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08/25/13 Nintendo
07/13/13 Nintendo
07/26/13 Nintendo

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New Super Luigi U - Summary

With Mario nowhere to be found, it’s up to Luigi to save the day in a brand-new downloadable adventure that takes place in the world of New Super Mario Bros. U. Experience new gameplay challenges as you guide Luigi, complete with his high jump and unique slide, through all-new courses. Enjoy high replayability and satisfaction from mastering each course, and then share your triumphs via the Miiverse feature. Up to five players* can jump into the fun, with Nabbit taking the place of Mario as a playable character. Help Luigi finally prove he has what it takes!

  • Take control of Luigi in his first starring role in a platform adventure
  • Level-up your New Super Mario Bros. U experience with more than 80 new courses
  • High replayability and satisfaction from mastering each course
  • Play with distinct Luigi physics, including his unique slide and gratifying higher and longer jumps
  • No time to waste as each course begins with only 100 seconds
  • For the first time, play as Nabbit, invincible to enemies and obstacles
  • Share triumphs with the community via the Miiverse feature (broadband Internet access required for online features. For more info, go to
  • Play using a Wii Remote controller, the Wii U GamePad controller, or a Wii U Pro Controller
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3,070,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2021

Opinion (24)

S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 12:41
Nintendo says 2.27m as of september 30.

I'd like to know if this includes the DLC downloads, if this is just standalone, that's pretty decent!
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TheMagicMax posted 03/06/2015, 05:11
Those sales are ridiculous.
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Gammalad posted 10/03/2015, 03:47
An expansion pack sold amazed.
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Skullwaker posted 09/01/2015, 09:10
...And 2.01m right after the last update. Awesome!
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Skullwaker posted 07/01/2015, 10:58
This should surpass 2m soon. Which is actually really surprising considering that's all retail sales, not even counting digital, when it exists as DLC.
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fleischr posted 31/07/2014, 04:05
... and people called this a flop
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