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10/16/01 Capcom
08/23/01 Capcom
12/07/01 Capcom

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Devil May Cry - Summary

Half Man. Half Demon. Pure Vengence.

Legend tells of two millennia ago, in the darkest reaches of hell, a demon swordsman named Sparda, awoke to justice and rebelled against the devil to wage a one-man war to save the human world from damnation. Now, 2000 years later, a dark figure named Dante finds clues that the devil is rallying to rise up again against mankind. Who was Sparda and how does Dante fit into this Gothic puzzle? Deep within Dante's blood lies the power of ancient demons and the key to defeat the hoards of the dark realm. Somewhere between a man and a demon lies our only chance for salvation. If he succeeds, the Devil May Cry.

- Battle an onslaught of Demonic Marionettes, Unearthly Phantoms, Grim Reapers, and other Retched Souls

- Build up power to transform into a Demon state and inflict devastating attacks on enemies

- Mesmerizing Graphics and bone-chilling special effects

A terrifying action triller from the creators of Resident Evil.

Source: Game's Box Art

Shipping Total

2,160,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2018

Opinion (16)

A203D posted 15/08/2014, 05:23
@AgentRedgrave. Whatever the case, this is the original Devil May Cry game and the true iteration of Dante. Which frankly blows the abysmal characterisation of DMC4 Donte out of the water.
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fatslob-:O posted 30/12/2013, 05:17
Ahhh, good memories with this game. This is game is probably the first of it's kind. ^_^
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AgentRedgrave posted 09/07/2013, 06:33
@A203D No actually I didn't, cause unlike some people I don't go snooping on other accounts. Also, you do realize I wasn't the only one who replied. The only reason you're giving me crap is because I, how'd you put it, stood in defiance of you over DMC4 "The game has actually sold about 2.16 copies. I still think despite its age, its better than DMC4." I fail to see what this has to do with my comment, and seriously I stick up for DMC1 one of my favorite games, which you claim to be a true fan of and consider the only true DMC, and you still give me crap? Huh and you accuse me of trolling
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A203D posted 19/06/2013, 10:42
@AgentRedgrave. You do realise that user your replying to has been inactive for the last 4-5 years. The game has actually sold about 2.16 copies. I still think despite its age, its better than DMC4.
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AgentRedgrave posted 10/05/2013, 06:38
I also started with DMC3, and I feel your comment is unfair. You have to take into account that DMC1 was the first game of the series, and what they were able to do back then. Of-course DMC3 has better combat. But still the first game set the standard
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Bambillo posted 28/12/2009, 06:47
This was my first pick when I purchased my PS2 (over FFX)
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