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Alternative Names

Z.O.E.: Zone of the Enders

ゾーン オブ エンダーズ


Konami Computer Entertainment Japan



Release Dates

03/26/01 Konami
03/02/01 Konami
03/23/01 Konami

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Zone of the Enders - Summary

The concept of a "robot animation simulator" 

Z.O.E is a 3D robot action game in which you can fly around freely in 3D space.

Its strongest appeal is the simple and exhilarating controls and the deep actions that enable elegant battle as you get used to them. The actions the player takes you directly into the story, and you will experience a dramatic world you have never seen before.

This experience as if you are the main character of a robot animation. This is a "Robot Animation Simulator"!!

STORY - The background of Z.O.E

In the remote reaches of the solar system in the 22nd century, there is a colony on Jupiter called "Antilia"...

In a sudden outbreak of war, a shy youth named Leo Stenbuck loses his friends right before his eyes. Blaming himself for not being able to save them, he panicked and ran away from the scene of the attack, inadvertently stumbling onto the cause of the war, the Orbital Frame "Jehuty", a colossal war machine with a human form that holds the key to civilization's existence.. .

  • Combat system allows close-quarter weapon attacks and long-range laser attacks against multiple enemies.
  • Battle AI accompanies you in combat, learning from and reacting to your actions.
  • Richly crafted, immersive story unfolds through stunning 3D anime-style cut scenes.
  • Versus Mode enables heated 2-player battles.
  • Missions change each time they are re-played, introducing a universe of new experiences.
  • Produced by Hideo Kojima, creator of the renowned Metal Gear® series.

- From Konami and game back cover.

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Opinion (14)

MattyPeq posted 14/03/2012, 02:32
This game is the reason I bought a PS2.
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ThePS3News posted 03/07/2011, 04:34
Such an underrated game. I personally pefer this over the MGS series.
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narutoblockhead posted 27/03/2010, 07:33
good game
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dobby985 posted 08/11/2009, 09:56
found this for really cheap, it was a must buy
Message | Report
PullusPardus posted 21/05/2009, 12:52
This game IS repetitive but still good, but the second one is A.W.E.S.O.M.E
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Valkyria00 posted 10/05/2009, 01:01
The protagonist sucks hard...
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