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Again: FBI Chou-Shinri Shousakan






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03/30/10 KOEI
12/10/09 Tecmo
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"You won't want to play this again."

By Mr. Nice 04th May 2010 | 1,634 views 
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Tap through the suspense in this interactive crime novel from Cing, only on the Nintendo DS. As FBI agent Jonathan Weaver, you will follow the clues using Past Vision powers and navigate through a fictitious adaptation of an early 90s crime-ridden New Jersey. 19 years after the first Providence Murder Cases, your goal is to track down the assailants, going through the evidence along the way. As the only survivor of the murder of his family, Weaver has been pursuing unanswered questions ever since.

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loves2splooge posted 01/05/2010, 10:45
It seems like a lot of Hotel Dusk fans didn't like Again. It was less interactive than Hotel Dusk (which was already very much like a visual novel to begin with). It didn't have the same charm as Hotel Dusk (photo cutouts of people instead of sketches). And the animations in this game looked really awkward and unnatural. But honestly, I didn't think Again was bad. I enjoyed it. It is a great adventure game (though more of a visual novel most of the time) in it's own right.
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Wildvine53 posted 23/04/2010, 04:01
Its no Hotel Dusk, but I still enjoyed Again. Curse you Cing, you left me with a Cliff Hanger that I'll never see resolved!
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mpereira posted 19/04/2010, 02:24
Why don't you have Again sales in Japan?
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PeteyPeeps posted 18/04/2010, 12:19
Looks great, i want it! ... i want ANYTHING ' CING ' makes!
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Wildvine53 posted 14/01/2010, 07:46
I can't wait until MArch
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