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Zelda no Densetsu: Breath of the Wild

ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド


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03/03/17 Nintendo
03/03/17 Nintendo
03/03/17 Nintendo

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS) > Opinions (170)

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PAOerfulone posted 03/07/2017, 11:45
Nintendo has this at 2.76 as of March 31st, VGC had it at 2.07 as of April 2nd. Right now, it's at 2.91 as of May 27th. That's an additional 840k of sales. Add that to Nintendo's number of 2.74, that would put it at 3.60, not counting whatever digital sales it accumulated within that time.
Let's say, hypothetically, that those 690k sales between Nintendo's 2.76 and our 2.07 are all digital (I highly doubt it, but let's go with it), that's 75% of its sales that would be physical. Let's say this game maintains that mark. Let's take this 2.91 mark we have no, divide it by 75%. That puts it at 3.88 million.
So as of May 27th, 2017, combing physical + digital, Nintendo + VGC, that puts The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild somewhere between 3.60 - 3.88 million copies, sooo close to 4 million.
Nintendo's next press release, can't come soon enough!
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STARLEZZ posted 19/06/2017, 01:57
It is selling godly!!!!
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Hibern81 posted 14/06/2017, 09:00
Considering these numbers are just March and April early adopters, this game is going to have millipede legs! Can't wait to see year end numbers on Botw, and the Switch!
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Ljink96 posted 11/06/2017, 03:51
This thing does not die. We're gonna see it for some time in the top 10.
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piggychan posted 03/06/2017, 11:10
I am hoping the sales towards the end of it's life will meet sales similar to those of games like Fallout, Skyrim. such an engrossing games and gameplay design is just some of the best ever for open world adventure.
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Luke888 posted 02/06/2017, 12:25
As expected the release of MK caused a rise in the sales for Zelda !
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SmashBros01 posted 26/05/2017, 03:27
Strong sales for the Wii U and Switch!
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Green098 posted 20/05/2017, 08:24
I feel like this game won't be leaving the weekly charts for a long time.
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NintendoPie posted 07/05/2017, 08:00
Oh yes, I realize that. I was attempting to find strictly digital sales as I know I saw something about that somewhere in our forums, but I can't find it. Some type of adjustment is better than nothing, though. Thanks, Machina.
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Machina posted 06/05/2017, 10:36
That link doesn't work for some reason. This should - and then select Switch.
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Machina posted 06/05/2017, 10:34
That announcement includes digital though - (asterisks at the bottom) - so how close we are depends entirely on the digital attach ratio.

