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03/13/09 Capcom
03/06/09 Capcom
03/13/09 Capcom

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It's been a long wait...

12th Apr 2009 | 1,657 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.5
Gameplay - 8.5
Value - 9.0
Great game and a worthy installment, but it's no RE4

I'll start with the bad...

Sheva is at worst retarded, and at best a glorified pack mule. She'll just stand there like a complete moron as you get swarmed by dozens of Majini, calling out for help in vain. Kinda ruins the single player portion of the game. It was obviously designed first and foremost as a co-op experience and this is where the game really shines. It's immensely satisfying to pull off devastating melee combos with your partner online.

Anyone who's played RE4 will feel right at home here. You still can't move while you shoot (this doesn't really bother me, to be honest) and control overall is clunky, but far from broken. There are, however, a few changes, most of which revolve around co-operative play. There are context sensitive team actions scattered throughout and you can swap items between Chris and Sheva with the much improved inventory system.
                                           They're back, and even tougher than before

The boss battles, in keeping with the series' tradition, are the highlight, and some of the best in any game, period. The final boss especially (don't worry, I won't ruin it for you) will surely please fans. The whole story, actually, is pretty much RE fan service. It does get a bit messy and the plot twist is perhaps the most blatantly obvious in gaming history, but it's an enjoyable ride.

Visually it sits near the top of the pile. The African setting has been milked for all it's worth and some of the enemy designs are truly terrifying. The end result is quite extraordinary and as of now, Resident Evil 5 stands as the best looking multi-platform title of the seventh generation. But the game feels a tad dated in almost every other area. This is most noticeable toward the end of the game where you'll be introduced to the cover system. You can't move while behind cover and you can only take cover when the game wants you to. It only serves to distance the game further from its roots and I can't help but think the game as a whole would have been better off without it.
                              Don't expect this to happen too often in single player

Puzzles are even more downplayed than in RE4 and they're almost insultingly easy, but still fun. It's also a lot shorter than RE4 but there's plenty of encouragement for repeat playthroughs. Upgrading weapons is just as much fun as it was in RE4 and there's heaps of unlockables that are definitely worth your time. Mercenaries mode returns and is surprisingly addictive, too. The only thing keeping it from getting a 10 in value is the decision to leave out versus mode and charge extra for it as DLC. Not cool, Capcom.

Despite any criticisms it's still a damn fun game. Even 4 years after RE4, there is still something uniquely awesome about the gameplay. Fans may be disappointed by the lack of scares, but RE5 is absolutely worth your time and money, if not quite the classic that it's predecessor (thanks TWRoO :P) is.


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Total Sales
1 323,228 n/a n/a 323,228
2 60,755 337,453 296,572 166,940 861,720
3 28,508 133,854 142,015 74,712 379,089
4 16,497 77,715 68,167 38,424 200,803
5 10,221 54,265 46,173 26,323 136,982
6 7,036 33,514 33,029 17,829 91,408
7 5,335 23,461 25,084 13,165 67,045
8 4,417 17,331 22,064 10,955 54,767
9 4,248 13,656 17,341 8,624 43,869
10 3,974 11,497 14,294 7,160 36,925

Opinion (383)

RafaelKaito posted 21/02/2017, 09:55
RE5 > RE4.
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Azhraell posted 05/02/2014, 03:36
This still can reach 5 million.
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withdreday posted 05/06/2013, 12:31

Shut the hell up. You post the same thing on every comment. The west doesn't buy JRPGs and Japan buys Apple which is from the US. You should at least know wtf you're talking about when you post stuff like that
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vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx posted 29/12/2012, 10:57
They count GE but yeah it over tracked.
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Heavenly_King posted 20/10/2012, 10:51
This game in reality has sold lot less because the cumulative shipments of RE5 (PS3/360/PC) are 5.8M.
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Jac0b posted 20/05/2012, 12:19
Defiantly going to reach 5m thanks to Resi6 :)
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