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Ubisoft Montpellier



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PS2, Wii, GBA, PC, DS, Series, WiiU

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04/24/07 Ubisoft
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04/06/07 Ubisoft

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Rayman Raving Rabbids - Summary

Play the wackiest, funniest, zaniest game ever in Rayman Raving Rabbids™. When hordes of nasty bunnies invade Rayman's world, he is enslaved and forced to participate in a series of gladiator-style trials. In order to win his freedom, Rayman must entertain and outwit these crazed, out-of-control rabbits.

  • Over 70 quirky trials: Engage in contests for the entertainment of your bunny captors in order to gain popularity, allowing Rayman to take over from the bunnies and return the world to freedom! Take part in animal races, dances, plunger-shooting action, or gladiator-style arena fights, both online via Xbox Live® and offline with up to four friends.
  • Character Customization: As you gain the rabbits' approval, you earn more and more rewards, allowing you to develop a unique style of your own, for both your character and your cell. Personalize your game with costumes, items, and music.
  • Xbox 360™ Exclusives: Experience gesture control, using the Xbox Live Vision Camera to direct your character's movement in 37 games, including first-person shooting and dance games. Raving Rabbids for Xbox 360 also features several exclusive mini-games, including Basketball and Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Signature design and powerful graphics:Utilizing the power of Xbox 360, Raving Rabbids features improved overall graphics showcasing Rayman's signature character design. Immerse yourself in an original, imaginative, visually stunning world that delivers cool style and fun-filled action.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 6,714 n/a 1,185 7,899
2 n/a 4,113 n/a 725 4,838
3 n/a 3,217 n/a 568 3,785
4 n/a 2,676 n/a 472 3,148
5 n/a 2,245 n/a 396 2,641
6 n/a 1,953 n/a 345 2,298
7 n/a 1,788 n/a 314 2,102
8 n/a 1,672 n/a 295 1,967
9 n/a 1,596 n/a 282 1,878
10 n/a 1,544 n/a 272 1,816

Opinion (4)

T.Rexington posted 25/02/2012, 09:06
I always liked this game and thought it kinda sucked that Ubisoft never ported any of the other Rabbid games to the 360.
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ArcticGabe posted 10/12/2010, 05:52
I guess the rabbids are coming back to Xbox 360 with Kinect.
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ArcticGabe posted 27/12/2009, 03:51
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zzyoshiman posted 11/11/2009, 09:39
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