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Tsuppari Oozumou Wii Heya





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12/28/09 Tecmo
04/14/09 Tecmo
12/18/09 Tecmo

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Eat! Fat! FIGHT! - Summary

Forget about being healthy! Here's a game that celebrates eating, getting fat, and fighting! Hold the Wii Remote horizontally, and tilt it left, right, up or down to perform all kinds of lifts and throws just like in real sumo. Use all the moves you learn in tournaments around the world to reach the peak of sumo and become a yokozuna!

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Fossil posted 06/01/2010, 10:46
Great game; it's interesting to see some matches go on for a 30 seconds while others last barely 4.
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FreeTalkLive posted 29/12/2009, 09:10
I don't think this is the bestest name. Not very PC and all.
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