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Dairantou Smash Brothers X

大乱闘スマッシュ ブラザーズ X


Project Sora



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03/09/08 Nintendo
01/31/08 Nintendo
06/27/08 Nintendo

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Super Smash Bros Brawl

12th Apr 2009 | 12,843 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.5
Gameplay - 10
Value - 10
Brawl is the best fighter ever! And so much more...

Brawl is a fighting game, but not just a fighting game. It is just as good an action-adventure and a chaotic party game. And a film festival. And a buildersgame.

It is an action-adventure
If the game is fresh in your house, you probably sit down just as I did and start the Adventure mode, which is called Subspace Emissary. It is a kind of continuation of the singleplayer from its predecessors, but this time you can also work with two players co-op. Given the enormous diversity of environments, characters, situations, movies, final bosses and crazy situations, this is so extensive that it really is a game in itself, good for fifteen hours entertainment.
The story forces you to play with each characters, so you will be impressed with the vast variety of moves you can use against your opponents. Because by playing new characters are unlocked, the Subspace Emissary is the perfect start for the Classic mode and multiplayer battles.

It is a fighting game
Of course, everything in Brawl is about the fighting and the characters. Besides Sega's Sonic and Konami's Snake, you can use as much thirty-three heroes from the stable of Nintendo to get started. What strikes first are the special moves and weapons, such as the engine  Wario is driving and pins down his opponents or mines that Solid Snake can use. But as you play longer, other factors, such as weight and length of your character, his or her ability in the air to attack, or the possibility to recover from a fall in the depth. Unlike other fighting games, it isn't the point to kick the energy from the body of your opponents.In SSBB he only gets 'lighter', so you hit him further by air. You score one point if you get your rival out of the arena. A system that offers different fighting tactics and makes surprising comebacks possible.

It is a chaotic party game
Brawl with two, three or four players  is always good for a delicious chaotic fight. Because there are only two action buttons used, the game is quickly explained, and newcomers can after a night simply buttonbashing get a sense of control.
The dozens of richly detailed and highly diverse platform levels each have their impact on the fighting force, for example to collapse, to fly away or fill with lava. Add to that dozens of objects, including the new items Dragon Parts, Smoke Ball and Super Spicy Curry and the extensive possibilities of assisting Pokémon characters and other character to appear, and the chaos is almost complete. By the end of a party, the Smash Ball, which usually breaks after three blows, the power is very destructive and often difficult to avoid such a Final Smash. The chaos is then complete.

It is a Nintendo museum
I know some things of Nintendo but some things in the game I could not place. Like the Bunny Hood, which increases your speed comes naturally from Ocarina of Time. And the Franklin Badge, which enables you to automatically deflect projectiles, ofcourse, from Earthbound. But that Chromatron sticker from Digiluxo and Cupit from Sennen Kazoku I did not recognize. The things that I have recognized, let my cheeks glow of nostalgic fun. Anyone with a heart for Nintendo will enjoy the numerous references to the products that the Japanese giant over the past thirty years made. It is so exciting reminders of game experience that you almost forgot, such as the polygons spitting head of Andros or the Bongo during the Final Smash of Donkey Kong. This feast of recognition, is supported, by short demos (each half minute to three minutes playing time) of classics such as Donkey Kong, Super Metroid, Kid Icarus, F-Zero and Super Mario World you can unlock! 

It is a professional sport
As I said Brawl is excellent as chaotic party game. You do not have to block or watch your timing. Use Special Moves to a wide range, try reaching each object as first, and you' might win. In the long run, because luck plays a big role, makes the way of playing less and less satisfaction. And then you go in the Training Mode, online, or against the computer controlled thoughest opponents looking for more accurate tactics. You exercise in defensive techniques such as block, dodge and rolls. You learn 'Edge Guarding' tricks to get opponents back into the abyss. You exercise all the characters to become familiar with their range and weaknesses. Subtle tricks as the Tool Foot Jump, Fast Falling and Dash Throw are learned by practice and executed as each situation demands. And so you can try and reach the level of professionals and you will surprised by the yawning depth below the surface of this' chaotic party game 'is hidden.

It is a film festival
Brawl is without a doubt one of the best games on the Wii. The characters shine with their toughest looks, with just the right body language and actions and characteristic which make your heart beat faster. What are they cool! Sonic is 100% Sonic, Snake is 100% Snake, Luigi is 100% Luigi, Lucario is 100% Lucario. And so does every game figure in his ultimate form. Environments appear with equal conviction and dynamic details in the picture, making it really a party to only have to watch the game. This allows you to continue in the Spectator mode, where you can battle online without participating. If you have a amazing match completed, you can also save a replay, so you can return again and show your friends.
More viewing pleasure, the wonderful movies that the story of the Subspace Emissary tell. Unlocked movies are available in the Movies section, where you can watch other movies, such as special character intro and the trailer for Brawl at E3 of 2006 where it was announced.

