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America - Front

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メダル オブ オナー エアボーン


EA Los Angeles



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09/04/07 Electronic Arts
11/08/07 Electronic Arts
09/07/07 Electronic Arts

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Take to the skies in Medal of Honor Airborne™, and drop into grueling ground attacks in a bid to turn the tide of World War Two. Begin each mission in the air above Axis-controlled battlefields, then make your mark in the largest airborne operations in history.

Starting with your jump from a C-47 transport plane, every choice you make can seal your fate. In the air, control your parachute to select a landing spot that brings you the greatest strategic advantage. Follow the green smoke to recommended landing areas where Allied forces will be waiting, or go it alone by landing on rooftops or balconies. But craft your strategy carefully. Every move you make—from your choice of landing spot to the enemies you engage on the ground—determines your success in the mission, and whether or not you are truly one of the Airborne elite.

  • Open battlefields: Start each mission with an airdrop into enemy territory where the landing spot you choose dramatically changes the course of battle. On the ground, tackle enemies and complete objectives in whatever order you choose, and navigate your way through a massive, free-roaming environment.
  • Vertical combat: Fight on the ground or on rooftops, balconies, towers, ruins, and natural formations in a variety of environments authentic to the European theater of war.
  • Affordance A.I.: A formidable new A.I. system delivers unpredictable and intelligent enemies which will challenge even your most battle-hardened strategies.
  • Upgradeable weapons: Enhance your chosen weapon with authentic, customizable field modifications that affect your marksmanship.
  • War is hell: How and where you engage the enemy triggers death animations unique to each and every encounter.

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epinefridis posted 29/06/2008, 07:34
It's the best MoH since Allied Assault. But, people ignored it. It's not their fault. EA made all these shitty sequels.
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Brewha posted 22/01/2008, 02:46
This is a really solid game, with tons of exploration and a "freeroam" feel, even if it isn't a total "freeroam" game. The idea of dropping down from the sky and choosing where to begin your mission is AWESOME!

I found myself playing levels over and starting from different areas on the map to see how different the experience would be.
Let me say that once you make it through a level and then decide to replay and "drop" somewhere else on the map, it changes everything.
I would drop in one area of the map and make progress through with an "easy" feel, then if I dropped in somewhere else on the map, I found it played totally different.

Example - on one mission I chose to drop away from town and begin in a wooded area, then I slowly made my way into town and started to meet and fight enemy soldiers.
Upon replay, I decided to drop right into the center of town to see how different it would be, and BAM! I was in a firefight before I was even on the ground, soldiers were surrounding me and sniping me and I had to run for cover. AWESOME!

I really think this game should've fared better, but I guess the WWII game market has been overdone, but honestly my grandfather fought in WWII and I really like the history of WWII and playing games set in this time period.

They should twist history around a little and while I'm sure they'll continue make games historically accurate as they have in the past, I'd like to see something with more fantasy surrounding WWII or the 1930-1940s.

How about a video game where the Germans totally won the war in Europe and Russia, the Japanese won the Pacific theater, and you have to fight in the US for survival and help "turn" the tide in a fantasy 1940s-1950s "extended" WWII scenerio.
The first mission could be surviving an attack in 1940s New York City from a German surprise attack on our shores in...let's say 1946 or maybe 1947?
Defend NYC from the Nazi's and then the next mission could be defending somewhere in California from a Japanese surprise attack.

Maybe another Wolfenstein type game, where the enemy is WWII Germans, but you're following the trail of the twisted scientists and leaders that were into the occult and experimental weapons/soldiers, and hunting them down at the end of the European war. You'll run into "regular" soldiers, but your main quest is to hunt down the leaders and twisted minds behind it all. Maybe this idea is too close to Wolfenstien, but make it less fantasy and more realistic and dramatic. about a game where you start off as a German soldier, but decide what the Nazi's are doing is insane and you start to botch war plans, blow up ammo depots, destroy maps and code breaking devices, poison water and food supplies, and maybe even a level where you try to assassinate Hitler and his henchmen (and that really happened!).
Sneak around and try to cripple the Nazi's in secret, while still trying to maintain your position in the Nazi army. Pretend to be a Nazi, but you're really helping to destroy their plans.

That might put a nice twist on the WWII game genre.

Uh...other ideas, how about a GOOD Vietnam game?
I've seen a few, but they were lame!
I know that was an unpopular war, but look at movies like Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, they were very successful and just because they made some chessy Vietnam games, doesn't mean that they can make a GREAT Vietnam game.
Imagine spending time in wooded jungle areas on patrol and a tiger jumps out and tries to eat you. Or the VC are hiding the bushes and jump out and attack with booby traps and tunnels and the whole nine yards.

If COD or MOH would make a REALISTIC Vietnam game, I think it would be a good seller and a fresh take on the FPS War type game.

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jrix posted 17/01/2008, 03:38
i like this one, funny and solid controls...
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SpookyXJ posted 06/11/2007, 05:33
A very underrated game that sliped through the cracks. Being able to tackel objectives from any spot on the map makes for a fun experience. I loved the lean mechanic very well done. Good AI makes for compelling encounters. It is however disjointed as most WWII games are with no real story stiching the missions together. At least you play as the same person through the whole game though.

I know WWII has been done to death but this one is worth a look just for the varied ways you can chose to assault objectives and I love love love the lean mechanic felt great. 8 out of 10.
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