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07/03/07 AQ Interactive
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06/29/07 AQ Interactive

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As a member of a black ops unit, your mission in Vampire Rain™ is to secretly eliminate a growing population of deadly vampires known as Nightwalkers. Your hands will sweat and your heart will pound as you use stealth, strategic thinking, and specialized weapons to face your supernatural foes. Be careful out there—because if you make one mistake, you're history.

In addition to the single-player, story-driven campaign, Vampire Rain supports up to eight players online via Xbox LIVE®. Venture into the darkness as a human or become a Nightwalker as the battle rages online.

  • Supernatural foes: Battle the most lethal, wicked fast enemies ever.
  • Squad tactics: Lead an elimination squad using covert operations to survive and succeed.
  • Hi-tech advantage: Use specialized equipment like Necrovision and UV Knives to detect and defeat the Nightwalkers.
  • Environmental advantage: Use your surroundings wisely—rain, darkness, and rooftops are your allies.
  • Lethal reactions: Whatever you do … don't miss! Nightwalkers will overtake you within seconds.
  • Multiplayer action: Choose from four different games including Deathmatch, Death or Nightwalker, Destroy, or Capture the Flame. You can set up the multiplayer action of each game as individual or team play.



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thewastedyouth posted 17/04/2012, 01:48
HOLY CRAP so I like buying these crap games to play with my brother when I go home during college break. The game cost 5 dollars in Walmart and since it was in the "games you can steal' section(not inside the glass) I bought it

wtf, you cannot play this, the bullets make no damn effect and the vampire things kill you in two hits

everything about this game sucks

this is one of the worst games on the 360, thought I would get a few laughs like in the Man vs Wild game and Mindjack!!
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 06:04
Nominee for worst game of all time.
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Bagaren85 posted 29/04/2009, 11:01
Nightmares.. Its shit!
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tk1797 posted 16/12/2008, 11:59
I just beat the game today
Its terrible. My god you will die if you don't do everything perfectly.

The game hates you and the only way to make it like you is to do thigs its way.
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jerseyboy609 posted 30/06/2008, 07:05
worst game ever
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