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10/07/08 LucasArts
10/30/08 Activision
10/10/08 LucasArts

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Fracture advances players to the year 2161, where ecological and seismological disasters have radically altered the planet's landscape, and a clash in ideologies places society on the threshold of war. Players set foot on the frontlines as Mason Briggs, a demolitions expert fighting for the Atlantic Alliance. Pitted against the genetically enhanced soldiers of the Pacifican army, players will experience a revolution in 22nd-century warfare.

In utilizing the core gameplay mechanic of Fracture, a destructive technology known as Terrain Deformation, players are equipped with an arsenal of futuristic weaponry to strategically reshape their surroundings on the fly. Every action they perform dynamically reshapes the earth in ways no videogame has ever seen. When Briggs throws a tectonic grenade on a level battlefield, the ground blasts upward to provide access to an otherwise unreachable area. Moving on, when he comes across what appears to be an impenetrable structure, Briggs utilizes the alt-fire functionality on his rocket launcher to create enormous craters to burrow underneath the wall. Surrounded on all sides by enemies, Briggs heaves a vortex grenade, creating a swirling tornado-like mass of boulder, dirt and debris to dispatch his foes. These are just a few samples of the possibilities for Terrain Deformation. Players not only change the battlefield – they change the face of the battle itself.

Credit - IGN

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1 n/a 28,520 6,088 6,024 40,632
2 n/a 9,098 5,287 2,467 16,852
3 n/a 5,020 4,067 1,548 10,635
4 543 3,413 4,153 1,372 9,481
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9 99 1,941 3,909 1,048 6,997
10 n/a 3,073 4,688 1,305 9,066

Opinion (16)

slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 03:28
demo was terrible so i figure the game sucked
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tjiscool posted 28/03/2010, 04:26
they should have made another Mechassault game
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piggychan posted 06/01/2010, 09:11
just got this for 3.99 brand new I thought the demo was alright so I can't complain about the price
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FootballFan posted 10/10/2009, 01:46
Good sales
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Myviewing posted 01/06/2009, 01:03
They might also make a buck or two with Staff of Kings.
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CatFangs806 posted 12/05/2009, 05:58
Proof that Star Wars is LucasArts only sure profitable gaming franchise.
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