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Taito Corporation



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5200, Arc, Lynx, NES, PC

Release Dates

05/01/90 Nintendo
04/13/90 Nintendo
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Qix - Summary

QIX - it's sneaky, it's snakey, it's an unpredictable energy field! It rotates, stretches, shortens and changes directions in a flash. QIX tries to catch your diamond cursor before you complete a box. Once the box is complete you've taken over that part of the screen. But watch the moving sparks. If they catch you, it'll be over in an instant. When you claim 75% or more of the screen, you win the round. Each level is more difficult, with more sparks to dodge and two QIX's to challenge you!

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1,150,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2003

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ClaudeLv250 posted 25/02/2008, 04:00
Haha, I love this game, I should slip it into my GBA or SGB some time because I haven't played it in awhile. Simplistic but fun, I always tried to be a daredevil when filling blocks...and would fail miserably.
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