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Alternative Names

Advance Wars: Dark Conflict

Famicom Wars DS: Ushinawareta Hikari


Intelligent Systems



Release Dates

01/21/08 Nintendo
01/25/08 Nintendo

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Owners: 295
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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin - Summary


After a cataclysmic meteor strike exterminates 90% of the population, the survivors must battle barbarians, disease, and strongmen who seek only to secure their own power.

Advance Wars has been reinvented. Set amidst a world in chaos and featuring new characters and settings, a gritty look, an engaging storyline, and online Wi-Fi battles and map trading. Try you hand with new COs and units, realistic graphics, and a new environment.

Strategy fans will rejoice over the long-awaited inclusion of Wi-Fi play, which adds depth and re-playability. Use Nintendo WiFi Connection and battle against a friend halfway across the world, or use the map editor to create, trade and battle on your own custom maps.

  • Battle your way through a lengthy campaign through many twists and turns of a highly engrossing storyline.
  • Exchange friend codes with a close circle of military geniuses, then declare war over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on over 170 two-, three-, and four-player maps . You can communicate with each other using full voice chat!
  • Pit your skill against the world as you take on random players on over 170 maps. You can choose to fight against people of your own skill level or engage whoever dares try you!
  • Use the Touch Screen to design your own maps, controlling every aspect from troop placement to terrain features. Use the stylus to paint and create your perfect map, then link to a friend via local wireless communication or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and swap your topographical masterpieces.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 32,789 19,528 8,965 61,282
2 n/a 17,853 12,354 5,162 35,369
3 n/a 12,276 3,445 2,727 18,448
4 n/a 7,526 2,425 1,723 11,674
5 n/a 5,855 2,152 1,383 9,390
6 n/a 5,388 2,354 1,333 9,075
7 n/a 4,107 2,059 1,060 7,226
8 n/a 3,563 1,196 823 5,582
9 n/a 3,295 1,309 794 5,398
10 n/a 2,520 1,382 670 4,572

Opinion (34)

Goodnightmoon posted 19/01/2015, 05:42
Awesome game
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ROFLMAO posted 21/06/2012, 09:22
This was a great game. My favourite Advance Wars. I loved the story.
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d21lewis posted 23/12/2011, 08:46
Just got it today. Hope I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Dual Strike!
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stitch55555 posted 07/09/2011, 09:11
finally european sales...
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spurgeonryan posted 02/07/2011, 07:43
I have the hardest time with DS online games.
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MontanaHatchet posted 30/03/2010, 05:56
I love this game, but it's so...damn...hard.
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