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Alternative Names

Last Window: Mayonaka no Yakusoku

ラストウィンドウ 真夜中の約束


Cing, Inc



Release Dates

09/17/10 Nintendo
01/14/10 Nintendo
09/17/10 Nintendo

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Last Window is a thrilling and challenging interactive novel packed with hidden mysteries which players must unravel one piece at a time. Just like a great book, players will not only need to hold the Nintendo DS vertically, they will find the ever-twisting storyline so captivating they’ll not want to put it down.

That, however, is where the similarities end – here you can actually influence how the story develops! Decisions you make throughout the game will alter Kyle’s journey and result in different outcomes in the storyline.

Every time the player completes a chapter of the in-game novel Last Window, this episode is adapted into text form to be read at anytime, meaning you not only get to enjoy the captivating gameplay, but a great novel at the same time! The novel also acts as a hint section, directing players to certain characters should they have missed a clue or conversation.

Set in Los Angeles in 1980, a year after the events in Hotel Dusk: Room 215, the story follows the investigation of Kyle Hyde, a former police officer, as he attempts to solve a mystery involving his father’s murder and secretive past. Knowledge of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is not essential for you to help Kyle crack the mystery behind Cape West, the former hotel which is now his apartment building.

With beautifully sketched, fully rendered 3D environments, plus easy-to-use touch screen controls for navigating environments and controlling characters, it is easy to lose yourself in this story. You won’t be prompted, but why not try using the Nintendo DS in-built microphone to solve some of the mysteries? Jazz fans will also be pleased hear that Kyle shares your passion – enjoy his favourite music on the Juke Box at any time you like.

While this game is packed with clues, this game will test the keenest puzzle solver. Think Professor Layton puzzle solving, immersed within a great and rich film noir-esque story… and make sure you look out for extra clues in your game packaging manual…

Source: Nintendo PR

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Opinion (12)

Gnac posted 04/09/2011, 01:58
I wish I had Kyle's tenacity
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hankakacjd posted 06/05/2011, 12:46
this is one of the best games on the ds. I HOPE therre is a third game
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Arfen posted 09/04/2011, 11:34
One of the bes and most snubbed new sagas of this gen
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Kihniƶ posted 03/04/2011, 06:06
Finally bought it. First one was very good game. I sure that this is too
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whatz3rname posted 03/12/2010, 06:29
Bought it. Gonna start playing... Right now!
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MirrorWorld posted 25/10/2010, 08:45
professor layton
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