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Hikari Shinwa: Parutena no Kagami



Nintendo R&D1



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VC, Series

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08/01/87 Nintendo
12/18/86 Nintendo
02/15/87 Nintendo

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Kid Icarus - Summary

In a time when men and gods lived in harmony, the kingdom of Angel Land was ruled by two goddesses: Palutena, the Goddess of Light, and Medusa, the Goddess of Darkness. Unlike Palutena, Medusa despised all humans and enjoyed destroying their crops and turning them into stone. One day, Palutena decided to punish the evil Medusa and banished her after turning her into a hideous monster. But Medusa would not go without a fight. She created an army of monsters and evil spirits and captured Palutena. Players play as Pit, a young angel trapped in the Underworld, and Palutena's only hope. They use a magical bow to retrieve the Sacred Treasures, defeat Medusa and restore peace to Angel Land.


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1,760,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2003

Opinion (14)

kc713 posted 08/01/2009, 07:01
no back in these days,Nintendo was the shit,not like that casual crappy system.
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Oyvoyvoyv posted 10/05/2008, 02:26
I can't even beat lvl 1-2 ;/
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lemieux-rules66 posted 03/03/2008, 03:01
PIT!!! What a champion
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Captian_Twig posted 24/02/2008, 01:36
Bought it on Virtual console. It is a demon to play, but fun.
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famousringo posted 23/01/2008, 09:33
I somehow missed this one in the NES glory days, and now it's kicking my ass.

It has possibly the catchiest music in the 8-bit era, however. :)
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Faxanadu posted 02/12/2007, 08:49
the eggplant, the EGGPLANT, THE EGGPLANT!!!!!!

still haunting me to this day.
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