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10/16/07 Namco Bandai
10/18/07 Namco Bandai
02/29/08 Namco Bandai

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Beautiful Katamari - Summary

The King of All Cosmos and the Prince have returned in amazing next-generation brilliance in Beautiful Katamari™! The game that took the videogame world by storm is set to continue rolling with new stages, cousins, and visual style.

Play as the Prince or one of the cousins, new and old, to roll up objects in all-new stages and missions as you explore this brand new creative experience. With this new era, the hit style of gameplay is able to present an experience only hinted at in previous versions. Seamless Katamari growing and animated presents add to the experience that has captivated hardcore and casual gamers everywhere.

  • Rolling in 720p: Katamari leaps into the next generation with an upgrade into the HD era with increased visual depth and seamless Katamari growth.
  • New soundtrack: Pick up items at your leisure to a brand new catchy soundtrack.
  • New Levels: New levels and objects present more craziness to conquer like keeping your cool and collecting frosty items in the Ice House!
  • New characters: New cousins join the fun to bring the total to over 50 playable characters, each with their own quirky animations and style.
  • Offline multiplayer: Share the experience with another player as you race to collect more objects than each other. Tired of battling it out? Make peace and work together in co-op mode to roll the same Katamari. Make sure your communication skills are working at peak efficiency!
  • Online multiplayer: For the first time ever, the Katamari franchise rolls into the online world. Compete with your friends to roll up everything or as many specific objects as possible. As you're waiting for more online players, take part in the lively mini-games that populate the lobby and spread the word of Katamari Damacy.
  • Downloadable content: The world's ever-changing as your game will continue to give you joy through downloadable content ready to give you a fresh experience every time you fire up your system.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 18,496 8,396 n/a 1,766 28,658
2 3,688 5,202 n/a 1,016 9,906
3 2,933 3,630 n/a 713 7,276
4 1,785 2,867 n/a 558 5,210
5 1,232 2,789 n/a 537 4,558
6 1,046 3,829 n/a 732 5,607
7 886 3,128 n/a 598 4,612
8 828 3,936 n/a 750 5,514
9 908 4,611 n/a 877 6,396
10 1,163 6,955 n/a 1,320 9,438

Opinion (13)

thewastedyouth posted 29/05/2012, 08:01
what happened to the European sales??? wtf who is deleting this!!!
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piggychan posted 15/08/2009, 11:59
another adjustment.. down by 40k in japan!!
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piggychan posted 07/08/2009, 04:18
so if we included other numbers the total will be 360k ??
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CaptainDJ posted 01/05/2009, 11:22
Good game, You just need DLC for most some of the achievements.
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Egghead posted 18/04/2009, 07:39
LOL this used to be at 300k in JUST NA
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thetonestarr posted 27/03/2009, 10:44
Just bought today used at Gamestop for $19.99 (cheaper since I have my Edge card!).

Wish I could afford to go all new titles so I could count towards these sales. =/ Oh well. I bought some of the DLC at least!
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