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2010 FIFA ワールドカップ 南アフリカ大会


EA Canada



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PS3, PSP, X360, PSN

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04/27/10 EA Sports
05/13/10 EA Sports
04/30/10 EA Sports

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Win the 2010 FIFA World Cup™

Compete as one of 199 teams in a virtual reproduction of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. Represent your favourite country and play in any of the 10 official stadiums that come to life with the pageantry and festivity of the official tournament.

Play the Official Tournament with Friends

You and up to 31 friends can re-create the official tournament. Choose a country and advance through the tournament by taking on and defeating your friends one at a time to write your own history.

Spectacular Presentation

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ comes to life in spectacular fashion with a South African art style designed for Wii that captures the emotion and pageantry of the official tournament, including all 10 official licensed stadia. Experience confetti cannons, streamers, flags and fireworks as if you were in South Africa.

Global Elimination Tournament

Compete in Global Elimination, a multiplayer, knockout-style tournament against up to three friends. Draft and strategically select countries to play as, create alliances and gang-up on rivals until only one player is declared the winner.

Build Zakumi’s Dream Team

Take on all 32 countries who have qualified for the World Cup in head-to-head matches with challenges. Begin with random players and then steal your opponents’ players after each victory. Win a challenge and pick a player until you have conquered the world. Take your Dream Team to a friend’s house on your Wii Remote.

Strike It System

Non-stop football action pits you against friends in head-to-head challenges utilizing the Strike It System. Shake the Wii-mote perfectly in order to either score or defend free-kicks, penalties, and corners, creating frantic action on the pitch.

User-controlled Celebrations

Score a goal and then use the +Control Pad to pull off celebrations and admire your performance via a new close-in camera that really delivers the emotion of each goal scored.

Pick-up-and-Play Controls

New, accessible control scheme option enables even newcomers to videogames to compete for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Choose to play the style that best suits your skills, from All-Play for novices to Pro Control for experienced players.

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1 n/a 8,816 3,833 2,180 14,829
2 n/a 2,933 4,198 1,201 8,332
3 1,441 2,313 4,605 1,158 9,517
4 344 2,804 4,035 1,152 8,335
5 209 4,250 4,278 1,446 10,183
6 197 6,280 4,244 1,799 12,520
7 191 7,208 3,308 1,811 12,518
8 185 8,866 3,268 2,097 14,416
9 179 12,921 4,097 2,947 20,144
10 176 14,010 4,155 3,148 21,489

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MarioGalaxy posted 03/03/2011, 03:43
fifa 2011
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palancas7 posted 26/05/2010, 02:25
shitty game deserves shitty sales.
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MarioGalaxy posted 13/05/2010, 12:30
low initial sales for the game. May be these number go up when the World Cup starts...
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