On a related note I have requests in for slight adjustments up. Our FY total will be around 2.1 million.
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NintendoPie posted 05/05/2017, 10:28
@Machina - I just tried looking for where I saw digital sales, but couldn't find the post or any articles. If I remember correctly though, BotW (NS) definitely sold more than 90k digitally. However, I would still say it's undertracked considering Nintendo has their numbers at 2.76 million "sold" by the end of FY.
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Machina posted 05/05/2017, 12:58
@Slarvax - I'd be very surprised if it's only sold 90k digitally. Where are you getting that from?
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Shiken posted 05/05/2017, 02:15
When you factor in WiiU sales, this puts BotW above Horizon Zero Dawn in sales. Great game and it deserves all of the praise it gets! This game will continue to have amazing legs on the Switch.
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Slarvax posted 04/05/2017, 05:33
Very undertracked. Should be at least 600k higher.
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Green098 posted 04/05/2017, 04:56
Another 200K this week!
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Shikamo posted 04/05/2017, 04:37
2m here finally
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Jranation posted 01/05/2017, 02:32
Another great week in the USA!
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Luke888 posted 30/04/2017, 10:55
It keeps selling more in the US wtf ? This is incredible
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Green098 posted 29/04/2017, 08:45
Wow over 200k this week!
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Jranation posted 29/04/2017, 01:30
Yep probably undertracked! I would say less than 300k digital
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NintendoPie posted 28/04/2017, 09:17
If I remember correctly, digital sales were fairly high, but I don't think high enough to account for VGC's under-tracking.
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PAOerfulone posted 27/04/2017, 07:26
2.86 million sold by the end of March according to Nintendo, which is even more units sold than the Switch itself!
Either this has insanely high digital sales or VGC has plenty of tracking to do.
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Mnementh posted 26/04/2017, 03:52
UK seemingly really hates this game.
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mZuzek posted 24/04/2017, 05:26
@sergiodaly Wii U version also probably has loads of digital sales because of the limited stock. From my experience, everyone I know who owns it on the Wii U has gone digital.
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Luke888 posted 24/04/2017, 02:35
96k week 4 ! this game will have looooong legs, and it deserves every single sale it gets
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Jranation posted 24/04/2017, 02:10
Wow! Great hold for Zelda in the USA this week!
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curl-6 posted 23/04/2017, 12:12
Zelda is 13GB, Switch has 32GB of storage, so its not like people won't have the space. Either way, it is safe to say at this point that Zelda will sell more lifetime
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sergiodaly posted 22/04/2017, 04:30
@curl but considering the switch storage size, it is easy to assume the digital sales are low. For HZD the digital version has a bigger number for sure, i for example went full digital this generation and like me, others did too. My guess is that HZD is still ahead overall.
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curl-6 posted 22/04/2017, 12:39
Between Switch and Wii U, Botw has now outsold HZD
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Luke888 posted 21/04/2017, 06:27
TP for the GC is outsold, 19 to go !
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S.Peelman posted 19/04/2017, 11:36
Four Swords Adventures, Triforce Heroes and The Minish Cap beat, 14 more to go!
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Jranation posted 18/04/2017, 11:18
Oh nice! Made it to #1 in the USA!
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Green098 posted 18/04/2017, 02:17
That US Legend of Zelda hold though!
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Goodnightmoon posted 16/04/2017, 01:54
Of course you can buy Nintendo games digitally
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StreaK posted 16/04/2017, 01:32
Also, can you buy Nintendo games digitally? I actually have no clue about that....:/
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StreaK posted 16/04/2017, 01:24
You're correct curl-6, I 100% agree that BOTW should become the best-selling Zelda! I still don't think it'll top 10 million, however. Right now I'm guessing anywhere between 8-9 million is possible.
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curl-6 posted 15/04/2017, 01:07
Previous Zelda games are not the ceiling for Botw. It has the potential to outsell any of them.
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StreaK posted 14/04/2017, 03:26
And I apologize, my initial post did come across a little harsh. I'm not surprised many people were quick to jump at me. I did attack Zelda and I didn't mean it that way. I just want to point out how the underdog stacked up against a juggernaut. A new IP DID afterall get the coveted #1 spot for that time frame.
I mean, Zelda came out with a launch console and while Horizon came out on a console with 56 million users how many of those users are actually hardcore gamers??? I'd say over half of them (60-70% even) are casuals. I think Horizon would have sold the same whether the game sold on a 56 million console or 15-20 million.
Just my thoughts.
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StreaK posted 14/04/2017, 03:18
Oh people, pleaseeee. Spare me the headache. I wasn't downplaying Zelda. I acknowledged the fact it sold well due to the fact it is the FIRST time an AAA+ game was released on launch day. How am I dumb for stating this??? It is FACT???? You don't think everyone would have bought a Last of Us or Uncharted game DAY 1 on a PS4 launch. For example, what if The Last of US 2 released on PS4's launch??? That would be HUGE!!! And please don't tell me it wouldn't be we all know it would.
@Friendlyfamine: It hurts when someone criticizes your precious Zelda, huh? Bit honestly, it is you who sounds dumb right now. I wish I didn't have to write that but it's true. Install base helps but come on, fans of a given game will be there no matter what. Zelda fans have been buying the game while not even owning the system for christ's sake! So obviously, sales of a console don't even really matter. Uncharted 4 is HUGE and sold only 8-9 million on a 56 million userbased console. Why hasn't it sold 15-20 million??? Hmmmm....I'll let you figure that out.
All I'm saying is that even though Zelda probably sold more quicker Horizon did exceptionally well against a hugely known IP. No one would have bought a PS4 for Horizon but yet people are buying this NEW IP game. Why??? Because it actually kicks butt!
Note guys: I happen to actually like Zelda. I bought a GC for TP afterall. OoT and TP are the only games I finished.
@curl-6: How much you wanna bet both games will actually more than likely sell the same amount. Horizon will easily sell in the 7-8 million LT. And OoT and TP both did around 7-8 million so yeah....No Zelda has ever sold 9+ million.
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Goodnightmoon posted 14/04/2017, 09:41
NPD says 925k for March. Is the first game ever with more than 100% attach ratio, it outsold the Switch on NA lol
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curl-6 posted 12/04/2017, 02:49
This is most likely gonna outsell Horizon lifetime thanks to longer legs
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camilosanchez16 posted 11/04/2017, 09:22
Don't worry about StreaK people, Zelda will win almost every GoTY this year, Horizon won't win anything, the few awards that Zelda won't win will go to other better games.
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FloatingWaffles posted 11/04/2017, 08:08

So not only have you tried to downplay Wii Sports in the past but now you wanna try to downplay Zelda? To the point where you wanna willfully ignore facts like userbase differences just because you know if you don't ignore them then Horizon doesn't look like it "destroyed" it in anyway, or even come any close to doing so.

