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BioHazard - Code: Veronica Kanzenban

バイオハザードコード:ベロニカ ~完全版~





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08/21/01 Capcom
03/22/01 Capcom
09/14/01 Capcom

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Resident Evil - Code: Veronica X - Summary

Experience another terrifying chapter in the Resident Evil series with Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. After narrowly surviving the horrific onslaught in Raccoon City, Claire Redfield now seeks clues in search of her missing brother, Chris. Join Claire as she uncovers the insidious activities of the Umbrella Corporation. Avoid or eliminate flesh-eating zombies and horrific beasts. Use a variety weapons, items, and clues scattered around Raccoon City to help you survive the nightmare and make sure the virus doesn't spread any farther.



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1,400,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2018

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superbeast1370 posted 03/10/2009, 11:35
great game. but too bad it looked like shit compared to Silent hill 2.
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Beoulve posted 03/05/2009, 10:31
Awful screenplay is not an understatement, and the voice acting is just as bad, especially for that annoying dude you meet early in the game.
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haxxiy posted 27/11/2008, 03:38
Alexia the sexiest villain ever :D
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Frinaldo posted 04/10/2008, 09:39
Resident Evil Code Veronica X (PS2)

A really good resident evil game with ok storyline but awful screenplay.

The game looked really good when it came out back in the day and it has aged well but its not as scary anymore. Music is good but some sound effects could be better.

If you haven't played this game you should pick it up and give it a try.
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