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ファイナルファンタジー IX





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11/13/00 Square
07/07/00 Square
02/16/01 Square

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Final Fantasy IX - Summary

Final Fantasy IX is a story about an evil Queen's desire to gain world domination and a group of bandits that try to stop her. Brahne the Queen of Alexandria is using highly advanced magical weapons to menace neighboring kingdoms. Dispatched by a King of a threatened nation, an intrepid group of bandits sets out to stop the Queen from achieving her goal of world domination, only to find that she is the cover for a far more sinister plot. A powerful sorceror named Kuja is the one responsible for supplying Brahne with the Magical Weapons. What are his goals? Why did he join forces with Brahne? Where do his Weapons come from? For the sake of mankind, these answers must be uncovered before Kuja can execute his plan for world destruction.


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As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (111)

Keybladewielder posted 05/06/2016, 10:29
This game is so wonderful
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iLikeEggs posted 05/11/2015, 03:26
Great game. Though flawed, still the best/favorite FF on ps1, and by a wide margin. This game is full of personality and character. I also love the forest area in the beginning. very beautiful.
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late_release posted 20/07/2013, 12:23
Best FF for me as well. FFXIII fans hate it because it doesn't have boobs flying inside the screen
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wolfofthepack posted 13/05/2013, 04:08
the best final fantasy to date! am a sucker for job classses and this one does it just right atb battles limit breaks, spells, story, hrs of play , damn y cant we go back to those days square ?
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ice posted 04/03/2013, 08:33
Best FF imo, 2nd favorite game of all time (only after Earthbound). If they ever did a remake I would buy it instantly. Square at their prime
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Scary4Eva posted 20/01/2013, 08:48
I love this game. It's one of my all time favorites.
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