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11/22/11 Atlus
12/01/11 SNK Playmore
11/25/11 Rising Star

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Magaki was slain by Shion's spear, and Shion vanished into the dimensional rift. Then other members of the group Heidern was tracking suddenly appeared and vanished, as if to mock Heidern and his team. Who are "Those From the Distant Land," and why are they so persistent in their pursuit of the power of Orochi?

Meanwhile, Ash Crimson, having obtained Kagura's power, chose to ignore Elisabeth's cautions and took on Iori Yagami's power.

Yata was defeated, and Yasakani has fallen. Only one of the Three Sacred Treasures remains: the Sword of Kusanagi. However, Kyo Kusanagi suffered a major injury at the hands of Yagami, who had been overtaken by the power of the revitalized Orochi.

Time has passed...

With these recent incidents, it was feared that the next King of Fighters tournament would never happen. However, thanks to an unheard-of amount of promotion by a mysterious party, the KoF will be held on an unprecedented scale. The new mixed martial arts tournament is on the world stage, and the mass media has been giving it coverage like never before.

Fighters all across the world begin to receive invitations... all sent from "R"!



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1 n/a 76,155 4,861 12,659 93,675
2 2,439 9,044 4,624 2,627 18,734
3 909 4,294 3,650 1,587 10,440
4 722 4,856 3,630 1,651 10,859
5 762 8,791 4,312 2,388 16,253
6 471 4,880 3,186 1,205 9,742
7 520 4,321 1,446 862 7,149
8 248 6,121 1,260 1,103 8,732
9 201 6,793 1,721 1,272 9,987
10 203 8,267 1,953 1,527 11,950

Opinion (4)

oniyide posted 31/01/2012, 11:04
Japan that is
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oniyide posted 31/01/2012, 11:04
PS3 version is undertracked, gamespot has it selling 21,525 copies for PS3 just in the first week
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Commando posted 20/12/2011, 04:38
Same here. I figured PS3 would have out-done it. Interesting indeed
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OmegaRugalv3 posted 16/11/2011, 01:04
Surpsised to see this above the PS3 version. Both though are doing pretty good considering KoF's lack of appeal in the states normally. Hope the netcode is good.
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