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SCEA San Diego Studios



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PS2, PS3

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02/27/07 Sony Computer Entertainment
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Already widely considered the most authentic baseball simulation available, the franchise now introduces the all-new Road to The Show mode, enabling gamers to play both offense and defense from the created player’s perspective. Providing an even more realistic experience from the mound, the all-new New Pitch Command System (PCS) delivers unsurpassed strategy to pitch selection, as a pitcher’s “pitch comfort” will be predetermined based on a best to worst pitch scenario. It is up the gamer to decide if he/she should try to “work on a pitch” or just go with what is working. Additionally, with the Adaptive Pitching Intelligence (API) feature, catchers will call the game based on the individual strengths and weaknesses of each pitcher as well as analyze tendencies of batters. Gamers will now have the ability to either trust the pitches called by the catcher or shake them off.

Key Features

  • The #1-Selling baseball franchise for PSP® in ‘06 is bigger, better and back for the ‘07 season.
  • Adaptive Pitching Intelligence delivers a revolutionary enhancement to artificial intelligence that considers strengths, weaknesses and trends.
  • All-New Road To The Show career mode literally puts you on the field to play from player-based cameras and allows you to fast-forward between every at-bat and defensive play.
  • Pitch Command System challenges you to utilize the full repertoire of every pitcher in the Major Leagues.
  • Online Suite features: online leagues, Headline News2Go, My Sliders, real-time MLB tickers and much more.

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