Also lol @ "Horizon sold based solely on word of mouth", now you're just lying and making things up. The game had plenty of E3 showcases and a quick youtube and google search will show that it had plenty of tv ads as well, which obviously you didn't take a few seconds to check out because otherwise it wouldn't fit your agenda of trying to make Horizon look like the "more successful" game than Zelda.
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friendlyfamine posted 11/04/2017, 05:59
Steak* is ignorant...54 million PS4 owners vs 13 million Wii U owners and 1 million Switch owners. Of course. Horizon is going to sell better initially. Can't wait till the end of year where you'll be proved wrong. Keep humping your PS4, that poor man's PC.
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Jranation posted 11/04/2017, 03:24
Oh Streak................
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Goodnightmoon posted 10/04/2017, 10:28
Yeah, no big deal. Only the best launch on a debuting console ever lol
Message | Report
NintendoPie posted 09/04/2017, 06:28
I can't tell if you are dumb or trolling, StreaK. I hope it's the latter.
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StreaK posted 09/04/2017, 02:50
Horizon destroyed it on ONE console and solely sold based on word of mouth and how awesome it is. A new IP like that!
I think this is more impressive than Zelda because Zelda is already KNOWN so of course people will be buying the console for it. It's Nintendo's #1 franchise and it released on day 1. That's like Sony debuting the PS4 with an Uncharted or Last of Us game - no big deal!!!
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ktay95 posted 09/04/2017, 09:47
WTF?? 2016?? Was I really that late to pick this game up :(
Message | Report
Goodnightmoon posted 09/04/2017, 09:16
@Rob5VGC 1.1m in 2 days on a debuting console "not even surprising" lol
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Rob5VGC posted 09/04/2017, 04:24
Not even surprising when its the only worthwhile Switch game.
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camilosanchez16 posted 08/04/2017, 10:21
Correct me if im wrong, but this game broke a sweet number of milestones here. Biggest sales for a debuting game on a debuting console and first game which debuts with the console over the million mark and fastest million seller since for a new console.
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Nintation360 posted 08/04/2017, 10:06
You guys need to remember that people bought A NEW console just for this game! That's crazy!
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PAOerfulone posted 08/04/2017, 10:01
So this should put the Switch itself at over 1.2 million units sold on launch. Very good start.
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Darwinianevolution posted 08/04/2017, 08:02
Wonderful sales, even in Japan. Maybe it can become the best selling Zelda game, at least on handheld.
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xboxonefan posted 08/04/2017, 04:36
The only switch game to sell 1m first million seller on switch
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WagnerPaiva posted 08/04/2017, 04:16
Breath of the Wild NS smashed the WiiU sales, which were also not bad. Maybe the WiiU version can even reach 1 million and the NS version can get to 6-7 million.
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Machina posted 08/04/2017, 02:11
Dunno why the name won't update properly. Annoying that it's still showing the working title...
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Luke888 posted 07/04/2017, 07:22
Barely over 1M FW, yay! the legs will be strong for this title and it'll be deserved, it's become my favourite game of all time
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Jranation posted 28/03/2017, 11:55
It might be just below 1mil FW
Message | Report
Luke888 posted 25/03/2017, 10:46
FW sales are around the corner !
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Poliwrathlord posted 13/03/2017, 06:30
Message | Report
NintendoPie posted 20/02/2017, 08:03
I wouldn't put much stock in these pre-order charts for the NS. It's much harder to detect a trend for a console that hasn't released yet and, if I remember correctly, Skyward Sword was massively mis-tracked on these charts as well.
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Paatar posted 20/02/2017, 02:48
There's no way yet the Wii U version got 80k while this version got 25k after the event especially since this version has been the better seller on both GS and Amazon.
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b00moscone posted 14/02/2017, 08:14
Ahh alright, just curious. Thanks for answering my question! :)
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Machina posted 14/02/2017, 10:32
@b00m - I don't think they have but it's possible some NS pre-orders have been added to the WiiU version, so I'll ask Brett to double check all of the data for the WiiU version.

The NS version debuted at No.50 on the pre-order chart btw.
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b00moscone posted 13/02/2017, 07:23
Strange, have the pre orders for this version been put into the Wii U version? It can't be possible for the Wii U version to see such a jump but this not appearing at all :P
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Luke888 posted 05/02/2017, 04:16
Soon it'll appear in the preorder charts, I can't wait ! We're in for some interesting weeks !
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gcube2000 posted 18/07/2016, 04:32
This is gonna be awesome
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21,450,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2020

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Aidman posted 02/03/2021, 01:44
Can this Game reach 30 million one day ? I guess so..
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Aidman posted 02/02/2021, 11:27
25M LTD is now a Reality I can't believe it and honestly I am really happy.
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Marth posted 01/02/2021, 07:16
+1.71M in the last quarter
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Marth posted 01/02/2021, 07:15
Cleared 20M
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Aidman posted 05/11/2020, 11:10
Next quarter 21 millions switch Only ^_^
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Marth posted 05/11/2020, 08:11
+1.14M in the last quarter
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