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ファイナルファンタジーXII インターナショナル ゾディア


Square Enix



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08/09/07 Square Enix
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This is the Japanese International re-release of Final Fantasy XII.

The game includes a new take on the License Board system, with twelve grids available instead of one, each corresponding to a different Zodiac sign and Job. The battle system as a whole was also tweaked; guest characters are now controllable, while pressing the L1 button accelerates the game's speed. Additionally, the game features English voices and the widescreen 16:9 ratio support of the North American version, as well as a bonus disc based on the one initially released with the North American version. Finally, a new mode allows the player to hunt monsters and Espers in several series of small maps, to gain items and gil. A list of new features as below:

  • The Zodiac Job System – There are now 12 License Boards, each one representing a Job. Once a character chooses that Job however, they are stuck with it throughout the entire game. Isolated licenses can be accessed by unlocking espers and quickenings.
  • Trial Mode – The party must fight through 100 stages, each one containing stronger monsters. Completing this mode unlocks New Game+: Weak Mode.
  • Controllable Guests – Guest characters can now be controlled, and their gambits can be edited. Their equipment cannot be removed.
  • Controllable Espers – Espers can now be controlled once summoned, and their gambits can be edited. You can now use their ultimate attack whenever you feel like it.
  • Speed Boost – Pressing the L1 button speeds up the game, making getting around much easier.
  • Gambit Changes – There are 16 new gambits. All the gambits can be bought upon leaving Barheim Passage.
  • Item Changes – New items have been added, and some of their effects have been slightly changed.
  • Enemy Changes – Enemies have been changed slightly, plus new enemies have been added. A battle against all five Judge Magisters is also included.
  • Magick Changes – Some magic has been renamed, while others have been moved to other categories; Brave and Faith are now White Magick for example. Not all Magick can be bought, and some must be found in treasure pots.
  • Equipment Changes – New weapons have been added, like the Excalipoor, while others have been slightly changed. Armor and accessories have also been slightly changed. Some weapons have different elemental alignments.
  • Shop Listings – Some shops have had their inventory changed.
  • Mist Knack (Quickening) Changes – Mist knacks no longer take up MP. Instead, they have their own Mist gauge.
  • MP Changes – Since Mist Knacks do not use MP now, obtaining Mist Knacks does not increase MP. Instead, characters simply get more MP as they level up. Max MP is determined by your job.
  • New Game+ – Two New Game+ modes are available. Strong Mode, where all characters begin at level 90, and Weak Mode, where all characters begin at level 1 and never level up. Nothing carries over into these new save files.
  • Treasure Respawns – Treasures pots now respawn by just moving one screen away.
  • Treasure Item Changes - Some items inside coffers have been switched around, added, or removed.
  • Break Damage Limit – There is no damage limit any more. If a character does more than 9,999 damage, the game will show it. Against very weak enemies, it is possible to achieve over 100,000 HP of damage with a single attack.

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ishiki posted 18/09/2011, 01:53
this version fixed, most of the niggling problems that just bugged me about XII and ultimately hurt my enjoyment of it. I love this game now.
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Galvanizer posted 17/01/2011, 04:04
The greatest JRPG of all time, IMO.
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Yamaneko22 posted 14/01/2011, 06:11
Love this game:)
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Galvanizer posted 30/12/2010, 08:00
First week sales of FF12 International were 6 times higher than the first week sales of FF13 International. FF13 totally failed in Japan. Which is good because I fucking hate FF13.
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Galvanizer posted 13/03/2010, 05:08
Best gameplay in any FF. Fuck the people that say RPGs are mainly about story!
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Kyuu posted 28/02/2009, 11:37
I have it XD
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