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02/14/12 Sony Computer Entertainment
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03/16/12 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Mr Puggsly posted 17/03/2016, 02:46
I finally got around to playing this on my PS3 thanks to it being on PS Plus.

I'm not sure what to think of it. Its pretty true to the previous games and the story stuff is impressive. But the car combat genre just isnt appealing anymore, atleast not like this.

Personally, I think I just want a Motorstorm style racer with a Twisted Metal theme. Perhaps put the arena combat stuff in there as a different mode. Because the series as is doesent have a big following.
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9087 posted 07/12/2013, 01:44
Should be Free on PSN just to get the online numbers up and hopefully build a little bit of user base if there is ever a sequel.
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enditall727 posted 19/09/2013, 02:55
This game broke 500k while still being full launch price, right? I'm sure it did. I wonder how much Twisted Metal 2 sold while still being full price. Its legs are MAD slow but it should still leg it to 1 mill. I think we will see another TM on PS4.
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sergiodaly posted 14/02/2013, 10:41
i mean:
i think is a good price, right?

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sergiodaly posted 14/02/2013, 10:40
its on sale here in EU @ the PS store for 15 euros / 13.5 for plus users.
i am plus, i think is a good price?
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Kresnik posted 04/01/2013, 05:24
NA has always been 'the' market for Twisted Metal games, look at any of the other entries.

Shame this has only sold 600k. If they hadn't had the horrible matchmaking issues at launch, I wonder if it would've done better.
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