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ファイアーエムブレム 新・紋章の謎~光と影の英雄~


Intelligent Systems



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07/15/10 Nintendo
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homer posted 01/04/2012, 08:19
Could have doubled sales but I have not given up hope on this being translated. Nintendo has shown that they are still supporting the ds with Pokemon Black/White 2 so I expect this game will release this holiday alongside another Layton as a sort of final stand for the ds.
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Fededx posted 09/04/2011, 02:03
Still waiting for this in America Nintendo :)
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Michael-5 posted 11/02/2011, 12:12
I hope this game doesn't go the way of Blazing Sword for the GBA. Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon was the best selling Fire Emblem in the series, and it sold equally well in Americas as it did Japan. Why are the Japanese so lazy to translate the game? Same goes for The Last Story, I hope it comes overseas.
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Fededx posted 01/02/2011, 11:05
Release it in the US Nintendo, please! I'm counting on you Reggie!
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Galvanizer posted 04/01/2011, 10:25
Sold well in Japan. I hope it comes to NA and EU.
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Intendo21 posted 19/11/2010, 01:17
First! And great sales for just Japan.
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