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05/22/07 Atlus
05/17/07 Atlus
03/14/08 Square Enix

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Odin Sphere - Summary

2D side scrolling action RPG. One of the prettiest 2D games to ever be made, really a visual stunner. Some of the sprites will literally cover a big chunk of your screen with amazingly done art that looks wonderful.

The gameplay involved much hack and slash action elements with some RPG in the form of item use and spellcasting. The maps are essentially circular whereby you travel and you can end up at the same point by going in a full circle if you keep going to the left or right. The experience and health system is very interesting because it involves planting food and consuming it instead of your simple acquiring health items and such.

Odin Sphere is set in Erion, a world of several large and powerful nations that hold an uneasy peace and keep each other in constant check. One day the most powerful country, Valentine, is mysteriously obliterated, sparking a war between two of the other nations, Ringford and Ragnaval. They go to war to fill the power vacuum, but what they do not realize is that their turmoil is part of a long-lost prophecy that could lead to the end of the world. As the characters play their parts, they learn how their interwoven lives can put an end to the prophecy.

If you find 2D games appealing or just appreciate great art in games, this game should not escape your attention. Loads of fun set in a game that looks better than most things on much stronger next gen machines. 

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GupX19A posted 21/04/2012, 05:58
Lol Atlus just commented that Odin Sphere sold 350k worldwide, not 560k.
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BasilZero posted 31/01/2012, 12:22
Odin sphere is one truly rare gem, very unique gameplay, differentiating itself from most RPGs on the Playstation 2 with additional platform features bundled in a package fit for a RPG-Adventure fan. Odin Sphere brings in a story based upon the Norse legends of Old and brings in fantasy characters such as Dwarves, Fairies and dragons all into one storyline. Although the gameplay can become repetitive, fans will not shy away from the incredible artwork, music and storyline. 9/10
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Yamaneko22 posted 12/12/2010, 02:46
*fixed ( typo...)
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Yamaneko22 posted 12/12/2010, 02:46
Slowdowns were ficed in European ver. I know because I own one ;)
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Red4ADevil posted 09/05/2010, 11:23
Get ready to see aother copy sold here in the US
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Xen posted 23/10/2009, 01:57
Another copy for others last week ;)

Myself :P
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