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09/25/12 Blizzard Entertainment
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09/25/12 Blizzard Entertainment

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"A review for the noobs!"

By Alex St-Amour 20th Oct 2012 | 4,962 views 
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Just like with previous World of WarCraft expansions, Blizzard looks to deliver on Mists of Pandaria.

Fans can look forward to a raised level cap (to 90 this time around), redesigned talent trees (i.e. one talent tree per class), 9 new dungeons, 3 new raids, and a whole new continent to explore.

-From the Preview-

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Opinion (5)

weaveworld posted 28/10/2012, 11:45
where did the digital sales go... They surely had them on first week.
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benji232 posted 27/10/2012, 10:54
These sales prove digital is unfortunetly taking over. :(
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elazz posted 07/10/2012, 08:29
This expansion sold in it's first week 2.7 million copies. Only 0.7 million was retail and approx. 2 million was digital. And these are numbers without China and South Korea I think. So it's in par with the older expansion. Although Cataclysm sold more than usual this expansion is perhaps the best of all.
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ggc94 posted 29/08/2012, 07:51
my toilets plugged, should i ?
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titanjj posted 07/12/2011, 02:34
lolpandapokemon. dead game is dead.
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