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Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s


Harmonix Music Systems



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07/24/07 RedOctane
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07/27/07 RedOctane

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Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80s - Summary

Kiss your air guitar goodbye!
The 1980s were a crazy decade when big hair, tight clothes and fresh attitudes ruled the music scene; represented in Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s.

Play totally awesome songs from the 1980s with Guitar Hero characters decked out in sweet retro outfits. Turn off that tape deck on your boom box, pick up and play Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s!

Product Features:

  • Killer 80s Soundtrack
    Pick up your axe and rock out to tracks ranging from New Wave to Hair Metal. Every song will have you tapping your feet and banging your head!
  • Awesome Characters
    Play as your favorite Guitar Hero characters decked out in awesome 80's outfits.
  • Co-op Multiplayer
    Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s put 2 players closer to the rock experience, enabling players to play cooperatively with one person on lead guitar and the 2nd on bass or rhythm guitar.
  • Challenge a Friend
    Jam against a friend in tow competitive multiplayer modes.
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    Master those 80's hits using the awesome Practice mode. Play any part of any song or even slow down the songs to really nail those difficult sections.


Track list is as follows:



Song                                  Artist

18 and Life                        Skid Row

Balls to the Wall                Accept

Bang Your Head                Quiet Riot

I Ran                                  Flock of Seagulls

We Got the Beat               Go-Go's

Because, It's Midnite         Limozeen

Heat of the Moment          Asia

No One Like You               Scorpions

Radar Love                        White Lion

Shakin'                              Eddie Money

Hold On Loosely                .38 Special

Holy Diver                           Dio

I Wanna Rock                    Twisted Sister

Turning Japanese               The Vapors

The Warrior                         Scandal

Ballroom Blitz                       Krokus

Only a Lad                          Oingo Boingo

Round and Round                Ratt

Syncronicity II                      Police

What I like about You          The Romantics

Wrathchild                            Iron Maiden

Ain't Nothin But a Good Time  Poison

Lonely is the Night                 Billy Squier

Bathroom Wall                       Faster Pussycat

Los Angeles                           X

Caught in a Mosh                  Anthrax

Electric Eye                            Judas Priest

Play With Me                         Extreme

Police Truck                            Dead Kennedys

Seventeen                             Winger



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Opinion (6)

Strategyking92 posted 18/07/2008, 08:10
after 50 weeks.. it's still on the chartz.
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Oemenia posted 23/06/2008, 03:50
Wow this PoS sold a lot = (

If they picked the best songs, and there are some great songs here, and released them as a pack on XBL and PSN, it wouldnt be so bad
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xstonexcold316x posted 09/10/2007, 03:45
i think this game has some very good songs and i think the difficulty is spot on
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Entroper posted 04/08/2007, 09:26
This game was a huge letdown after GH and GH2. If I had never played the first two GH games, and was introduced to this one, it would not make me want to play the other two. I'm amazed they can charge $50 for this game and have it sell 300,000 in the first week; this is just an expansion pack, and not even a good one at that.
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MontanaHatchet posted 03/08/2007, 07:34
You're not allowed an opinion.
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Maverick Hunter Z posted 03/08/2007, 04:36
Heightened difficulty level of this game detracts from the games enjoyment and playability. Unlike previous guitar heroes the game comes across as threatening to new players and discourages casual players with poor gaming skills. Since most of the songs in the other Guitar Heroe games were from the 80s too, I'm not exactly sure what the point of this game was.
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