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04/30/13 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/07/13 Sony Computer Entertainment
05/01/13 Sony Computer Entertainment

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What are you prepared to sacrifice?

As you awaken, held captive in a nightmare prison of bones and with no memory of who you are and how you came to be there, all hope seems lost. Held prisoner by the evil sorcerer Magusar, you are little more than livestock – a human offering, kept alive only to be sacrificed to the dark arts that your captor practises. Just as all chances of escape seem to have been crushed – along with your fellow prisoners at the hands of Magusar – a potential saviour appears...

Librom, an enchanted talking book, begins calling to you from beneath a gruesome pile of bones, beckoning you closer to open his pages and begin reading the journal contained within. As you read, you are transported from your prison into a shadowy realm where you meet a young – and strangely familiar – sorcerer. Guided by Librom, you begin to relive the dark tale of the young mage’s training titled “The Sorcerer’s Ordeal” and learn the secrets of forgotten magic just as he did. To gain new spells and abilities, you must face a series of gruesome creatures that will put your skills to the test – from grotesque Goblins to huge, terrifying mythical creatures like the Harpy, Cerberus and the brutal Minotaur.

But with great power comes great sacrifice. To master the magic in Librom’s pages and become powerful enough to face Magusar and win your freedom, you must decide what you’re willing to sacrifice; your allies, your body… or your humanity.


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hunter_alien posted 22/09/2013, 04:34
Somebody please report Meret, he is only trolling the Vita gtames...

OT: One of my favorite Vita games thus far Absolutely love the fact that its actually playable in single player Depending how much extra they put in it, I might actually buy Delta :D
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think-man posted 10/09/2013, 12:30
@Meret well they bringing out another one so it couldnt have done that bad.
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DietSoap posted 16/08/2013, 02:51

33% was the purported average, not the specific for any individual game. SS would likely be lower or higher (would guess lower for a number of reasons I'm too lazy to get into right now).

As far as how it sold for the genre, no, these are pretty decent for it, hunting games that aren't Monster Hunter rarely sell amazingly.

Now as far as Toukiden, it had an anime airing concurrently and a larger install base to fall in. Taking the Vita version by itself, using the first four weeks and applying SS's current totals to them would bring Toukiden to about 250k in Japan LTD, so about 40k more. Roughly the same, the only one I see having a chance of breaking 500k on Vita would be GE2, and I'm honestly expecting lower 400k even there.
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Meret posted 15/08/2013, 04:16
@DietSoap I remember comments about 10%-33%. Not all games selling like 33% in digital form.

btw, this game sales are very small for "Monster Hunter killer". It's been promoted very heavilly... And Toukiden from Tecmo Koei sold better than this Inafune project.
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DietSoap posted 05/07/2013, 12:08
@sniper989: That's quite literally for ALL, as in, including all those games that didn't even have a physical release to begin with.

The figure they gave for games with a physical retail release was about 30% or 33% (can't remember), which would still bring this to a pretty nice 450k.
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sniper989 posted 04/07/2013, 09:33
Sony said that 60% of all Vita software sales are bought digitally.

100% sure that this game made quite a bit of money for Sony&the devs
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