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09/01/15 Konami Digital Entertainment
09/01/15 Konami Digital Entertainment
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 13,463 6,071 3,305 22,839
2 n/a 3,433 2,655 909 6,997
3 n/a 1,217 1,969 384 3,570
4 n/a 988 1,830 326 3,144
5 n/a 1,067 1,833 343 3,243
6 n/a 918 1,504 291 2,713
7 n/a 1,097 1,405 324 2,826
8 n/a 1,069 1,230 308 2,607
9 n/a 1,046 1,844 339 3,229
10 n/a 1,569 110 349 2,028

Opinion (9)

Kerotan posted 12/08/2016, 03:10
Still only a measly 200k. No chance Puggsly.
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Mr Puggsly posted 22/11/2015, 11:55
Its unlikely, but I think 500k is possible on 360. If not physically, then surely with digital numbers.

Its essentially the last major 360 release. So that might help legs.
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Shikamo posted 14/11/2015, 07:05
ridiculous numbers
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SlayerRondo posted 02/11/2015, 03:11
Sold about 2% of the PS4 version on launch. Well done, not even worth porting and probably held the PS3 version back due to disk space.
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Mr Puggsly posted 02/11/2015, 04:37
But the game is under 14GB on both 360 and PS3. There was room to spare for more or higher quality assets. Also, games in the past have used different quality textures between platforms.

Also, higher quality textures doesent just require storage space. It takes more resources to put out and load higher quality textures. Which is why textures on both platforms are generally at par in spite of storage.

You're making ridiculous assumptions. They would sooner make this version 3 discs versus cut content in other versions. Wolfenstein: The New Order for example is a 4 disc game on 360.
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Ruler posted 02/11/2015, 02:24
@Mrpuggsly its a fact. They had to make the game with Xbox 360 in mind. And it was only 2 Dics meanings its made to be a 14gb game for everything. The PS3 performs worse but it can hold more content and the textures could have been imrpoved on all systems if it would have been devoloped for Blue Ray.
We would have more content without the Xbox 360 port like more codec conversions/tapes. Maybe thats another reason why we had to repeat the missions.
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