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Alternative Names

Atsumete! Kirby

あつめて! カービィ


HAL Laboratory



Release Dates

09/19/11 Nintendo
08/04/11 Nintendo
10/28/11 Nintendo

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Kirby: Mass Attack - Summary

A New Twist on a Pink Hero

One day, an evildoer with a magic cane appears and splits Kirby™ into 10 pieces. Kirby sets off on a journey to return to his original form. Players use the touch screen to control a mass of Kirby characters in a new and novel way. Swipe the touch screen to launch them in a mass attack against enemies, then tap the enemies into submission.


  • Players use the stylus on the touch screen to control a swarm of up to 10 Kirby characters at once. They can help players defeat enemies and find treasure. The number of Kirby characters under a player's control is important, as some challenges require a specific number of Kirby characters in order to be solved. When the number of Kirby characters is increased, players can gain the upper hand.
  • Players can control each Kirby character in a variety of ways using a stylus on the touch screen. For example, a Kirby character can be launched into the air with a flick of the stylus, or players can make a swarm of Kirby characters dash to a given point by tapping on that spot on the touch screen multiple times. 
  • By collecting medals hidden throughout the various stages, players can unlock a wide variety of additional mini-games, each with its own distinctive challenges.


Shipping Total

1,220,000 Units
As of: December 2014

Opinion (28)

Fededx posted 24/11/2016, 02:35
Adjusted down, and now it sits at 0.99M :(
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xboxonefan posted 12/12/2015, 09:58
1 million
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atma998 posted 30/11/2015, 03:37
1 million and 140th million seller on DS platform.
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b00moscone posted 20/09/2015, 03:48
1m? Piece of cake!
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atma998 posted 07/09/2015, 05:16
0.99M and almost 1 million!, at least.
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Goodnightmoon posted 01/02/2015, 08:23
Playing it first time today, this game is AWESOME, so fresh and funny. Not great sales for a Kirby game, but they are good enough, at least has oversold Canvas Curse.
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