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02/26/13 Atlus
07/05/12 Atlus
08/30/13 NIS America

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Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan - Summary

The Count of Tharsis has issued a challenge: uncover the truth behind an ancient legend. His challenge has drawn adventurers from far and wide, including you. Can you solve the riddle of Yggdrasil, a tree which grows deep in the uncharted territory outside the city of Tharsis? The legend says that something sleeps within Yggdrasil… something that calls people to eternal paradise. Discover the secret for yourself in Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, a role-playing adventure exclusively available on Nintendo 3DS.

Assemble your guild and set off to explore this strange, unexplored land. Choose from ten different character types, and even add a secondary class to your characters for even more customisation options. Different classes all have vastly different skills and abilities, so how you develop your guild of adventurers will drastically affect your battle strategies. Perform Burst Skills to gain beneficial stat increases or inflict devastating damage and other effects on monsters.

As you explore dungeons and fly through the skies in your airship, use the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen to create your own maps, just like the explorers of old. Mistakes can prove costly, especially if you need to escape a dangerous situation in a hurry, so pay close attention: you’ll succeed or fail in your quest by the quality of your map-making.

If the going ever gets too tough, switch to an easier difficulty and continue enjoying the adventure. With exciting battles, a unique mapping system, customisable characters and more, experience an immersive RPG only on Nintendo 3DS.

Shipping Total

150,000 Units
As of: August 31st, 2012

Opinion (13)

supernihilist posted 18/12/2013, 10:02
im trying to find this but its hard tot track. might download it then
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Kresnik posted 17/05/2013, 01:57
Sales up to March 2nd were less than 15k, according to the NPD for that month. So there may be some extremely minor undertracking, but not by much.
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awsmjayloser posted 08/03/2013, 10:05
I personally think these USA numbers are wrong, but we'll see
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NoirSon posted 08/03/2013, 03:21
Honestly, I would say downloads ate into sales but I haven't checked what the eShop numbers are. It is a drop off compared to the last game but then again, it is sandwiched in-between Fire Emblem Awakening and a new SMT spin off release.
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xxbrothawizxx63 posted 08/03/2013, 12:17
So 35k pre-orders turned into 10k sales...
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think-man posted 07/03/2013, 10:33
Flop de flop in the US of A
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