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ファイナルファンタジー XII


Square Enix



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10/31/06 Square Enix
03/16/06 Square Enix
02/23/07 Square Enix

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Presentation - 10
Gameplay - 8.5
Value - 10
Final Fantasy XII moves the genre forward in ways no other JRPG has before. It is far from the technical marvel Final Fantasy X is; creatively however, Final Fantasy XII stands alone.

    First of all lets get the one bad thing out of the way. The only problem with Final Fantasy XII is its balancing. The game is way more melee tuned; with magic taking at least twice as long to cast then it is to charge melee attacks; add in the fact that it costs mp and does about the same amount of damage(sometimes less) than a melee attack, offensive magic in this game is mostly ussless. Another problem with the balancing is the fact that the game encourages you to develope all your characters with the same abilities.                                                                                 OK... the rest of the game is simply incredible. the art is some of the most refreshing you are likely to see for the nest 5 years,  the music finally no longer sounds like synthesizer music(even though it is)and if it was balanced the way it should be FFXII would have the best (and most innovative) fighting system of any JRPG in history.                                                                                                                  But the thing that truly makes FFXII stand out is its script. The dialogue is so expertly written that once you listen to the dialogue in other games, they would seam cheesy by comparison; couple this with THE best voice acting in JRPG history, then simply comments between characters sounds badass. Making the cutscenes a treasure to watch.                                                                                                            The story is also incredibly well written, as its decidedly much more high-minded, and im not just talking about the political aspects, FFXII storyline also deals with themes of philosophy, history, and fate. I dont know if ill ever appreciate a video game story as much as FFXII's, i actually found myself agreeing more with the "villians" point of view  than its heroes. Now thats complexity i can get into.                    

I cant imigine FF13 besting FF12 in anything other than pure technical visuals, i have a feeling that the next final fantasy will suk when compared to FF12, this is a must play rpg. so play it.

I leave you with perhaps the most incredible monologue in videogame history. courtesy of the writers of Final Fantasy XII;

"shards of nethicite,cocoon of the sun-cryst, spill forth your mist upon this ivalice. Let sea and sky be awash in it, that bahamut might come and drink his fill. AND LO, how brightly burned their lanthorn, casts it back the shadow of accurian design. Testament that man's history shall be his alone, come revel in the glory of my triumph!" Dr. Cidulfus Demen Bunansa


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6,400,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (163)

KingWithNoKrown posted 28/04/2015, 10:55
The greatest ff of all. I just need a remastered.
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Kinneas14 posted 09/12/2014, 04:13
I changed my mind. Thinking it through I have to say this one was a really good game. A strange FF, as we were used to think, but a really good game.
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Juku_Lover posted 22/11/2013, 12:03
Amazing game! glad its one of the series best selling. While some may call it the worst in the series i'd call it the best.
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Azhraell posted 04/11/2013, 12:06
6m+ with rest of the world sales.
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miqdadi posted 15/06/2013, 10:53
Square Enix sales where so good in PS2 days
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Heavenly_King posted 06/06/2013, 12:20
The open-world concept is really great; but the character design and the story sucks.
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