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11/18/14 Sony Computer Entertainment
12/04/14 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/26/14 Sony Computer Entertainment

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LittleBigPlanet 3 - Reviews

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 65,877 n/a 22,413 88,290
2 n/a 40,959 118,650 33,631 193,240
3 3,895 26,610 79,684 22,281 132,470
4 1,149 18,922 56,012 15,736 91,819
5 676 42,862 64,564 25,301 133,403
6 502 30,428 97,465 26,532 154,927
7 393 6,790 41,351 9,175 57,709
8 226 4,075 15,707 3,993 24,001
9 197 2,799 8,065 2,291 13,352
10 167 2,242 5,739 1,716 9,864

Opinion (55)

FloatingWaffles posted 24/12/2015, 02:10

Even if we both agree that it will have long legs just like any other LBP game, it still is just really off that it hasn't sold much more than this by now. I mean think about it. It's not like this was a new IP launching on the PS4, LBP is a big Sony IP in which the previous console installments all sold very well. It's not like this wasn't marketed either, this was marketed heavily. I saw tons of TV ads of LBP3 all the time back when it launched. I'm just generally curious as to why this one hasn't sold as well as it should have so far.

I'm probably just letting my inner fanboy of the LBP series get the better of me though. It will still sell well like all the other LBP's eventually, so there's nothing to worry about.
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TrevDaRev posted 24/12/2015, 12:25
It's legs are comparable to the other games. It's did 2.10 million across both platforms.

LBP3 did just over 1.278 million last year. This year it's sold over 852k. It sold over 70k last week and it should have two big weeks ahead of it. Most likely it'll end up over 1 million for the year.

Then you have to take into account its digital sales.
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FloatingWaffles posted 23/12/2015, 01:37

Not by LittleBigPlanet standards though. Just check out the other games. This should have easily hit 2m+by now. LBP is a series that usually has long legs though so I expect this will reach LBP standard of sales over time eventually, but it just depends on how long.
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fireburn95 posted 18/12/2015, 02:48
2 mill across both platform, thats pretty good
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IamAwsome posted 14/12/2015, 04:02
This game should have good legs but not as good as the past two.
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LipeJJ posted 21/11/2015, 05:13
I expected better legs for this game. Hopefully holidays give it a boost!
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