It is a collection mini games
In addition to the various brawl, the Adventure Mode, Classic Mode and All Star Mode, Brawl has forty events for one player and twenty cooperative events for two players. You can try and break a number of targets in the levels of Target Smash, or punch a sandbag as far as possible by air in the Home-Run Contest. The latter may sound a bit silly and simple, but watch some movies on YouTube, and you'll be surprised. There are apparently many people who have tons of fun with creating perfection in punching a sandbag, with stunning results. If you're a ldone with the above mentioned options, you can try the six variants of the Multi-Man Brawl, and try and complete the game Boss Battles.
For all your efforts you will be rewarded with new characters, levels, music, trophies and stickers. There are also coins to earn, you can use to more trophies and stickers to collect in a Space Invaders-like shooter. The Spectator mode coins lets you bet on the outcome, and during the credits of the Classic mode a shooting game let you earn extra coins.

It is a builder
The best news of Brawl is the online support. But the new opportunity to make their own levels yielded a significant contribution to my enjoyment in the game. There are three areas with little blocks and special items that you may use their discretion to fighting environments to build three different formats. The fun lies in one stroke of fun and crazy levels, and in the actual fight itself conceived in that area. Construction, for example, a level with all falling blocks and trampolines, or with thick walls, so you can't be punched out of the level can be quite fun. It is also nice to build levels based on other games, for example, a level in the shape of the Triforce. The idea of creating your own game experience lies in the unlimited possibilities for playing and everchanging circumstances. For example, imagine a game with low speed, low gravity and Mega Metal Mario, and set the property on Poke Balls, and Bombs only. Besides the almost excessive amount of fixed content, you get in this way, ample opportunity to create your own content.

It is a Jukebox
The music in Brawl is from the best video game composers that Japan is rich. Koji Kondo of Mario and Zelda games of course but also Akihiro Honda of Metal Gear Solid 4, Masato Kouda of Devil May Cry, Chrono Trigger by Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Shimomura of Kingdom Hearts, Yuzo Koshiro of Streets of Rage and Jun Senoue Sonic Adventure have been used for the ultimate game soundtrack. About forty composers made arrangements of well known tracks and new tracks. In conjunction with the documents that are directly taken from other games, so a total of two hundred large numbers occur. Each level is initially accompanied by a track, but during the fighting CDs to pick, you the next time you enter a level as possible through a large number are welcomed. The likelihood that certain numbers appear in certain levels, you can change the My Music option, and of course it is also possible to play your favorite song directly from your speakers from there 

It is a new momentum for your social life
Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a game you never play alone, even if you're on your own. The experience you gain, you can use the next day to play against a friend, or go online. And you want to share that experience by talking about it with classmates or colleagues, or on forums to posts. Your can send your best in-game recaps and photos to friends or discuss tactics and unlocked extras with them. This contributes significantly to the fun of Brawl experience, just as in games like GTA IV and Pokemon is the case. But of course the best way to play with your friends is in direct fighting with four people in your living room. No split screen, not an online thing, just all on the same screen. And man, what is that game than violently and endlessly exciting. Like predecessor Melee you can play Brawl untill the sequel itself. And if there is no successor, it is also good, because you have Brawl!

It is the only game this year you really need 
If the message is still not clear: it is like with Brawl is not just a game but having a whole closet full of games and related media in the house. It is unfortunately not possible by pressing a button changing the game in a nice woman with two beer mugs, but there is little to be desired.

Get if ...
- You have something with Nintendo.
- You want to play endlessly with your friends.
- You love deep fighting games.

Delicious and addictive with always surprising battles, this is a gaming masterpiece.

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13,320,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2020

Opinion (841)

CarriedLawyer45 posted 24/06/2020, 02:58
Improved Switch port? Would you buy it?
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TheDelBel posted 16/11/2019, 04:50
Played Brawl a lot when it first came out.
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160rmf posted 12/06/2017, 07:07
Nintendo financial data shows at 13.21 M. On a side note, Smash 4 outpaced Brawl. 3ds and Wii u versions combined managed to reach 13.92 M.
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atma998 posted 08/08/2016, 11:56
13.03M, may have a chance of outselling GTA III sitting at 13.10M.
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PAOerfulone posted 03/05/2016, 11:37
Aaaand and THERE IT IS!
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Darwinianevolution posted 15/04/2016, 07:33
12.99m. Come on, Brawl, I know you can do it.
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