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Pac-Man Tilt & Galaga 3D Impact

パックマン&ギャラガ ディメンションズ


Namco Bandai Games



Release Dates

07/26/11 Namco Bandai
06/23/11 Namco Bandai
08/26/11 Namco Bandai

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Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions - Summary

PAC-MAN & Galaga Dimensions features two new PAC-MAN and Galaga games: PAC-MAN tilt and Galaga 3D Impact

PAC-MAN tilt is a brand new PAC-MAN action game that makes full use of the Nintendo 3DS hardware. Tilt the 3DS to tilt the stage! Numerous tricks and terrains are located throughout the stages which are navigated by tilting the hardware. Help PAC-MAN cross the finish line by tilting the world. Gain speed rolling down hills like a ball, and figure out ways to use it to your advantage!

Galaga 3D Impact is an all new 3D Galaga shooting game designed to exploit the full functionality of the Nintendo 3DS. The outer space play area extends beyond the Nintendo 3DS screens! Keep your eyes open and destroy the Galaga enemies approaching from your blind spots. Virtual reality meets 3D shooting as the in-game view moves with the Nintendo 3DS hardware in your hands!


PAC-MAN tilt

  • A new action experience with Nintendo 3DS tilt gameplay – Tilt the Nintendo 3DS left and right to avoid obstacles for a whole new way to play PAC-MAN.
  • PAC-MAN fun reinvented – Use the swing for a big jump, plunger to reach for the skies, or flipper to jump over the cliffs. Switch between different forms of PAC-MAN to keep things moving!

Galaga 3D Impact

  • Incoming 3D Galaga Army – Experience the 3D battlefield on your Nintendo 3DS: the action-packed outer space battlefields extend beyond the screen!
  • New gameplay with Nintendo 3DS functionality – The movements of the Nintendo 3DS hardware are linked to the action on-screen: see the battlefield unfold in front of your eyes.

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1 3,091 n/a n/a 3,091
2 1,242 n/a n/a 1,242
3 889 n/a n/a 889
4 751 n/a n/a 751
5 767 n/a n/a 767
6 747 5,584 n/a 834 7,165
7 659 1,182 n/a 177 2,018
8 1,198 1,261 n/a 188 2,647
9 1,806 1,667 n/a 249 3,722
10 1,745 1,401 343 247 3,736

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DieAppleDie posted 16/05/2013, 02:35
bought it cheap, its good actually for 10€
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menx64 posted 14/08/2011, 11:05
just an Ok game... not much to see here...
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