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Alternative Names

Project Rub

Kimi no Tame nara Shineru



Sonic Team



Release Dates

11/16/04 Sega
12/02/04 Sega
03/11/05 Sega

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Feel the Magic XY/XX - Summary


The day he saw her as they passed on the street, it was love at first sight.
But being an ordinary, shy boy, he could never get a girl like her.
Being the most sought after girl in high school, she had the brains, body, and smile that made all of the guys' hearts melt.
What should have ended in a crush was suddenly turned upside down when an unusual man with bunny ears on his head suddenly appeared.
This leader of the Super Performance Group, the Rub Rabbits, gave our hero the chance to earn the affection of his dream girl.
With a fish tank and some crazy stunts, he embarks on a love story unlike any other...

Join the Rub Rabbits so you can Feel the Magic™ XY♥XX

  • Win the girl of your dreams by performing madcap stunts and rescuing her from danger
  • Rub, Touch, Shout, and Blow to control the game
  • Extra game modes and unlockable costumes

Rescue your true love by using your breath to create sail wind

Use the stylus to steer your car and head off your rival


- From game back cover and instuction booklet

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 12,518 n/a 2,209 14,727
2 27,855 6,239 n/a 1,453 35,547
3 12,563 5,967 n/a 1,249 19,779
4 9,150 6,813 n/a 1,373 17,336
5 12,335 7,818 n/a 1,595 21,748
6 10,113 2,782 n/a 625 13,520
7 5,241 2,511 n/a 525 8,277
8 3,910 2,869 n/a 579 7,358
9 3,491 2,720 n/a 547 6,758
10 3,040 2,200 n/a 444 5,684

Opinion (4)

Kai Master posted 19/04/2010, 12:23
The only game with Mario 64 still selling on the top 50 by editors, 281 weeks!!!
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Strategyking92 posted 13/07/2008, 09:14
great game, I need to buy the sequel.
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highwaystar101 posted 02/03/2008, 12:25
ahhhh project rub... this game was fun for about 7 seconds
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jptolife posted 30/11/2007, 06:25
Kinda fun game for a while, then gets boring.
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