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01/21/08 Nintendo
08/02/07 Nintendo
11/09/07 Nintendo

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Endless Ocean - Summary

Dive into tropical waters and discover the life aquatic, a life of nature, beauty and intrigue. In Endless Ocean, you are the guest of a tranquil sea filled with creatures so unique they must be experienced up-close.

More of an experience than a game of any sort, Endless Ocean gives you the freedom to explore underwater locations, searching for fish to photograph and place in your log, or simply take a relaxing swim among the inhabitants of the sea.

You’ll be able to directly interact with some species, using the Wii Remote to touch members of the undersea community. Come face-to-face with such animals as angelfish, penguins, walruses and dolphins. Whilst underwater, you can even find lost ruins and secret diving locations.

The Wii Remote’s pointer capabilities are used to navigate through most of the game, whether it’s directing the ship to a location on a map or directing the diver which way to swim. When you want to interact with ocean life, you’ll simply point at it and then press the A Button.

In addition to searching your vast waters, you can share Friend Codes with a friend and explore his or her sea via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Dive together and share in an adventure like no other.

•Have a certain song you like as a diving soundtrack? Endless Ocean supports MP3 files. Simply load your MP3 on a SD card and put it in its proper slot. Before your dive, find your song on you boat’s radio, and you’re ready to go.

•Dive with a friend via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection! Exchange Friend Codes and take a dip in your friend’s waters. You can use all the tools available in single-player mode in addition to the ability to communicate by using the +Control Pad and choosing from preset phrases.

•Befriend a dolphin to gain access to a number of mini-games and have yourself a travelling companion.


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Opinion (151)

DieAppleDie posted 11/01/2013, 02:22
A WiiU version would be amazing
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Smeags posted 14/01/2012, 08:59
Now stay! :P
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atma998 posted 07/01/2012, 12:10
Back to 1 million again...
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Arfen posted 06/12/2011, 08:52
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atma998 posted 05/12/2011, 10:09
Wow VGC has a lot of trouble tracking this game. First, it reached the million in April 2009 and was adjusted down, then it reached the million mark again in December 2010 and now it's adjusted down again. It will probably reach it again soon but come on VGC...this is not serious!
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Arfen posted 03/12/2011, 07:16
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