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06/28/04 Activision
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07/09/04 Activision

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Spider-Man 2 - Summary

Two years have passed since Peter Parker first hit the streets of New York City as the conflicted crime-fighter Spider-Man. Now he finds himself battling his most diabolical villain yet, the mechanized, multi-tentacled Doc Ock. The nefarious Doc Ock was once Dr. Otto Octavius, a brilliant nuclear physicist. But a freak accident transformed him from a timid researcher to a criminally insane megalomaniac who blames Spider-Man for his horrible transformation. Now the scientist Peter once idolized for his remarkable intellect has marked our web-slinger for death.
Experience total freedom as you soar through the concrete canyons of a living, breathing Manhattan, complete with familiar landmarks and bustling, traffic-clogged streets. True non-linear gameplay (GameCube™, PlayStation®2, and Xbox® only) means you can web-swing wherever you like, whenever you like, exploring the vast metropolis and reliving scenes from the Spider-Man 2™ movie. Combat petty thugs and aid NYC citizens in challenging side-quests, or pursue the lunatic Doc Ock and other classic Spider-Man rivals. The decision is yours.

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cycycychris posted 25/01/2019, 06:30
Love this game as a kid. Still hear that annoying kid about his damn balloon.
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drake_tolu posted 10/04/2014, 12:24
Epic Game.
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koopatrooper posted 20/04/2008, 04:26
i love this game
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Soriku posted 08/04/2008, 03:30
I just beat this game again on the weekend. Beat it in 4 hours lol. Didn't know it was that short. First time I beat it, it took me weeks X_X
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deet-tastic posted 09/02/2008, 06:28
loved this game, i have my 4 year old brother playing it now and he is actually really good at it. So fun to just swing around new york. and you gotta love black cat.
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StarcraftManiac posted 26/01/2008, 04:42
Had fun with it... Never finished it! Sometimes just put it in the Gamecube to swing through New York... Then, after 20-30 minutes, it gets repetitive... And go back to playing Eternal Darkness!
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