2009, 05:25
i bet it will be 40 bucks. Can't wait for Fall 2009 with this, Uncharted 2, CODMW2, Ratchet and Clank Future 3, along with the hit games that haven't been announced yet.
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MrBirdTurd posted 01/12/2008, 04:02
Cant wait. I hope its a good price
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Shipping Total

3,000,000 Units
As of: November 2009

Opinion (168)

darkenergy posted 02/11/2015, 02:03
Oh look Yo_John117 it made it to 6.3 million. I wish you came back
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nugget posted 08/05/2015, 03:48
$6.99 at Game Traders, this is a bargain!!
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darkenergy posted 06/03/2015, 08:42
The OST of this game is amazing, I really hope this game gets a sequel on the Xbox One
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halo1pistol posted 16/07/2014, 03:53
Most underrated game in the series. If it had multiplayer it would have been an instant classic. In my opinion, it's the best campaign in the series.

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Thechalkblock posted 21/07/2013, 10:09
my favorite halo campaign. also probably one of the hardest on legendary.
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busbfran posted 01/06/2013, 10:35
It was an okay halo game, first week sales are impressive!!!!
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