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Rooms: Fushigi na Ugoku Heya

ルームズ: 不思議な動く部屋


HandMade Game



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03/23/10 Hudson Soft
04/29/10 Hudson Soft
06/04/10 Nintendo

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Welcome to Rooms: The Main Building
Immerse yourself in a world unlike any other. Rooms: The Main Building is a breakthrough gaming experience coming to Nintendo Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ that cleverly blends brain-teasing adventure elements with a wholly unique world to create a journey unlike any other.

An Invitation from a Fantastical World
Your adventure begins when an invitation abruptly arrives at your doorstep and diverts you to an entrance of a world filled with mystic beauty. Getting there is the easy part, coming home will be the adventure. 

In this new world, you’ll need to reach the exit of each of the 100+ rooms by sliding pieces of the rooms along a 2-D plane, forcing you to use all of your ingenuity to escape. Your character can move from room to room as long as there’s a path that isn’t blocked by a wall or obstacle. As you continue the adventure, you’ll encounter several tools that will introduce new elements. Use teleporters, wardrobes, hydrants, and other objects to navigate your way through. Blending the simple gameplay elements of classic brain-teasers with a mystical adventure and an art style all its own, Rooms: The Main Building delivers a mystery filled adventure that will leave you stunned. 

•    Designed for Nintendo: Point and Click Controls that are perfect for the Nintendo Wii Remote™ and the Nintendo DS Stylus™.
•    Play inside of intuitive and amusing rooms as you use objects and your wits to escape from it.
•    Over 100+ rooms to go through as you make your way through the buildings of this mystifying world.
•    Includes a Level Editor to create your own levels!

Platform Specific Features:


Create AND share your levels: You have all the objects necessary to build your level from the beginning. Brag about the quality of the levels you’ve created by sharing them with your friends!


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